Dilemma: I can’t find anyone who is skilled and has successfully performed Peyronies surgery

Hi Dr Herazy,

I have Peyronies disease, I have tried all sorts of oral medications to no affect. It has been over 2 years and I know psychologically I buried my head in the sand. It has caused major problems with my wife. The curvature is nearly at right angles making it nearly impossible to have sex. I still have sexual desire but that is about it.

I know the only way forward is surgery. My dilemma is finding someone who is not only skilled but has successfully performed this surgery.

I live in Sydney Australia if you can refer me to someone that I can see I would be greatly appreciated

Warm wishes,



Greetings David,

It appears to me you have not read much information available to you from the Peyronie's Disease Institute.

Why do you assume the  only option available to you for your Peyronie's disease is surgery?    If 50% of men who develop PD experience a spontaneous or natural  healing of their PD ("it goes away on its own"), why do you believe that your body would not be able to heal if you were to give yourself the best opportunity to recover by really concentrating your effort in that direction?   Many men have done just that.  Many men who I work with have had their Peyronies  problem for longer than just two years.  Many have had PD for 5-10 years, or more.  some get great recovery and reversal of their curved penis and reduction of the Peyronie's plaque, and others have only slight improvement.  The results are variable because each man conducts his plan a little differently and some do it better than others.

It should tell you something – it should ring out loud and clear – why are you having trouble finding anyone in your country who is skilled and successful in performing Peyronie's surgery.   When Peyronie's surgery goes bad, it can be a real catastrophe.   Since you have PD you already demonstrate the tendency and ability to create too much scar when you penis is injured.    Surgical work on this very same tissue can result in an even greater amount of scar formation.   This is the reason why I have so many MDs who contact me when they develop PD; they want nothing to do with surgery when it is their penis on the line.  Once you have been operated on, there is no way to truly reverse the effects of the first surgery.   Please be very careful who talk to about this kind of surgery and get a clear understanding of the kind of results they say you should expect. 

This is an article I wrote you might find helpful:  Peyronies surgery:  Finding a surgeon.

I suggest you spend time reading some of the ideas about working with Alternative Medicine to support your natural healing potential.  TRH


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