Questions abouty protein intake in a Peyronie’s treatment plan

Dr. Herazy,

I bought and have been reading your "Peyronies Disease Handbook" (which I think is excellent!) and am focused right now on modifying my diet per your advice in Chapter 5—-Diet and PD.

I have two questions:
1. When you make the suggestion to eliminate or reduce the intake of "meat", are you talking mostly about red meat or are you saying to also eat less chicken, fish, lean pork, other types of seafood, etc.?

2. I notice that most of the foods to eliminate are high protein types and the ones to add hardly have any protein at all. It looks like the same can be said about bad fats, which makes a lot of sense to me and will make my cardiologist happy with these changes in my diet. But in your opinion is it OK to add or keep additional sources of high protein foods not on the list that are low in bad fats and have mostly good fats, such as salmon, tuna, chicken without the skin, etc.?

The protein question is especially interesting to me because I developed my PD when I started doing a lot of protein shakes with muscle builder and fat burner type additives at my gym and also used protein shakes as meal substitutes at home. Your thoughts on these two questions asap would be greatly appreciated as I want to move forward as quickly to get accustomed to my diet before starting the enzymes and rest of my treatment plan.

Thanks for all that you are doing to help people like me and giving us hope!




Greetings Scott,

Thanks for the kind words about PD Handbook; I get a lot of compliments about both books. 

I appreciate you trying to do this correctly.  The more disciplined and exact you are the better the PDI treatment plan will work for you.

Red meat is especially important to be reduced in your diet if you can manage it.  Some people so suffer physically when they eat a low protein diet that they give up entirely to treat Peyronie's disease.  I find most people have a better tolerance of fish and chicken protein sources.  So do your very best to greatly reduce red meat, and cut back moderately on chicken and fish, as a general rule.  The world will not come to an end if you eat either red or white meat protein but you are going to get better results the stricter you can be, OK?   TRH 


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