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Dear Sir,

I M.A. Mujeeb from India is suffering from Peyronies. Up to May 2010 I was quite well in sex but May or June 2010 onwards my penis is bending from both side (stem side and ring side) While incursing I am getting pain. I request you to tell me whether this medicine is effective for the above problem for me.

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Greetings M.A. ,

Any or all of the different Peyronie's treatment ideas found on the PDI website can be successful when combined in an aggressively and faithfully applied treatment plan.  The likelihood for that success is increased by following a broad based plan that includes both systemic, topical and external therapies.

Even if you did mention several Peyronie's therapies there is no way for anyone to intelligently predict the outcome of your use of any therapy.  Treatment results is far too complex, with far too many variables, to give a meaningful answer to your question if you could be helped.  It is always something that each man must attempt to learn for himself how he will respond. 

To assist you I suggest you read at least a few of these articles:  "Peyronie's disease treatment frequently asked questions" and  "Peyronie's treatment philosophy" and "Peyronie's disease natural treatments: introduction."  






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