Are changes in sexual performance related to age or Peyronie's disease?

hi doctor, i am from india, aged 40+. the problem with my penis is that its tip (glan) is thick and the base is thin, the ratio between the ends is about 60:40, i noticed the problem develop since age 15 when i started and resorted to masturbation and unnatural sex .back then it caused me no considerable problem having sexual penetration and ejaculation but after 35 i have been experiencing poor erection(my foreskin used to fully unfold when the penis got rock hard which is not the case presently)and labored insertion problem like the penis getting curved upward or downward at the base when thrust for penetrating ejaculation volume also got moderated or poor sometime which was very good previously,this also goes for climax feeling; i do not experience the thrill of climax during ejaculation the way i used to years ago.can suggest some cure if any?


Your description does not at all sound like you have Peyronie's disease.

Several of the changes you mention in your sexual performance could be related to the reduction of the hormone testosterone. This change, among many others, occurs as a part of the aging process. Since you mention you are over 40 years of age I would first suspect this as the reason for the things that concern you now. I suggest you go to a doctor, preferably a urologist, for a complete examination to diagnose what your problem might be. TRH

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