Do you simply recommend the same treatment products for all Peyronies cases?

My husband, age 56, has been diagnosed by a urologist with Peyronie's disease. He has had it now for a total of about 6 months.

We live in the Chicago area.   Is there any reason for him to come see you to determine what products he should take or do you simply recommend the same products to all.



I think you have either not spent enough time reading the PDI website, or you misunderstand what you have read.

I do not recommend specific Peyronie's disease treatment to anyone, and never have.   I do not treat anyone; I do not have a doctor/patient relationship with any of the men I work with from the PDI site.  Men on the PDI website treat and manage their own PD problems, and are encouraged to directly discuss their self-directed PD treatment with their local treating doctor.   I daily suggest to a few dozen men that they should use the most diverse and broad Peyronie's treatment plan they can faithfully and aggressively follow for a few months.  This happens to be different for each man because their decisions are all different, as well as their eventual dedication and determination are also different.  As each man makes unique decisions for himself, so are their Peyronie's treatment plans completely unique.    

I do recommend that to be most effective, treatment for Peyronie's disease must be unique and specific to the man who has the condition.  In this way, I have never worked with one man who has used a Peyronie's treatment plan that was designed or used like any other man – and I have worked with well over a 1,000 men by now; all treatment is different.

 We currently have four sample PD treatment plans on the PDI website, each one nicely balanced and used by many hundreds of men.  In the description that accompanies each plan you will find that we advise each man can freely add to or subtract from these sample plans or to use them as they are.   Each man must decide for himself how he will best go about his self-directed care. 

Men do not come to me to determine what products they should take.  Men make a basic decision for which plan to start their care based usually on economics and what information they have read about the various therapies.  Regardless of how care starts, care continues and moves in the direction as dictated by how each man's scar changes or does not change in response to his treatment plan.  this change that he monitors concerns the size, shape, density and surface features of his Peyronie's plaque or scar.  In this way each individual man works directly with the response of his body to the Peyronies treatment he has started with, and in this way he not I determines independently what treatment works best for him.  I do not make any treatment decisions.   When someone asks me a question about treatment I offer in response several ideas and information based on my experience and knowledge.  But it is entirely up to each man to observe his scar response to treatment, and based on this direct information to decide how he wishes to proceed with care.  In this way each man eventually follows his own totally unique plan of care.

I recommend that a man uses the treatment products that are found on the PDI website because I have over 10 years experience working with them and I have confidence in them.   Other products you might use could be of questionable value and ability to help your husband recover.   I cannot offer ideas or information about therapy products that are unknown to me. 

Once a man has a diagnosis of Peyronie's disease there is no need for me to meet him in person.   With this form of Alternative Medicine treatment there is no need to meet face to face to discuss details or answer questions about PD treatment.  All of that can be easier and more efficiently done over the phone.   I would be pleased to speak with your husband and answer his questions about the PDI method of increasing the ability of the body to heal and repair Peyronie's disease.   TRH


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