How should I use moist heat to treat Peyronie’s disease?

What do you recommend to use for "moist heat" and to what temperature and for what duration & frequency?

Thank you.


Moist heat is often overlooked as a part of Peyronie's disease treatment because it is common and not flashy or scientific.  It quickly, easily, cheaply and very effectively draws blood to the area of your treatment. Add it to your therapy plan today. 

A moist heat pack can be made by wrapping a towel that has been soaked in hot water around an old fashioned rubber hot water bottle to keep the temperature sufficiently hot for the time it will be used.

Since many people would not have easy access to a thermometer to actually test water temperature,  I will only comment that a good temperature for water for the purpose of making a moist hot pack to use for Peyronie's treatment is somewhere in the area of 105°F, give or take a few degrees either way.   Most people just hold their hand in the flow of water and know what temperature will feel good and still be safe to use.  We always caution to use a safe water temperature that will not cause tissue burns to this delicate area of the body.  I would hope that common sense and past experience will guide everyone to know how to keep themselves from getting burned.

Duration should be at least 10 minutes to bring enough increased blood flow to the area to provide therapeutic benefit; longer if you have the time and opportunity.  I suggest that you should use such a hot pack before you do any of the external therapies: manual penis stretching, DMSO, vitamin E and copper peptide applications, or the Genesen Acutouch pointer therapy. 

It is very safe if you are careful and use common sense.  Do not fall asleep while using a heat pack, and do not use a water-proof electric heating pad because if you do fall asleep with one it can continue to "cook" you while you sleep.  TRH 


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