Science is Slow about Peyronie’s Treatment

Science Can Be Slow – Especially with Peyronie’s Treatment

It is said that if aspirin was discovered today, it would not meet the rigid and exacting standards of scientific proof that are currently in use. Aspirin would be one of those drugs that would be outside of accepted medical practice since it would lack sufficient scientific proof.

Medical acceptance and scientific proof of a therapy is, of course, important and desirable especially with Peyronie’s disease treatment for the elimination of the classic curved penis or other penile distortions that occur.  Yet it is important to keep in mind that just because a procedure or substance lacks this acceptance does not mean it is therefore ineffective or inferior. It might just mean that medicine and science have just not yet figured it out sufficiently to declare that it is OK.

Remember that it was not too many years ago medicine and science said the following were falsehoods, and could not be proven scientifically: 1. Exercise is good for your heart. 2. Diet is related to heart disease. 3. Smoking causes lung cancer. 4. Smog is harmful to lung tissue. 5. High fat diet raises cholesterol in the blood. 6. Antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin C are related to immunity and resistance. This list of what science made mistakes about could go on for a long time, all the way back to the “The world is round”. Most of us are old enough to remember the problem with Thalidomide. How about the AMA declaring that there was “insufficient scientific proof” of a correlation between a high fat diet (think French fries) and obesity?

The point is simple:  Sometimes science is just slow to pick up ideas and information that are apparent to average people who use common sense and simple observation.  PDI thinks the same is basically true in regard to Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.


2 thoughts on “Science is Slow about Peyronie’s Treatment

  1. Frank says:

    I feel that I have also experienced a reduction in length because of my Peyronie’s disease. My curve at the end of the penis shaft behind the glans is two thirds its former circumferance and there seems to be a weekness there. I went to a uroloogists and he gave me viagra. Is this the best that he can do??

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings fmulder,

    While giving you Viagra might be the best that this urologist can do for you and your Peyronie’s disease, there is much more that you can do for yourself.

    First, Viagra is no treatment for Peyronie’s disease in the sense of correcting or eliminating PD scar. All Viagra can attempt to accomplish for you is to increase local blood circulation. If your penis is cold and blue then perhaps this will help you; but i doubt that is the case. Viagra can make your PD worse by over-inflating the corpora cavernosa and over-stretch the delicate tunica albuginea and result in additional injury to the scars you already have. This is why the manufacturer of Viagra cautions against the use of this product if you have Peyronie’s disease. All you have to do is read the warning material to see that this is true. Please refer to other posts on this blog for more information about how these erection creating drugs can worsen Peyronie’s disease. TRH

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