Starting to lose hope about Peyronie’s disease

Hello Dr. I'm inspired to read through these posts that your actually spend time with the people on this site. I'm wondering how I go about getting a phone consult with you? I am 46 years old and have experienced a curved penis and diagnosed with Peyronies about 2 years ago. It seems to be getting worse by adding pain and trouble keeping hard during sex. Orgasms are not nearly as intense and I'm not able to 'adapt' for my wife like i could even 6 months ago.

I'm skeptical like many of the men on this forum, but they seem very satisfied that you take the time and attention, and I'm starting to lose hope so i thought i'd reach out.

Thank you

Franklin, TN


Greetings Don,

I remember what it was like when I had Peyronie's disease, so it is easy for me to want to help. 

Your skepticism is related to the medical sites who do not know anything about natural Peyronie's disease treatment, have never used it, have never tried to learn anything about it, and yet say it cannot be done.  All we are attempting to do is to increase the odds for natural  healing of PD as it occurs in half of the men who develop this problem.  We are not trying to make pigs fly.  It happens for half of the men who get PD, with a little help why not you?

If you want to schedule some time on the phone to discuss your situation, just scroll down a short distance to look for the picture of me holding a telephone and purchase a small block of telephone time.  I will email you to arrange for a time to discuss your situation.   TRH


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