Is there a specific treatment for Peyronie’s disease that occurs after a prostatectomy?

My PD occurred nearly four years ago after a laproscopic prostatectomy.  What is your opinion about the efficiency of your treatment after such a delay?   Is there a specific treatment for Peyronie’s disease that occurs after a prostatectomy?  Thanks, John 

Greetings John,

Peyronie’s disease is a fairly common reaction that can occur as a result of trauma to the urethra during a laproscopic prostatectomy.  I have discussed this bad result in another area of the PDI site, Possible Peyronies Cause: Catheter and Cystoscope Trauma

Many men start their PDI treatment plan three and more years after the onset of their problem.  Actually, it seems that many men begin PDI treatment three to five years into their PD problem.  At this time I have not noticed any great difference in the effectiveness and end results of those who have a late start or an early start working to increase their ability to heal and repair the PD scar.  What seems to be a more important factor for overall success of treatment is the level of faithfulness to the treatment plan and the diversity of treatment; those who follow a large and aggressive therapy plan and do it without deviation are usually most successful.

There is no special or different treatment for Peyronie’s disease based on how it occurred.  Your treatment would be the same regardless of how it started since it is the scar that is the important aspect of Peyronie’s disease treatment regardless of how it actually started. 

One of the important elements of a good treatment strategy is to do a variety of Peyronies disease exercises along with using vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs to support your natural recovery, especially if you notice the muscles and supporting tissues of the pelvis are tight since your surgery.  TRH