Straighten Your Penis

How to straighten your penis naturally and gently

A common question about Peyronie’s disease treatment concerns restoring a curved penis to its prior degree of natural straightness.   The question usually is along the lines of, “If someone has Peyronie’s disease for over 10 years like me, do you think the problem has gone on too long to straighten your penis?”

The answer to that question is a simple. “No, probably not, and treatment is always worth a try. Even if you have had a curved penis for 10 years due to Peyronie’s disease, it is still worth the effort to try to straighten your penis.”

Notice, I did not reply that reduction of penile curvature was guaranteed or easy, or that it would necessarily be a total correction – I have replied that it is possible because this kind of thing can and does occur using the concepts presented on the PDI website.  No one can accurately predict if and how much progress a man can make with his Peyronie’s problem after any length of time, let alone 10 years.  But, I have worked with men whose PD is older than 10 years, and many were able to see change and improvement.  You will only know if it is possible to straighten your penis if you attempt to do so.

In my experience most men simply stop looking for Peyronie’s disease help after a year or two.  This seems to be about the time when they accept the defeat that the medical doctors feed to them.  After a while they read and hear so much negativity about recovering from their Peyronie’s penis that they eventually stop looking for fresh ideas and help.  They accept that there is no help and they do nothing.  For this reason I tend to communicate with men whose Peyronie’s disease is relatively recent, and they are still searching for answers; for this reason most of my experience is working with men whose PD is in the 3-24 month range.

Using Alternative Medicine to straighten your penis

Although the explanation is long and detailed, the basic idea for using Alternative Medicine to reduce the excess fibrous tissue of Peyronie’s disease that causes a curved penis can be simply stated:

1.    Determine the exact size, shape, density and surface qualities of your PD scar(s)

2.    Improve your diet to take in more nutrients that will assist healing

a.    Make needed dietary changes outlined in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”

b.    Aggressively and faithfully follow a broad based and diverse Alternative Medicine therapy plan of both internal and external therapies, as outlined on the PDI website

3.    Use the Manual Penis Stretching Technique© developed through research of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute.  Do not be fooled by the clever ads that promote a mechanical penis stretcher that attempts to force the correction you are looking for; they can be dangerous and can actually make your PD worse.  I have spoken to hundreds of men who learned the hard way that there is no easy way to reduce penile curvature.

If you do these things, in my opinion, you will stand your best chance to straighten your penis from the effects of Peyronie’s disease.  If you do nothing, if you sit around and wait for someone to develop a miracle drug that will magically solve all your problems for you, you will be waiting a long time and your life will slip away from you. If you use a mechanical penis stretcher you run the risk of injury to your already injured penis. This is why the best time to learn if you respond to your effort to straighten your penis is now; the sooner the better.


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