Do you think using vitamin E by itself will help my Peyronie’s disease?

Greetings Doctor,

My urologist recommended taking 400 I U of vitamin E daily when he first told me I had Peyronie's disease, although he was not too specific about the quality or type of vitamin E I should use, or anything else for that matter.  Before he ran out the door he did not say what the next step would be if that did not help me, but he did stress that I should return in six months for another visit.

Thank you for the helpful information about vitamin E on your Peyronies website.  At least I know now how to do it, and I will get mine from you so I know I will be taking the best vitamin E for this purpose.  I will try my doctors recommendation of just using vitamin E by itself and keep my fingers crossed.  Do you think using vitamin E  by itself will help my Peyronie's disease?   Paul

Greetings Paul,

No, I do not.  Vitamin E for Peyronies treatment is great, but it needs a lot of support from other kinds of therapy to get the job done.  And finger crossing has nothing to do with successfully treating your Peyronie's disease.  

Success is based on hard work, determination, dedication and focus to a broad based Alt Med plan that will increase your body's ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's scar.  I suggest you do all you can during these next six months to learn about your PD and the process of natural correction. The PDI treatment protocol has a high degree of success when it is done correctly.  The problem is that many men try to bastardize the PDI treatment protocol to save a few bucks, or is too lazy to do what is required, or is always looking for the easy way out.  I trust you are not that way.

Go ahead and follow your urologist's idea of using vitamin E as a solo therapy.  I have never heard of anyone who has been successful with this idea – and neither has your urologist.  He is just telling you to do that because that is what the text books tell him to say and he cannot get into trouble for repeating what is accepted current medical thinking. What is probably on his mind is that at your next office visit in six months he will be able to follow the same current medical thinking and tell you that you need Peyronie's surgery because the vitamin E did not work. They have a great thing going for themselves. 

I suggest you spend a little time on the PDI website educating yourself about the non-drug and non-surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease.  If you need any more information please let me know.  TRH     



Do you think this is a bad idea?

Can you tell me what you think of using DMSO and possibly vinegar since it contains acetic acid, i used it and it didn't hurt but the mixture got very warm to almost hot, and it wrinkles the skin, i got this on a website… Wikipedia and other sources say….Diluted acetic acid is also used in physical therapy to break up nodules of scar tissue via iontophoresis. So can't you use dmso to deliver the acetic acid in vinegar similar to iontophoresis to break up peyronie's plaque? Do you think this is a bad idea to try?



Yes, I think this is a bad idea.  You got lucky that you only felt a hot sensation and that it just wrinkled your tissue.  I suppose had you left the vinegar on longer, or used it a second time, or in some other way increased your exposure to it, you would have probably developed a deep and serious burn of the penile tissue.  Do you know what would have been the likely result of a burn-injury to the deeper tissue of the penis for someone who already has Peyronie's disease?  More Peyronie's disease. 

Acetic acid of vinegar is a dangerous acid that will affect different tissues of the body in a variety of ways. The thin tissue of the entire genital region is unusually vulnerable to a burn injury caused by acetic acid.  When it is combined with DMSO the damage can be even more severe. 

Please do not do use vinegar again this way for your Peyronie's disease.  TRH  

Do you suggest SSKI (potassium iodide) as a Peyronies treatment?

Do you suggest using Potassium Iodide (SSKI) as a Peyronies treatment online shows good results from using iodine for scars?


Yes, there is information online about using SSKI (potassium iodide) for treatment of Peyronie’s disease.  That information comes from the website of Jonathan V. Wright, MD of the Tohoma Clinic. He has some interesting things to say about it.  He is an intelligent and provocative author. I like Dr. Wright's work. 

However, concerning the work of PDI, there is a problem with the idea of using SSKI for PD:  Dr. Wright is the only one saying it. 

His concepts and opinions might very well be correct, and SSKI might be the best therapy imaginable for PD.  But I doubt it.  Why?  Because, from what I can determine, there has been absolutely no research or study of SSKI for treatment of PD or DC by anyone at any time.  It is all conjecture and theory, even if it is interesting and might make sense, it is still unfounded at this time.  It is a far more unfounded idea than anything you will find on the PDI website.  

The intent of PDI is not to present all Alternative Medicine therapies for your review simply because they are non-medicinal in nature.  We do not advocate Peyronie's therapies simply because they are “natural” or easy to acquire without a prescription.  Those therapies you find on the PDI website are there because of research (often a lot of it) that supports the use of that particular Alternative  Medicine therapy for PD, in spite of the contradictory research.  We take the position to only use those therapies that have satisfied an adequate percent of researchers to suggest the possibility of therapeutic efficacy.  If taken as a group, in aggressive doses and high combinations, these therapies stand a good chance of creating sufficient synergy to initiate a healing response to correct the Peyronie's plaque. 

SSKI does not fall into that description.  It has not been studied.  When it is studied and receives a positive review from several independent sources we will likely consider adding it to the lineup. 

Keep reading Dr. Wright’s articles, he has a lot of good information for all of us.  TRH


Do you perform Peyronie’s surgery?

Hello doctor!

I read your book and I am happy that the vitamins worked for you!

My husband has Peyronie's disease the last 2 years. He saw 2 doctors and they just recommended surgery,

Do you perform Peyronie's surgery? If you don't, could you please let me know which one is the best surgeon?

Thanks so much



Yes, the PDI treatment concept worked for me and for many men who followed the concepts you see on this website.  I assume the great majority of men who have been helped to regain their freedom from Peyronie's disease were also told they needed surgery, just like your husband.  They resolved their PD problem by using Alternative Medicine treatment and did not need Peyronie's surgery.

When you go to a surgeon you will usually find that they tend to think of and recommend surgery.  Since I am not a surgeon and I philosophically prefer to first use natural conservative means before resorting to drugs or surgery, I suggest before considering any type of risky surgery that your husband should first attempt a few months using Alternative Medicine to correct his problem.   TRH