How to use Thatcher’s formula for Peyronie’s disease?

Doctor, I have one question. How does someone use Thatcher’s Formula (DMSO + Castor Oil + copper) for Peyronie’s disease? Over the last few months I have researched various PD topics I have found a few random posts about this formula and how to apply it using flannel and warm heat…if you have any more specific information, would you kindly pass it along? Thank you for your time and information, Bill

Greetings Bill,

Yes, I know about using Thacker’s formula. Thacker’s formula has bounced around a lot for many years in Peyronie’s disease discussion groups, and has achieved something close to cult notoriety.

The first thing you should know about Thacker’s formula is that it does not contain copper. It contains, DMSO, castor oil and apple cider vinegar. It is essential that you do not use this therapy, or any other, based upon what you pick up here and there on the various Peyronie’s forums where many untested and untrue ideas are promoted – like the notion that Thacker’s formula contains copper.

My suggestion to you is to first use a well balanced and aggressive Peyronie’s therapy plan such as you see on the PDI website, while you carefully monitor your scar for changes in size, shape, density and surface features to give evidence to your progress. Our PDI therapy plans have been used since 2002 with success and are based on reasonable science and positive research findings. This makes more sense to me than using Thacker’s formula by itself. I would agree that you should consider using Thacker’s formula along with other therapies in a combined effort, just as we recommend combining other PD therapies for best effect.

Please let me know how I can help you during your therapy effort. TRH