Peyronie’s Disease and Phimosis

Phimosis treatment and Peyronie’s disease

There is a lot of discussion these days about how the sellers of the mechanical penis stretchers say they can be used for treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Any reader of this forum knows that PDI has taken a position against these awkward mechanical devices because of countless conversations and emails from men who report to PDI that these stretchers have actually caused their PD or worsened the PD problem if it was already present.

There is another way to that is better and safer to correct the distortion and bent penis of PD. It is to use the PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique © instruction CD to actually make significant improvement in the curved penis that is caused by the Peyronie’s plaque. For confirmation how this might work for Peyronies disease, one has only to look at how the medical profession advises a man to help himself when he has a condition of the penis called phimosis.

Phimosis is a fairly common condition of the penis in which the prepuce or foreskin is too tight or small for it to be completely pulled back or retracted over the head of the penis. Most of the time this condition is detected in early childhood, but sometimes persists into adulthood. In the adult with phimosis, since the foreskin cannot be easily pulled back over the head, oil and dead tissue cells collect between the head and foreskin and results in the collection of a smelly white cheese-like accumulation called smegma. During sexual activity the skin can become irritated and painful because of the forced friction and movement of the otherwise tigh

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t skin. To correct this problem the medical profession has a simple solution that should be kept in mind by anyone with Peyronie’s disease.

Phimosis treatment shows how to manage Peyronie’s disease

There are two basic ways to stretch the foreskin or prepuce when phimosis is present:

  1. Gently pull back on the foreskin when erect, so that its opening feels tight around the head without feeling real pain. Hold this position for a few minutes, and repeat a few times at one session. Do a few sessions per day. This stretching can be made easier if you first soak in a warm bath.
  2. Gently pull the foreskin forward over the head to create extra tissue in front of the head. Then, with the foreskin forward and the two little fingertips inserted into the foreskin opening, hold each side of the foreskin further open and gently pull out and away on each side of the opening you have created so that the opening is larger than usual. Continue stretching the opening with the tips of the little finger until it feels like you have stretched it to a comfortable limit and is never painful. Hold for a few minutes and repeat a few times during a session. This is also done best after soaking in a warm bath for a few minutes.

Continue stretching the prepuce or foreskin for a while longer once you develop to the diameter foreskin opening you want.

Peyronie’s treatment can also be done by stretching that should be easy, gentle and done in a relatively short time. Heavy weights, tight clamps that abuse the tissue, and months of treatment are not necessary. All of this is best accomplished with the PDI Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique ©.