Questions about penile injury due to drug injections

Dr. Herazy,

Thank you for your quick response. I believe I do not have a congenital curvature because my scar is located in the head of the penis. The new scar due to the injections forms a collar around the place where the head meets the shaft. If i start with these treatments (Neprinol) I am worried that it can move down the shaft and cause a curvature. I know that sounds paranoid but I have not had much luck with these type of things. My scars do seem very rigid and only seem to soften not change shape. I would like to speak with you if possible about some of these concerns. I really want to be committed to a plan but am nervous that I can make it worse.(also i have had it so long)

Thank you again,


P. S. I really appreciate the care you have put into this book and website and would really like to try something.


Greetings Alex,

Your situation with a collar-like scar that is so near the head or glans of the penis is very unusual.  If indeed your injection series was delivered into this area near the point of attachment of the head to the shaft of penis (anatomically known as the corona) then I suppose this could make sense.   Typically, this is not where penis injury, and Peyronie's plaque or scars develop, so near the penile head.  Your situation seems to be different than most since your injury came about from the drug injections you were given to this particular area.

Your concern about the curvature moving down the shaft is not anatomically or physiologically possible.  There is nothing to "move down."  The process of repair will simply remove the excess fibrous tissue from its current location on a cell-by-cell basis.

Any type of change, such as softening of your scar material, is encouraging and indicates that your tissue should be capable of the further change to eliminate the fibrous material.  My idea is that softening is in fact indicative of cellular activity in which you experience partial cellular removal during those times when your diet and other factors favor healing, and partial cellular reversal and rebuilding during those times when your diet and other factors favor increased scar formation.  I and many men have noticed this slow and gradual increase/decrease/increase pattern that I theorize occurs in response to many things we all do during the course of time. 

During the 10 years  have done this work i have never had anyone worsen while under self-care using Alternative Medicine.

If you wish to talk about your issues, please go to the website and arrange for purchasing a block of time to discuss what is on your mind.  TRH


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