Why didn’t the first skin graft take?

I had peyronie's surgery back on 19 Sept 11.  My urologist removed two large masses which he told me was scar tissue. He also said he repaired the areas with grafts. It has been almost two month now and I have a 1 1/2 x 2" open wound on the shaft of my penis. I continue to keep it clean and bandaged but it does not seem to be healing. I've been told by another urologist that I need another skin graft. 

Unfortuntatetly I'm currently depolyed to Afghanistan and not scheduled to return until June.    Why didn't the first skin graft take?   Is there a risk in waiting until I return back to the states?




Greetings Tony,

Thank your, sir, for standing tall and strong to protect the freedom we all enjoy.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your brave comrades.   

There are several possible reasons why your post-surgical wound is not healing, that you should have your doctor explore for you:  diabetes, reduced local circulation, poor wound care, heavy aspirin usage, compromised immune system and poor nutrition.  Any of these can contribute to this situation and perhaps others if someone takes a close look at you. 

The complication rate for Peyronie's disease surgery is higher than for many other types of surgery.   This is why I always strongly encourage men to do whatever they can to avoid this radical option until all conservative options have been explored.   

The sooner you begin your healing and wound closing the better.   If no one seems to be listening to your problem, I  suggest you contact your home town congressman to work to get you some help and attention.     TRH