Is having a penis with a congenital twist really rare or fairly common?

Hi, Dr. Herazy.

I'm wondering if your treatment program might help me improve my penile torsion–my penis has a counter clockwise rotation some 45 degrees. I'm 40-years-old and married.

One more thing–is having a penis that twists in one direction or another really rare or fairly common?

Thanks for any advice.

Very best–Chris

Greetings Chris,

Since you do not mention having Peyronie's disease I will assume that your twisted shaft is a condition you have had all your life, or a congenital twist that is simply the way you are.  I mention this because it could also be part of the deformity pattern that develops as a result of Peyronie's disease, since many men note this finding along with a curved penis and loss of size that results from the presence of the Peyronie's scar.  When I had Peyronie's disease back in 2002 I also had a torque or twist in the shaft; mine was also counterclockwise, and it was resolved along with the 35 degree bend to the left, upward 10 degree bend, and loss of size when I was able to heal the PD scars that were causing that mess. 

But I assume your twist is unrelated to PD and is only something that makes you the unique and wonderful guy that you are.  For information about how some men are born with a different looking penis please refer to  How can I tell the difference between Peyronie’s disease and a congenitally curved penis?

Previously I have described how many men have used the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique to partially or completely reverse congenital penis curvature and bends.  Please refer to Will the PDI Manual Stretching Technique help a congenital penis curvature?

It is not I often learn of men who have a congenitally twisted or torqued shaft; most often it is congential curvature that is mentioned.  Further, when twisting is mentioned I believe the amount is not often as much as our 45 degrees.   However, when it comes to these kinds of variations of the penis there is a tendency for men to not broadcast this information.  I would suspect that it is more common than generally spoken about.    For these reasons I will say that your situation is not all that common, but certainly not rare.  

I would suggest that if your torqued shaft is presenting a problem to your sexual function that you could consider a brief therapeutic trial of maybe three months or perhaps more using this PDI protocol to see if you can reduce the degree of variation you have. TRH


Could Peyronie treatment plans still possibly help my congenital curvature?

I have been searching for a possible remedy for my penis. I have a slight downward curve, I believe it is congenital because I've always had it, and there is no scarring underneath my shaft or pain. Could your treatment plans still possibly help my congenital curvature? even if i don't have Peyronies? PLEASE HELP, this is causing me so much emotional discomfort doc!


The PDI Peyronie treatment plans are specific for Peyronie's disease.  However, I have been told by men who have congenital penile curvature that they used the information and technique from the PDI Manual Penis Stretching CD with great benefit.  I suggest you review that information to see if it makes sense to you and proceed accordingly. 

Additionally, since most congenital curves tend to be gradual and mild, I suggest that you could be making more of your lack of total straightness than it deserves.  Perhaps your values and sense of self-esteem exaggerate your emotional response to your variation.  It might be helpful for you to read "Peyronie's Disease and Sex" to get some insight into the way you are feeling about yourself.  TRH