Question about Kegel exercises

Dr Herazy, in practicing the Kegel technique,is it necessary to hold your breath and tighten your stomach muscles during contraction?


I assume you are referring to doing the Kegel exercises in treatment of PD, as described in video,  "Massage and Exercise for Peyronie's Disease."   It is not necessary to do either of these, although it is difficult not to do so.  What is essential is that you do not focus or center your attention to the abdominal muscles since these are not the muscles that you are interested in strengthening while trying to treat your PD.  You should be focused on contracting the deep pelvic muscles known as the pubococcygeus, or PC muscles.   If you are not contracting these important PC muscles then you are wasting your time and effort.    All of this is explained in the CD.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to watch it again.   TRH


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