Is hyperbaric treatment for my Peyronies worth doing?

I am considering hyperbaric treatment for my Peyronies. Is this something that would be worth the time and money?


Thank you for the interesting question.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or hyperbaric medicine is the medical use of oxygen when delivered to tissue a higher than normal atmospheric pressure.  To do this a flexible or rigid pressure chamber is used to deliver 100% oxygen (air typically has 21% oxygen to all or part of the body. 

Use of hyperbaric treatment is usually limited to those diseases that would benefit from greater than normal oxygen saturation in the tissue (stoke, air embolism, massive compression injury, bone marrow disease, etc.)  I do not see the possible association to Peyronie's disease treatment.   

Insurance reimbursement for this procedure would not be covered for Peyronie's disease, so the cost would have to be paid personally.  Since you did not say what the costs might be or time time involved in such treatment, i have no idea if it would be worth the time or money.

With so many various Peyronie's disease treatments around that have direct research behind them and a track record of success when used as PDI suggests, why would you want to experiment with this treatment?