Synergy and Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

How Synergy Applies to Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

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Synergy (sin’-er-je) is the interaction of two or more substances or forces that when combined tends to produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. A short explanation of synergy is “1 + 1 +1 = 5”. Taber’s medical dictionary defines it as “the harmonious action of two agents such as drugs, or organs such as muscles, producing an effect which neither alone could produce, or an effect that may result which is greater than the total effects of each agent operating by itself”.

Synergy can be applied to winning a game of tug-of-war, or to the treatment of Peyronie’s disease to reduce the terrible curved penis that so often develops.

Here is a very good example of synergy in everyday life. A doctor must closely monitor the combined effects of drugs that are prescribed to a patient. The effect of drug A on the body might be well known, and the effect of drug B might also be well known. But the synergistic effect of combining drugs A and B can be difficult to predict. As a result the doctor must closely monitor a patient when multiple medication is being administered. Thus, synergy is a significant part of the art of medicine.

There are many examples in life in which two or more agents or elements act in common to produce an end result that is greater than the simple sum each is able to achieve separately. A good example of synergy occurs in agriculture, when soil nutrients are applied to benefit crops. If nutrient A is known to produce a 2% increase in crop production, and nutrient B is known to produce a 2% increase in crop production, it is logical that using these two nutrients together should result in a 4% crop increase. However, because of the synergy between nutrients A and B a 6-8% crop production increase might occur, instead of the expected 4%. Taking it a step further, nutrients A, B, and C (with each increasing crop production by 2%) when used together might result in a combined synergistic effect above 12%.

Did you ever hear that some cooking recipes cannot be simply doubled if you want to make twice as much of a particular dish? Have any idea why that would be so? Sure you do: synergy. Perhaps, when a recipe is doubled, the oil, or the salt, or other ingredient reacts in a way that is more than twice its single effect. This is another example of synergy in action.

Let’s say that I can lift a maximum of 100 pounds, and you can lift a maximum of 100 pounds. It would seem reasonable that by working together, you and I should be able to lift 200 pounds. However, with the principle of synergy, it might be possible that together you and I could lift more than that, maybe 205, 210 pounds or more. Life is full of situations in which the synergy of team effort occurs.

Peyronie’s disease treatment using synergy

PDI’s philosophy for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment makes a lot of sense when you think about taking advantage of the power of synergy. We are suggesting that you take advantage of a simple and frequently seen phenomenon that occurs all around us every day. This explains why it is better to combine vitamin E with vitamin C and MSM or PABA in your Peyronie’s therapy plan.

Peyronie’s Disease Institute’s  approach of using multiple natural therapies uses this power and expects a synergistic result in treating PD, just as in other applications commonly seen in medical practice, architecture, agriculture, or any other part of life. The synergistic effect applies in countless areas and situations, and treatment of PD is no different. Therefore, the synergy of multiple therapies selected from successful PD research and studies should result in an improved ability of the body to heal and repair.


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