Question about Peyronie’s CD video

I also forgot to ask I had previously ordered the video … However I want to order the medium package but I do not need the video again…do you offer a discounted price if I do not need the video….just curious appreciate your help…Thanks


I will answer your question in two ways. The first answer will be based on the error I think you have made in your question, and the second will be an answer as you have asked your question.

First, based on an error I think you made: There are actually two CDs that PDI has available. There is an Exercise and Massage CD — that is a part of the Medium and Large PD plans. And there is a Manual Penis Stretching CD — that is not part of the Medium and Large PD plans. It is rare that anyone orders the Exercise and Massage CD by itself. Most everyone who orders a CD by itself will order the Manual Penis Stretching CD. This is what makes me believe you ordered the Manual Penis Stretching CD — which is not included in the Medium Plan you want. You really should get and use the information in the Exercise and Massage CD because it is an important part of any good Peyronie's treatment plan. I encourage you to get the full Medium Plan so that you will be able to go about following the treatment as you should.

Second, the way you asked the question: No, there is no way within the way the system is set up to add a discount to an already discounted item, such as the medium plan. if you want to order everything in the medium plan except the Massage and Exercise CD (meaning the Maxi-Gamma and Integral E 400/400, MSM, nattokinase, etc) then you will have to order them separately.

Please let me know if I can help you with your Peyronie's treatment questions. TRH