Should I take Neprinol with other enzymes or by itself?

Hi Dr. Herazy, 

Should I take Neprinol with Fibrozym and Nattokinase, or just take it by itself?   Jerry 

Greetings Jerry,

Just so we are clear on what you are asking me, I know you are following a larger PDI therapy plan so I am confident you are also using other therapies besides the Neprinol, Fibrozym and Nattokinase you mentioned.   The way you asked your question I could get the idea you wanted to just use Neprinol by itself.  If that what you are thinking of doing, then I strongly advise against that.  I have never spoken to anyone who has earned good results by using Neprinol as a solo treatment for Peyronies.  You always want to diversify and broaden your treatment base with a variety of internal and external therapies, right?  

Men use Neprinol both ways – as a total substitute for the other enzyme products, or in addition to them (usually with the Neprinol being the primary enzyme source and the others being used as a minor role). The choice is yours.

I would consider using just the Neprinol as the only systemic enzyme, and see how it goes. If that is not enough to get the scars to change favorably, then bring back the Fibrozym, or Nattokinase, or Quercetin/Bromelain, or all of them into your existing therapy plan.

You must keep experimenting to learn what Peyronies treatment makes your scar size, shape, density and surface features respond favorably and then go with that.


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