Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Heat

Hot packs are a good Peyronie's treatment

Even though you follow a good Peyronie’s disease treatment program based  current scientific knowledge of biochemistry and physiology, many men overlook a very effective therapy that is essentially free.

Heat – moist heat – can be incorporated in every Alternative Medicine Peyronies plan, especially those that use external therapies.  I am currently coaching a few MDs about treatment of their Peyronie’s disease plaque and fibrin that it contains; I can see a few of them roll their eyes when they read this.  Imagine, using moist heat for Peyronie’s disease – isn’t that cute.  Many people would probably not even consider using because it seems too low-tech, too simple, too basic, too dumb, to be of any  value.  Yet, I used it and so do a lot of the men I work with about their treatment plans.  Moist heat should be an important part of your Peyronie’s disease treatment plan.

Applying moist heat before and after using the combination of DMSO, topical vitamin E, and the copper peptide serum makes a lot of sense.  The heat dilates the blood vessels of the area and causes greater absorption of these three therapies into the tissue of the Peyronies plaque. Use moist heat on you penis if you are going to be doing any kind of external therapy.  For that matter, even if all you are doing are internal therapies of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, moist heat is still a good inexpensive therapy to do every day, all by itself.

Moist heat applied before other therapies (DMSO, copper peptides, vitamin E oil) will give them an extra advantage.  If you precede most any external therapy (or sexual activity) with moist heat you will bring extra blood to the genital area.  The additional blood flow and increased lymphatic drainage that occurs will allow other therapies to penetrate deeper and expand the tissue more fully.   In addition, you can also apply more moist heat after any or all of your therapies.  Moist heat will assure a better therapeutic response.

An element of potential danger is present when you apply heat to the delicate tissue of the genital area.  You must be very careful the heat is not too great and that you do not fall asleep with the heat being applied.  If you have a fair complexion, or have a history of burning easily, take extra steps to protect yourself from injury.  It is important that you check your skin frequently to assure you are not burning yourself.  If you use common sense and care with the process, there should be little problem.

Here is an excerpt from my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”:

"A hot shower is generally not effective because the heat is applied in such a broad area that much additional blood cannot be sent over the entire body surface.  You will not experience the degree of increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage as when the heat is focused to a smaller and more specific area.

To do this properly, prepare three towels:

The first is used to cover the surface you will be sitting or laying on.

The second should be a large clean towel.  Soak it water as hot as you can stand to handle.  Wring the towel out as completely as you can, so that it is not dripping excess water.  Lie down in a comfortable position on top of the dry towel.  Apply the large hot moist towel to the genital area for 5-15 minutes, with special attention to covering and wrapping specifically around the penis, being careful not to burn yourself.

The third is a towel to cover and insulate the moist towel to keep it as hot as you can stand, for as long as possible.

The first time you do this, PLEASE check yourself after the first few minutes and check yourself again five minutes after the first check, to assure that you are not burning your tender genital tissue.  If it should happen, because that is the nature of accidents, use:

1.      Ice pack to the area for 20 minutes only, no more. After 20 minutes the response of the body to the ice changes, and the tissue begins to swell and favor retention of inflammatory by-products.   Do this twice the first day and then daily until you are no longer in pain.

2.      Neosporin topical ointment applied to the area of injury according to package instructions.  Keep the area clean and covered with sterile gauze.

3.      Aloe vera gel applied to the area will speed healing.

4.      Determine what you did wrong with the heat; don’t do it again, because you will be using moist heat again in a slightly different manner, as it is still a good thing to do.  Adjust and modify your technique so you will not burn yourself again.

At the conclusion of the moist heat application you should be nicely red – only.  You should not feel like you are sore to the touch after using the hot towel.  If possible, keep the hot moist towel in place while doing other therapy; apply moist heat while doing DMSO, copper peptide, and vitamin E Peyronie's treatment, or soft tissue massage to the lower pelvis.

"As a very nice option, you can also simply use a hot water bottle wrapped with a moist towel to the genital when you go to bed, or simply put it in place if you are going to be sitting for a long time in front of the TV, your computer or even your car.  Or, you can even put a half or full cup of rice in an old sock, tie off the open end, and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to make a handy reusable heating method for your problem area.  Every little bit helps."

Do not underestimate the value of moist heat applied to the penis to speed up healing – it might seem old-fashioned, but it works wonders.  Do it!

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