Will the drug finasteride (Proscar) (Propicia) affect my Peyornie's disease in any way?

Dr. Herazy,

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My urologist prescribed finasteride (PROSCAR) to shrink my enlarged prostate and lower my PSA level.  Will this affect my Peyronies in any way?



Greetings Lou,

Finasteride (prescribed under different names depending how it is being used) is used to treat enlarged prostate and prostate cancer,  (under the name Proscar), and it is used to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness (under the name Propecia).  Initially when finasteride was first given approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the known side effects of  fatigue, dizziness, weakness, breathing difficulty and reduced blood pressure were thought to be acceptable because they were mild.  Since approval by the FDA and greater usage in the general population more disturbing side effects have been associated with finasteride use.

In mid 2012 the FDA announced that finasteride use can increase the risk of a very serious form of prostate cancer, even though it is sometimes used to treat symptoms of a mild form of prostate cancer.

My first thought when reading your email was, “I wonder if Lou told his urologist that he has Peyronie's disease?”  But being your urologist, I assume you have gone to this doctor in the past simply because you have Peyronie's disease, right?  If so, it appears to me that you probably have gone to this urologist for your PD and now your enlarged prostate, and the doctor prescribed the finasteride for you anyway.

You see, there are currently several lawsuits being litigated against against Merk & Co., the maker of finasteride, about the many apparent side effects of this drug, including complaints related to the urogenital system:  Peyronie's disease, reduced semen volume, reduction of the size of the penis, genital numbness and lowered sex drive.  Unlike many drug side effects that stop once a drug is discontinued, the side effects of finasteride that affect the male reproductive system appear to be permanent and do not go away after the drug no longer is taken.  In addition, there are other categories of lawsuits being processed due to the mounting evidence that it also causes depression, anxiety, “brain fog”, memory problems, comprehension issues, reduced exercise tolerance, weight gain, and muscle and joint aches.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has ordered Merck & Co. to revise its labeling of Propecia in recognition of the growing body of complaints that the side effects of this drug appear to cause permanent sexual dysfunction long after it is no longer being taken.  Most disturbing it seems is that the FDA acknowledges that new side effects and complaints against finasteride are being reported over time, creating a new medical condition now called the Post-Finasteride Syndrome.

Please see, Another case of Propecia and Peyronie’s disease.

Your urologist was not negligent or wrong in prescribing Proscar for your prostate enlargement because the FDA has not officially stated that finasteride causes Peyronie's disease or aggravates established cases of PD.  All of these claims are being studied and evaluated to determine if the association between the drug and the side effect are real or merely coincidence.  While the FDA might take perhaps a few years to reach an official conclusion, and your urologist can still prescribe this medication, you must decide if you wish to take it.

Just a few weeks ago I worked with a man in his late-40s who took Propecia (finasteride) for his thinning hair problem.   He was on it for perhaps a few months when he developed many unusual problems of skin eruptions, anxiety, forgetfulness and weight gain.  A few months later he developed severe erectile dysfunction (ED) and a curved penis.  His doctor denied any connection or association between his patient taking finasteride and these health problems that started after taking the drug.   In the face of all the information and evidence that is developing about this drug, I told him that his MD was not being honest because he was trying to protect himself from a possible law suit.  You must assume that an MD who prescribes a drug knows about its growing history of drug side effects.  The MD must make a decision:  Do I prescribe this drug knowing that it is getting a lot of bad reports of side effects and the drug maker is drowning in law suits, or do I continue to use it because the FDA has not pulled it from the market?  It seems to me that MDs play with fire, but it is their patients who get burned while the MD is protected by a good lawyer!

The problem this 40 year old fellow was having as he worked to reduce his Peyronie's scar, was that his response was very irregular and very slow.  Some days the scar was softer and smaller, and other days it would return to its previous density and size; some days the curved penis was straighter and other days it was not.  He was getting very discouraged.  I later learned that he was also taking a beta-blocker drug for high blood pressure, long known to cause PD.  Apparently this double-whammy of two drugs that cause Peyronie's disease was the basis of his slow and unusual response to his aggressive PDI treatment plan.   

Perhaps you should consider that some of the other drugs you are currently taking for different health issues might also contribute negatively against your Peyronie's disease.  For information along this line, please see Could these drugs be the cause of my Peyronie’s disease?  

I cannot answer your question if Proscar will affect your Peyronie's disease in any way.  My guess is that if it is possible for  finasteride to cause Peyronies disease, it would be possible to make an existing case of PD a bit worse and it might also be possible for it to make recovery all the more difficult as I work to reverse the problem with a PDI plan. 

To my way of thinking, being a very conservative person in these areas related to health and well being, I would talk to my urologist.  I would  learn if there are options to explore;  if there is an enlarged prostate drug that does not carry the possible side effect of causing all these different urinary symptoms that could be used as a substitute for Proscar.  If I had an enlarged prostate and I had Peyronie's disease, I would not take Proscar.  I strongly advise that you should do what you and your urologist decide to do.  TRH


What Peyronie's treatment plan would you recommend for me with an enlarged prostate?

I have used your basic plan in 2010 and after that I discontinued since I was able to get erections and intercourse was not painful. Later I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate but PSA is normal. Now I have irritating and burning pain after ejaculation for many hours and my penis appears to become short although the curvature is not significant. The amount of semen is also very little. I am 47 years old. Never used Viagra or any other enhancing drugs.

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I am deficient on Vitamin D and taking an Omega supplement which also has Vitamin E.   What plan you would recommend for me and can you provide me details of medication in each plan. It was listed in this site but could not find now.

R Venkat

Greetings R,

I suspect that you did not correctly or completely finish your course of initial care and that this is the reason some of your symptoms of small curvature has come back.  Since you discontinued care because your erections improved and intercourse was no longer painful, I suspect you made a fundamental mistake in understanding how the PDI treatment should be used.   It appears to me you did not monitor the condition of your scar in terms of reduction of the size, shape, density and surface features of your Peyronie's disease scar to know for a fact that your true problem was gone.  While it is good your pain improved and your erection quality improved, that is not a good way to determine success or failure in treatment.  I also suspect that you got a small reduction of your scar (enough to make intercourse less painful and erections stronger) but that there was more work left to be done to reduce the scar further that you did not do.

Many of your current complaints could be due to the prostate enlargement you mention; you should discuss this with your doctor.  For this I suggest that in addition to using the medication he has prescribed for you, that you consider using multiple vitamin supplement that will supply all the nutrients that you need for your general health, plus special nutrition and herbal support for the prostate gland; it is called Prosta-Support.   Additionally, it would be good for you to talk to your doctor about performing a simple and economical prostate massage on yourself a few times a week using the Aneros prostate massager.

You should consider using at least a medium Peyronies treatment plan, and even a large Peyronie's treatment plan if it is in your budget because it is larger and more diverse, to help your body completely eliminate the remainder of your Peyronie's scar.  TRH


Aneros purchase guide for Prostate Massage

Prostate milking for BPH, enlarged prostate and prostatitis

Deciding which Aneros model to choose is easier when you remember that they are all designed to do the same two things – prostatic massage and orgasm pleasure enhancement – but one model may be more effective than another because of overall body size, prostate size and shape, strength of PD muscles and ability to control contractions, pelvic contours, ability to relax during Aneros use, etc.   In this way the Aneros provides a wonderfully therapeutic prostate milking massage that greatly helps recovery from BPH and chronic prostatitis, as well as reduction of prostate symptoms  in men over 40.

All five Aneros prostate massager devices rely upon a patented, hands-free design that uses the contraction of the anal muscles to control the prostate massage in a controlled, safe and pleasant action.  While each model has the same general design idea, close inspection shows each has its own unique shape and size that determines how it performs.  Some are slightly larger, and some have more subtle curves here and there.

Click here to purchase an Aneros prostatic massager – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Aneros devices.

It is important to understand that each Aneros unit – Helix, MGX, SGX, Maximus and Eupho – works the way it does because of its overall design, not just because of one characteristic.  Size is not the most important characteristic of any one unit (bigger is not necessarily better), nor is shape.   Each model will be described and general comments will be offered about the performance quality of each.  With this information you can develop an idea which mode will work well for you.

It can be safely said that most men can use most Aneros prostate massagers; one or two might feel more comfortable than one or two others, but most models could be used with no problem.  There are no strict rules that dictate which model would suit a man better than another.  The idea that there is a “best” model of Aneros is not generally true.  The idea that there is a model you prefer more than others – your “favorite” – because its subtle difference fits your body better than others is closer to the truth of it.

To massage the prostate well, improve pelvic muscle tone

The Aneros will work better as a prostate massager if the lower pelvic PC muscles are strong and can be controlled well to push the device against the prostate. If you feel nothing happening when you have your prostate massager in place, it will be because your pelvic muscles are not strong enough; with continued use you will begin to feel a pleasant and sexual feeling during use that will tell you that you are getting stronger. The more you use the Aneros, regardless of which model you select, the better the prostate massage and sexual stimulation will be.  Continued use and practice pays off over time, as you learn how your body reacts to the Aneros depending on body posture while using it, comfort level and your mindset.

Read about each model before making a decision.

Aneros MGX – for beginner and all men       Aneros MGX

The Aneros MGX is a medically researched and designed to slide and rock over the surface of the prostate gland as the anal sphincter muscles slowly contract and relax.  The MGX is well balanced with a ribbed stem for prostate stimulation and stability

It is designed to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that moves lymphatic fluid out of the prostate as well as increase blood flow in this region, thus assisting the natural healing ability of the body, as well as creates male orgasms.  It has a standard ample perineum tab to provide an external prostate massage through the perineum.

A good choice for the novice and a favorite of the advanced user, with continued use and improved muscle action it provides a progressively great prostate massage.
•  For beginning and experienced users
•  Ribbed stem
•  Standard perineum tab
•  Polished to hold lubricant for better movement
•  Sue Johanson's Top 10 Toys of 2003
•  One of Playgirl Magazine sex columnist's two favorite toys for men.

All Aneros models are made in the USA from FDA approved materials.

Aneros SGX for beginner and all men, especially those men shorter than 5’6”    Aneros SGX

The SGX is the smallest Aneros model, originally developed for the Asian market and geared toward men 5’6” and shorter.  The insertion length of the SGX measures approximately 1/2 inch shorter ( a total of 3½ inches) than the MGX.  So do not be fooled to think that there is a huge sixe difference in these units.  Even so, its smaller size makes for easier insertion and use, and progressively rewarding symptom relief and improved sexual experiences.

However, this smaller unit might be a good starter model for those men who want to be conservative due to apprehensive about prostate stimulation.

Do not be confused about size of the different Aneros units.  Many times it happens that a short and smallish man prefers a larger Aneros device and a tall and large man prefers a smaller Aneros unit like the SGX; all size men can use all size Aneros massagers.  Ability to relax the anal muscles probably has more to do with the size of the device that a man will prefer to use.

The Aneros SGX is for men of all experience levels.   Men who receive good results from the SGX sometimes try a slightly larger model to see if their positive results might not increase.

The Aneros SGX, like its cousin the MGX, has a balanced head and ribbed stem with a thick, standard perineum tab.

• Great for prostate health, especially BPH
• For beginning users
• Smaller cousin of the MGX
• Ribbed stem for stability
• Standard perineum tab

Aneros Helix – for beginner and all men; tends to be the most effective model for prostate massage for most men        Aneros Helix

The best-selling Aneros Helix is part of the Next-Generation line (includes the Maximus and Eupho models.)  The Helix is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It has a large, bulbous head and thin-angled stem for greater pivoting action. The tip of the head is also flatter, offering the most direct contact on the prostate, resulting in a more "aggressive" or vigorous prostate massage.

The Helix was designed based on research studies and user feedback surveys, and earned several additional design patents.  In terms of dimensions, the Helix is larger at the tip (1 1/16" versus 7/8 " on the MGX) and is more angled to provide a more vigorous massage. However, the mid-ridge is slightly smaller (1/16" smaller) on the Helix.  The redesigned P-Tab provides a more focused external prostate stimulation when massaging the perineum.

• For adventurous beginners and advanced users
• Next generation model
• Larger bulbous head with flat, wide head for more contact with prostate
• Strong angled stem for greater pivoting ability
• Dime perineum tab

Click here to purchase an Aneros prostatic massager – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Aneros devices

Aneros Maximus – for Intermediate to advanced users       
Aneros Maximus

The Aneros Maximus is definitely true to its name.  It has a larger contact head, larger stem, and thick, standard perineum tab.  It is recommended for the advanced Aneros user and for men experienced with anal play, and is popular in the gay community.   The Maximus is similar in shape to the MGX and SGX, but expanded throughout.

The Maximus is part of Next-Generation line which includes the Helix and Eupho.  Its size makes it more difficult to insert and moves less than the other models.  Experienced Aneros users will have higher developed PC muscles, which makes it easier for the Maximus to move.  It provides greater pressure throughout the rectum and this makes it slightly more difficult to insert due to its size.  The Maximus has been reported to be a great performer during traditional intercourse.  Therefore we recommend the Maximus for men who are experienced with anal and prostate stimulation.

• Next-Generation Model
• Largest Next-Generation model
• Extra girth provides more anal canal stimulation
• Requires stronger PC sphincter muscles
• Great for prostate health

Aneros Eupho – for Advanced users       
Aneros Eupho

The delicately shaped Aneros Eupho is the most advanced model, at least based on the most number of patents it holds. It is recommended only for advanced Aneros users. It is proportionally the longest and slimmest model. It has a dime-style perineum tab and extremely thin head. These design features allow for the greatest movement of all Anderos models.  Therefore, the Eupho user must have highly developed PC muscles to control its movement. The thin head will “skip and dance” around the prostate during use, creating subtler sensations than other models.

This model of Aneros stimulator was not designed as much for prostate massage benefits, but for intense sexual stimulation.

Due to its advanced design, the Aneros Eupho is best reserved for experienced users who have developed their technique through experience and exercise with other models.

• Next-Generation Model
• Most delicate, agile and advanced model
• Thin stem requires strong PC sphincter muscles
• Dime perineum tab
• Polished to hold lubricant for better movement

Aneros Progasm – for Intermediate to Advanced users

The Aneros Progasm is the newest and largest member of the Aneros family.  It was created due to  popular demand for an even larger model than the Maximus. The result is a large model that can move easily because it is still agile due to design features.  It has a newly designed round perineum tab and also boasts a Kundalini "K-Tab." The "K-Tab" adds sensations up and down your back that are complementary to the sensations from the prostate.

Mobility of each Aneros model is achieved through PC muscle contraction and relaxation is the key to success for prostate massage and sexual stimulus.  Despite that it is the largest of the Aneros units, the Progasm moves inside the man's body to provide a robust prostate massage for incredible pleasure.

• For advanced and experienced users
• Largest Aneros model, but is very mobile
• Round perineum tab design
• Kundalini "K-Tab" provides additional sensations