Peyronies Treatment and Breast Cancer

Peyronie's disease treatment information to use

Here is an some interesting information about Peyronie’s treatment from an unlikely source: breast cancer research.

German researchers who track breast cancer rates of progression have proposed the controversial notion that some forms of breast tumors found in mammogram studies might naturally disappear – or heal – on their own if left undetected. Archives of Internal Medicine November 24, 2008;168(21):2311-2316. Mammography and manual breast self-examination for tumors have become the standard methods for early detection of breast cancer during the last 20 years.Dr. Per-Henrik Zahl and colleagues examined highly invasive breast cancer rates among nearly 120,000 women age 50 to 64 who had a mammogram examination over a six-year period. They compared the number of breast cancers found in another group of approximately 110,000 women who were screened only once at the end of the same six-year period.

Dr. Zahl expected to find no differences in breast cancer rates. However, he found 22 percent more invasive breast tumors in the group who had mammograms every two years, raising the possibility some cancers somehow disappear naturally.

This landmark cancer study suggests that some cancer can go away on its own, something that most doctors and oncologists would never consider. Prior to this study, when a cancer disappears without treatment, it is typically dismissed as an error of diagnosis or a fluke. But this German study suggests that even highly invasive cancers not only may go away without active medical treatment, but that they do more often than previously imagined.This supports the Peyronie's Disease Institute concept that our body’s have the remarkable capacity to heal, and that ability is determined largely by our lifestyle – including and primarily your nutritional intake. If you eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and sun exposure and address your emotional stress, your body has the best opportunity to maintain a healthy balance toward correction of many health problems like Peyronie's disease. Is this an infallible method of health care? Of course not.

People still need medical intervention and need to visit their medical doctors. But they also need to remember that the body can heal itself when given the opportunity, and that opportunity must be promoted by following reasonable things that promote health as we discuss on the PDI website.

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If the body can cure an invasive breast cancer, it can do many wonderful and miraculous things when given the opportunity. PDI gives you information about promoting that opportunity for the best Peyronies treatment possible.