Penis Stretching for Peyronie’s Disease

Penis stretching with fingertips is safer and works better

None of the popular mechanical devices for penis stretching were ever intended to be used for Peyronie’s disease treatment. These strap-on stretchers were only designed for men to develop a larger penis – and nothing more.  Actually, there is no proof these penis stretchers make a lasting change in the length of the penis; all evidence suggests the changes are temporary and rather brief.  Men with Peyronie’s disease are often desperate for something that might help them, and penis stretching with a mechanical device is often used with poor to bad results, that will be explained below.

Since there is no known or standardized medical Peyronie’s cure, it is only natural that men might resort to penis stretching sooner or later.  The ads are very persuasive with beautiful women dressed in white lab coats to convince the buyer that a mechanical device for penis stretching work as an accepted method of Peyronie’s treatment, when that is just not true.  It is just a marketing idea.

Any man with a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease has looked to penis stretching with a high priced mechanical harness and traction devices because they are so widely advertised.  What man doesn’t want to believe that the answer to his Peyronie’s disease involves making his penis larger?  That is like telling an alcoholic that the way to get rid of a hangover is to drink another beer.  He would like to believe that kind of solution.

Over the years I believe I have investigated every mechanical penis stretching device I have seen, and I find no great difference between them; they are all basically the same with little important difference making one better than another.   These products are popular with men who have Peyronie’s disease because they propose a simple solution for a complicated problem.  Everyone would like to believe solving PD is as simple as simple as straightening out a bent paper clip.  But you notice they make many claims but offer no proof of effectiveness.  In fact, in my opinion these penis stretcher products are dangerous.

Since I began my work in Peyronie’s disease in 2002 I have spoken to many men who are convinced their PD started with the use of one of those penis stretching devices.  The trauma of forceful and prolonged stretching of the delicate tunica can be enough in some men to start the injury that results in excessive scarring.

Other men I have spoke to about these penis stretching schemes say they cannot use them.  It is simple to understand if you think about it a bit.  The head (glans) of the penis MUST be held firmly enough in a penis stretcher to develop traction force, but there is no good way to get a grip on it.  So the head must be squeezed tight enough to not lose contact with the stretcher, and this pressure concentrated to one area at the glans (head) can cause tissue damage and it can be very painful.  Many men report they can only wear it for a few minutes or an hour at a time.  Bruises, open sores or blisters can develop in a short time.  The manufacturer says it should be worn several hours or more per day.  I think it is not very likely that most men could do this.

Safe, gentle, manual penis stretching designed specifically for Peyronie's disease

If this problem of open sores and bruising were not actually a problem, the manufacturers would not include detailed information in their brochures about how to treat open wounds and infections caused by the stretchers, and they would not include information about wearing bandages and extra padding on the penis to prevent bruises and open sores.  But the fact is they do.  You will find they tell about these two problems and how to try to avoid kind of injury – they must because they try to prevent law suits that have occurred because these are common problems with the stretchers.

Even if these devices really worked, you would only have a temporarily elongated penis that still had the PD scar.  This is not progress or good treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

Since the concept for penis stretching for Peyronie’s disease treatment is interesting, after an 18 month research project I developed a gentle manual technique that is specific to the problem of Peyronies disease.   Keeping the penis stretched for just a few minutes with the fingertips safely and effectively can reduce the PD scar and distortion of Peyronie’s disease.  If you want to learn about a safe and effective way of treating your Peyronie’s problem with manual penis stretching, view the penis stretching videos at the PDI website at manual penis stretching technique.