What about the use of emu oil for treatment of Peyronie’s disease?


I read about DMSO's ability to carry into the skin. Emu oil I have heard also does this. Do you have thoughts on this? I wonder which would be better/more effective? Emu oil comes from a bird's skin and DMSO is a wood-processing by-product. Neither one sound very appealing to me but the bird skin at least seems a bit more natural.



Most medical usage of emu oil is for the topical treatment of skin conditions (hives, shingles, psoriasis, etc.)  and other problems (arthritis,weight loss, earaches, flu symptoms, etc.)  

Little serious investigation has been done about the carrier ability of emu oil to bring chemicals and drugs it is combined with into the body, as DMSO does.  

From my experience I have found that many men who have attempted to use emu oil in this way for treatment of Peyronie's disease and usually disappointed, and only make progress when they switch over to using DMSO as a carrier.  TRH