Question about prostate surgery and Peyronie’s disease

After having an open transvesical prostatectomy on Jan. 2011 my husband, 62 years old got Peyronie's disease.  We would like to know if he can take PABA and what is the best plan treatment for him considering the fact that he suffers from essential hypertension, has two stents, smoker, and is taking daily:atenolol 100mg, disothiazide 25mg, simvastatin 40mg, acetylsalicylic acid 100mg,perphenan 4mg.

Thanks for your help.

Rachel and Benny

Greetings folks,

It is not uncommon to develop Peyronie's disease after prostate surgery.  You an read some of these ideas in my post, "Possible Peyronies Cause: Catheter and Cystoscope Trauma."

Considering your husband's medical history and the amount of drugs he is now taking, I suggest that  you tell his treating doctor you would like to try a combination Alternative Medicine nutritional approach to see if he agrees with doing a few things to increase his immune response.  Many MDs are open minded in this way, and perhaps you will get cooperation from your husband's doctor.  Personally, I see no reason to think that PABA and a few other therapies would be a problem; but first get the doctor's approval.  TRH     


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