Report of reduced double Peyronie’s curvature

Thanks for both the privacy of your followers and the knowledge of your experiences. It's been some time since I've both ordered the "Best" plan and have spoke with you.

I'm very pleased to say that my Peyronie's disease has improved to a point of encouragement. When this horrible thing of PD introduced it's self to me I had two points of Peyronie's curvature; one of approx 25* just below the head and a more severe, 90* curve at the base of shaft in which the 90* curve was to the left. Today after much work, when time is available, I'm very pleased to announce, the 25* curve below the head has completely corrected it's self with no sign of ever being scared and the 90* curve at the base has improved a little and is curved in an upward position when erect. This make relations more possible. Also the pinching pain of PD has all but go away. Therefore, I've ordered another plan today, together with both the positive experience and months of knowledge of dealing with this monster, "The PD I'm referring to" LOL,

I'm confident today more than ever that progress and healing will be in my future. Thank you so much for being the source of encouragement.


Thanks, LT

Greetings LT,

Thank you for the encouraging report of your success.   It is good to know you have reduced the double curve to some degree.  From the way you present your information it also appears that you have made this improvement while not being very faithful or aggressive with your therapy plan.

Please take this time as we begin the fall season to dedicate yourself to being more serious about doing what you know you should be doing.  If a partial effort got that kind of improvement, I can only assume you could have earned more progress by working more along the lines of our suggestions for your self-care. 

If you are having any questions or problems putting your plan together or following the plan you would like to use, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.  TRH 


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