Will reduction of masturbation help Peyronie’s disease?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

I am 32 and very recently developed Peyronie's disease.  I noticed the pain in early November. The pain then resolved itself by late December, around the same time two plaques appeared and a curvature of 5-10 degrees. At the time I developed it, I was under more stress than I can remember experiencing. I'm seeing a urologist next week. So that is my status but I was wondering if I currently masturbate daily do you think that reducing my masturbation by 50-75% would help. Also, in situations such as mine (young, early development, changed lifestyle (much stress now – except for the Peyronies concern)) and with the proper treatment plan the chances of recovery are high? Very very much appreciated….  J

Greetings J,

I have to smile.  Here you think that masturbation might be aggravating your Peyronie's disease, yet your solution is not to stop masturbating but only to reduce it by 50-75%.   I hope women appreciate this kind of thinking we men have when it comes to sex.

Masturbation, per se, did not cause and cannot aggravate your Peyronie's disease.   But it could have been the injury and repeated tissue strain that you sustained during masturbation that could have caused or aggravated your Peyronie's disease.   Do you get the point?   Gentle and easy masturbation that does not injure the tunica albuginea of the penis will not cause Peyronie's disease.   But the aggressive and sometimes violent masturbation practices and techniques that some men use can injure this deep tissue, causing or aggravating Peyronies disease.  It all depends on how you do it. 

The cause of Peyronie's disease is complex and not fully understood.   In my opinion your best chance for recovery is found in doing all those things that enable the body to heal as it does in 50% of men who develop PD.  This is what you will find explained in great detail on the PDI website. 

The earlier treatment starts and the more correctly, faithfully and aggressively the treatment is employed, will tend to favor tissue response and eventual recovery.  TRH


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