Does Unique-E oil have the tocotrienol portion of the vitamin E family in it?

Hello Dr Herazy. My peyronies is very mild it was done in a sex accident around 7 months ago. My penis is still straight when erect and hasn't really changed. I just noticed a little more bend in my penis when I went to urinate in the morning. My condition is stable and isn't really changing. My urologist said it was a traumatic form of peyronies. There is no real scaring but noticed when I did it a small line on the side of my penis more noticeable when erect. I was thinking of using your Unique vitamin E oil. Does it have the tocotrienol parts of vitamin E in it? Thanks for reading my question.


Yes, Unique-E oil has both all four members of the tocotrienol part of the vitamin E family, as well as all four members of the tocopherol part of the vitamin E family.   I trust you need to know that in addition to using the topical vitamin E you should use PMD DMSO after the vitamin E is applied to the area so that the vitamin E can be taken deeply into the involved tissue. 

Further, you should not assume that your Peyronie's disease will stay the way it is now. Peyronie's disease is not a static problem; it changes over time, sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly, but it seldom stays the same for very long. Most people take the position that it is far better to use Alternative Medicine to treat the Peyronie's problem while it is still small and manageable to keep it that way.   TRH 

Can I get relief from fibrosis of the corpus spongiosum with Super CP Serum?

I've been diagnosed with fibrosis of the Corpus spongiosum. Have you heard of any relief of this with the topical Super CP Serum and/or Vitamin E spray? Any other possibilities?


Spencer G.

Greetings Spenser,

The corpus spongiosum is cylindrical mass of tissue in the penis through which the urethra passes, located in the bottom half of the penis below the two corpora cavernosae. There are irregular cases of Peyronie's disease that start as fibrosis in the corpus spongiosum and later extend toward and into the tunica albuginea layer that surrounds the corpora cavernosae. At this point the fibrosis becomes Peyronie's disease.

When you ask about using topical Super CP Serum and Vitamin E oil you are forgetting about the most important component of the topical applications, and that is PMD DMSO. Using Super CP Serum and Vitamin E oil by themselves is fairly useless since they lack the ability to penetrate the tissue to get down to where the fibrosis problem is located. So please be sure to include DMSO in this topical treatment, always applying the DMSO last. When you order from PDI you will be instructed how to use all of these products for greatest effectiveness.

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Am I using my Peyronie's treatment plan properly?

I recently started treating my Peyronies. I currently take 3 Neprinol 3x a day. In the morning I take 4 Unique E, 3000mg of vitamin C and 1 Bromelain 5000. I also use DMSO and Super CP Serum. Am I taking the supplements properly and am I on the right track? There has been little or no change in the 2 weeks since I started treatment.


First of all, you did not give me a lot of detail about how you are using your plan. For example, you did not mention if you are taking the Neprinol with your meals or between meals. And you did not mention if you are taking the vitamin E and vitamin C with your meals or between meals. Saying that you “use” DMSO and Super CP Serum does not give me any idea how you are applying it. Lastly, you did not mention if are taking the Bromelain 5000 with your meals or between meals. All of these details are very important to know if you are actually using your therapies correctly and what kind of results you will earn as a consequence.

Also, when you write that in two weeks “(t)here has been little to no change” I would like to know what it is that you are basing that statement on. No change in curvature of your penis, or no change in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD plaque? What you are using to gauge your success and the effectiveness of your treatment plan is of critical importance. Please let me know the answers to the above questions and I will be able to reply with a much more helpful response to you. TRH


How is DMSO applied in a Peyronie's disease treatment plan?

Hi doctor,

I just have a quick question regarding applying DMSO to my curved penis. Will it still be effective to the fibrous plague even my Peyronies disease condition started a long time ago. I had developed a curved penis since i was young and i am now 28. Looking to purchase your BETTER PLAN. How should one apply it? on erect state or not? Thank you and hope for your response.:)


Greetings Ollie,

Are you sure you have Peyronie’s disease? Have you been formally diagnosed with PD? Perhaps you were born with a normally curved penis.

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Assuming you do have Peyronie’s disease, the medium plan is by far the most popular. DMSO is an important part of the overall therapy. All instructions you need for using every part of the medium plan are included when you receive your order; you will not have any questions about how to use the DMSO or any other part of the plan.

To answer your question, the DMSO is applied in the non-erect, or flaccid, state.

Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH


Can I use DMSO gel and Fibrozym together for my Peyronies disease?

Can I use DMSO gel and Fibrozym together for my Peyronies disease? what are the risks if there are any? I read on the internet that DMSO absorbs plastic and they recommend not to use DMSO that is in a plastic bottle… thanks



It is a rare man who treats his Peyronie's disease using the PDI concepts of natural treatment who does not combine PMD DMSO gel and Fibrozym – plus many other systemic enzymes as well as therapies like PABA, acetyl-L-carnitine, vitamin E, etc.  The use of topical DMSO while taking all other forms of our therapy lineup has never caused any complaints or problems in over 10 years of doing this work with Peyronies treatment.   I just do not get any complaints or notification of side effects or problems. 

The PDI DMSO products – PMD DMSO and Dusa Sal DMSO – are both made by the laboratory that is still owned and operated by the medical doctor who did the original  research and investigation of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) for use on human tissue, Dr. Stanley Jacob.  He is in his mid-90s and still teaches at the University of Washington School of Medicine.   He has thoroughly researched the subject of storage containers for transporting and keeping DMSO and has found that only one form of plastic is safe, and that is a rather expensive laboratory grade polyethelene.  Otherwise, if not using this particular for of plastic then DMSO must be kept in a glass container.  Anyone who gave you the advice you mentioned does not know or understand the subject of DMSO.   TRH

What are the ingredients and concentration (%) of the DMSO to treat Peyronie's disease?

Have a few questions about the “PMD DMSO Gel” if you don't mind.

Was curious the ingredients or concentration(%) of the DMSO (dilution)?

I had some irritation before from a 80% DMSO, but I wasn't using it for Peyronie's.



Our PMD DMSO is a special formula that was developed specifically to be used for Peyronie's disease treatment. This formulation was created with the cooperation and help of Stanley Jacobs, MD, who did the original DMSO medical research that made it so popular in the late 1950s.

The PMD DMSO is a 60% DMSO, 10% urea, 10% PABA, 10% MSM, and 10% distilled water combination. Since it contains 60% DMSO it tends to not irritate the tissue and can be used often enough to do some good for treating PD; only rare men have trouble with skin irritation and this is solved by applying it less often. As you have learned, if the concentration is too high it cannot be used at all. It does no one any good to use a 100% concentration of DMSO but then not be able to use it. Our formula allows for repeated applications and this is where the real benefits come into play. Lastly, PMD DMSO is formulated in a gel form for easier and cleaner application since it tends to stay directly where it is applied and does not run down to create a mess.

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It is strongly recommended that before applying PMD DMSO that our Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP Serum (copper peptides) are applied over the area of Peyronie's plaque to increase the therapeutic benefit of using DMSO.

Of course, these three therapy products are topical applications and they should be combined with various internal therapies as described throughout the PDI website. TRH


Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar as topical Peyronie’s treatment options?

Can we use Contractubex or Hiruscar applied topically on the penis shaft? Is there an alternative to  DMSO to help vitamin E penetrate deep into the scar?  Here in the Philippines DMSO is not available in the pharmacies. Thanks.


You mention two topical preparations that are primarily intended to treat light to moderate superficial skin injury (like acne eruptions) to prevent scar formation from occurring.  That is far different from the dense fibrous buildup of deep internal fibrous tissue formation of Peyronie's disease.   These two products have been tested in the past and were found to be ineffective against Peyronie's disease.  

DMSO is the best way to bring vitamin E and copper peptide into the deep tissue layers of the penis for Peyronie's treatment.   I do not know of anything that works as well or as dependably.  This is why we make our special formula available through the PDI website.   If you wish you can order our DMSO to be shipped to you.  TRH  

Should I be concerned about storing my DMSO?

Hi Ted,

I just ordered the DMSO. I've been concerned about storing this product in its plastic container, since it's a solvent and might pick up some of the plastic. I transferred my last batch to a glass jar. Do you think there's any basis for concern?


Greetings Bob,

The very special type of plastic used for the last 40 years by Jacob Labs as the primary container to store and deliver their various DMSO products is a laboratory grade of polyethylene; this is not your garden variety plastic.   As you correctly point out, DMSO will leach and transport many polymers and chemical elements if it is kept in the wrong kind of plastic container.  This is a subject I covered with the Jacob Lab people over 10 years ago when we first started to work together to develop a Peyronies treatment protocol.   Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a medical doctor, as well as a teaching and research professor at Washington State University, and he gave me his complete assurance that this more costly container is completely safe to transport and store DMSO.

Personally, I would be more worried about the DMSO picking up the residue of what used to be in your glass jar (mayonnaise, spices, even the soap you washed the jar with, etc.) and getting into your tissue, than anything from the original polyethylene container the DMSO comes in.


Information about using DMSO for Peyronie’s treatment

Does wiping off the DMSO and other topicals after the first five minutes reduce the effectiveness of the treatment?


When you received your order of DMSO you were given detailed instructions about application and cleaning up afterward.  The instructions told you that after the first 5-7 minutes all DMSO would be absorbed into the tissue along with the other topical therapy you are using to treat Peyronie's disease.  After this time you can safely wipe it off since all DMSO is gone.  Any oily film that remains is simply the gel that is used as a carrier for the DMSO solution.  TRH