How can I correct a congenital penis curvature?

Hi, i have had this problem. My penis are bent to the left and i have no pain or stress when i do the self ejaculation. But i am in a big confuse that i can marry or not? Its happen by born. What i do to get rid from it?


If your penis has been bent to the left since birth, it is not likely you have Peyronie's disease.  You probably have what we call a congenital penis curvature, or a small variation of your body that makes you different from other men.  

You ask if you should marry.  I do not know the answer to that question.  I also do not know if your penis is bent too much for you to be unable to complete the sex act. 

Keep in mind that when a woman has sufficient sexual stimulation her vaginal muscles will relax greatly, and she will produce a significant amount of lubrication.  As a result she will be able to open her vagina to allow entry of even a bent penis.  In your case, it all depends on how much you are bent and how much she can accommodate to allow entry.  That is something you will not be able to answer until you try.  

You ask how to get rid of your problem.  Many men with a congenital penis curvature have used the Peyronie's Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method to reduce their curvature.  Although the method I developed was designed and researched to be used for Peyronies treatment, it apparently also helps me born with a bent penis. Again, you will not know if or how much this will help you until you try.  TRH

How can I get on the offensive after penis fracture surgery?

Hi doctor,          

How can I get on the offensive after penis fracture surgery I had two months ago. I don't acquire any scar tissue that could result in Peyronie's disease.  Is there anything you can recommend for me so soon after surgery that might help me prevent excess scar tissue from forming?  James

Greetings James, 

I suggest you consider using a PDI small plan along with Omega T in your situation to assist your tissue to heal with minimal scarring. With this approach you will supply many of the basic nutrients to your tissue  to heal your injury in this way.  At least you will have assurance that you will reduce the degree of damage if in fact some scar develops.  TRH



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