Are your treatments effective for Peyronie's disease with an hourglass deformtiy?

I have the hourglass form of Peyronie's disease. The hour glasses is right at the base of my penis. In 15 months I have lost more than an inch in length. The specialist I saw indicated my scarring was severe. He also used the word very thick. He recommended injections to the penis. Although he sounded more skeptical then confident. My scarring is on both sides and the top of my penis. Like I said all scarring started at the very base.

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Are your treatments effective for this type. I am at a total loss as to what to do. My wife of 32 years And I have gone from sex 4 X a week to almost not at all.

I cannot believe how this has affected me emotionally.


There is much you can do to help yourself; do not lose hope and confidence in your body's ability to remove this problem. The treatment outlined by the Peyronie's Disease Institute is intended to restore and support your natural ability to remove the Peyronie's plaque like the 50% of men whose PD goes away naturally.

Many MDs will not consider delivering injections into the Peyronie's plaque because repeated injections into such a small area, usually over a series of 12 office visits, represents another form of injury. Usually 8-20 injections are given at a single office visit to a small area where the scar is located, and this is done at 12 different office visits. This represents a lot of pin holes created in a very small area of delicate tissue. For this reason injections can cause Peyronie's disease, regardless of the drug being used, simply because of what the needle does to the delicate penile tissue.

There does not seem to be any difference in response to Peyronie's disease that causes an hourglass deformity, or an bottleneck deformity or a curve or dent or twist or combination of any of these. Regardless of how the Peyronie's plaque affects the appearance of the penis, it all comes down to helping the body remove the foreign fibrous material. Please look at use of any of the suggested therapy plans to see which one makes most sense to you.

Many men are wracked by the emotional aspects of Peyronie's disease. I suggest you read “Peyronie's Disease and Sex.” TRH