I was injured by rough masturbation, and now I have a bent penis. Will I be able to have sex with my girlfriend?

I am 21 year old and i used to masturbate for the last four years until I developed a bent penis.  My penis head is not covered by skin and its by birth, not from circumcision. About 2 years back i found that masturbating on the bed is more exiting than by hand for me and due to that one day i slightly bent my penis and had a slight pain in the middle of the penis.  But that didn't bother me too much so i masturbated like that regularly.  My question is this now. For the last 6 months that have passed i realized that i was doing it in the wrong way and that i have hurt my penis,  and i discovered I have a bent penis with a bend in the middle of the penis on the left side, but i don't have any pain in erections now.  i used to masturbate with my hands 2 times a week.  There is no difficulty in ejaculation and pain in erection,and yaa doc. One more thing when half erected it bents downward easily and not upward as its tight some time i had seen hour glass shape when its not erect and i m still a virgin, and very upset with my peyronie condition.  Can it become straight again?  Can i be able to have sex ever with my girlfriend?  i am too much depressed. sir plz help me…its very important for me……

Greetings young man,

Rough or unusual masturbation practices can injure the penis, especially when repeated many times, and can lead to Peyronie's disease. Please read I am 19 years old and I need your help with a curved penis after rough masturbation

A bent penis and an hourglass shape indicate you could have Peyronie's disease.  However, your young age, lack of pain, and the fact that you do not mention a lump or knot of tissue under the surface of the penis indicates that you might not have Peyronie's disease at all.  At this time, you are only thinking it is PD, and maybe it is not.  First things first.  You should go see a doctor who specializes in this kind of problem, a urologist, who can tell you definitely one way or the other if you have Peyronie's disease.   

If you have Peyronies disease then you can discuss with the doctor the best way to proceed to help yourself.  At your young age, and having relatively mild symptoms,  I suggest that you be extremely reluctant to allow yourself to be talked into surgery.  It might eventually be necessary, but I would offer to you that it only be done as a last resort after you exhaust all possible conservative Peyronie's treatment measures that would help your body to cure any Peyronie's plaque you might have at this time.      

Many men continue to have sex in spite of having Peyronie's disease, even with a bent penis.  It depends on how badly it is curved and where it affects the penis. All is not lost.  But you need to learn more about this problem and change how you masturbate.  Please read Peyronie's disease and masturbation.

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I suggest that you read and learn about natural ways to help your body eliminate the Peyronie's problem, and reverse your bent penis, if it turns out that is what is going on with you.  Please let me know what you learn and what you decide to do.  TRH   


Do you think masturbation in childhood may lead to Peyronies later in life?

Dr. Herazy,

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I have a personal interest in Peyronie's disease. At about 70 years of age I developed what was diagnosed as a true case of Peyronies. Prior to that I had no particular problem having multiple partners and three wives resulting in four offspring. The true signs of Peyronies were of rather rapid onset, over a period of a few months. My Urologist suggested Topical application of Verapamil creme which I used for approximately six months to no avail. I experienced no pain and my wife and I continued to have pleasurable sexual experiences.

The architecture of my penis varied over a period of time. It was and is noticeably curved to the left. The Glans was small but has subsequently achieved normal architecture.  The curvature and a shortening of two inches prevails. (From a true 6″ to about 4).

I am now 81 years and seldom achieve orgasm and then only after prolonged oral and manual stimulation with adequate lubrication.

However my question and interest is regarding the “natural” curvature of the penis. I started masturbation at age 13 and as I recall my underdeveloped penis was relatively straight. However as length and maturity developed a definite but slight (10 Deg.) curvature to the left seemed to develop. This conformed to the natural curvature of my right hand which was the one used to masturbate. This continued until my full adult development and remained so for many years. Other than a marked curvature the symptoms presented no problems.

My thesis is that as the penis develops during adolescence the bend will be the result of the constant “abuse” of the organ during frequent masturbation. A nurse friend and lover of mine use to joke she could tell the left handed males from the right by the deviation of the penis. I have observed many males with straight penises and I am sure their masturbating habits were as common as mine.
Do you think that this may lead to Peyronies later in life.  Review of the literature reveals little information specifically relating to this issue.



Greetings Doctor,

You are correct, there is no specific reference in the literature in regard to this particular, and somewhat common, question about repeated masturbation altering the shape of the penile shaft to conform to the hand that is habitually used.  There is also nothing noted in the literature tying Peyronie's disease and masturbation together.

I believe the reason there is so little interest to investigate the thesis is that it is rather implausible and has no evidence of occurrence in related or similar scenarios.  By this I mean if we take an approximately similar situation of a 13 year old boy who does something with approximately the same level of frequency or habituation as you or the average boy would masturbate, I cannot think of one example in which the body would be deformed or adapt to the repeated physical contact he would experience.

Giving this a few minutes thought, it seems to me that the best general area in which to explore or consider something like what you are suggesting would be in the area of sports or farm work, since it is common for 13 year old boys to be so engaged and to continue to be engaged in sport and farm work activities for many years thereafter.  Not only would the sport or farm activity start at this early age, and continue for many years subsequently, but it would typically be performed at a frequency similar or greater than such a boy would masturbate.  For example, a 13 year old boy growing up on a dairy farm would be obligated to milk cows twice a day, pitch hay daily, scoop manure several times a week and many other repetitious and physically demanding duties that significantly impact his developing body.  Yet, no deformity of the hands or upper body develops as a result of his work, other than the development of callus tissue on the hands which is only temporary.  

History does not report that when children during the Industrial Revolution were put into servitude at the age of 5 or 6 to work 10 hours a day 6 days a week that their bodies were in anyway significantly or predictably misshapen by contact with machines or tools they used.

Come to think of it, I have worn a belt snugly around my waist since 5 years of age or earlier yet I do not have an indentation to conform 8-12 hours of compression for a life time.     

What you ask about is a common idea, but I do not see evidence to support it.  TRH 


Is a rubbery ring after masturbation an early case of Peyronie’s disease?

After some vigorous masturbation I felt like my penis had puffed up around the circumference so I stopped. That very day I noticed this had made a very soft and rubbery circle (and another half circle as well), encircling my penis, (prominent mostly on the sides) almost like I squeezed it too hard.

I’ve had no pain except for the discomfort that one time masturbating, all seems well now. And I have no curvature etc..

It is not noticeable when completely flaccid. but during a semi erection (when the penis is soft but still somewhat engorged) I can see a “ring” under the skin around the shaft. It is not movable with the veins

Anyways, I have had this for 2 weeks… I have no pain or erect curvature. Great erections… Just this thin soft/rubbery thin stringy thing that isn’t hard or obstructive.

Do I have Peyronies disease? Does it ever present this way early on?



No, not much of what you describe sounds to me like early Peyronies disease.   It sounds like not much more than some inflamed and swollen tissue that should clear up in a short while.  If it does not start clearing up soon, say in another two weeks, I suggest you have it looked at by a urologist.  

However, let me put you  on notice, my friend, that any masturbation technique that is aggressive enough to cause that kind of tissue swelling and inflammation two weeks later might just as easily have caused Peyronie’s disease. In this sense I think you were lucky this time.  But, you might not be so lucky next time.  I have a feeling that you masturbate with some frequency, and perhaps even with some degree of aggressiveness.  This might be the reason your rubbery ring has persisted; I suspect you are continuing to masturbate  even though you have this bruised tissue ring problem.  While it is not my intention to tell you to stop masturbating, I definitely do want to caution you that you should reconsider how you are masturbating (and how often, since this gets back to the issue of being abusive to the delicate tissue of the penis shaft. 

Please lighten up and enjoy a slower and more gentle experience.  Peyronie’s disease is a terrible thing to happen to a guy.  You do not want to be the man who brought it on himself in this way.   

For additional information please see Is there a connection between masturbation and Peyronie’s disease? and Can masturbation cause Peyronie’s disease?  and  Is it beneficial to achieve erection and masturbate in the early stages of Peyronies disease?   TRH


I am 19 years old and I need your help with a curved penis after rough masturbation

From the time when I was 11, I used to masturbate, and several times after masturbation, I pulled my penis so hard that I heard a kind of sound from end of my penis.

Another bad habit I had was the wrong way of masturbation. I used to bring my legs closed to each other and then moving or inserting the erected penis between the two legs. After a short time I saw that my penis is curved, narrowing form its end where a kind of line like rupture and weakness is seen.

Now when I get erection, I lose it and get back soon, it can’t stand erect which makes me unable to achieve penetration. Although, I have erection, but it can not be maintained.  While having intercourse it curves down from its end I mean the place where it is weak and narrowing. And also I think I ejaculate very quickly.

What should I do? I need your help!

In our area we don’t have experienced doctors, so please help me. Now I am 19 years old, the age when I lost self-confidence and seeking for help.  I need your help, Please! Help me !!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Yes, you do need help.  You need more help than I can offer here to sort out what has happened to you over the years due to your rough masturbation practices.  It is fairly common for Peyronie’s disease and masturbation to be related to each other simply due to repeated injury. 

In your case, the first thing you need to do is to get a complete urological examination even if you have to go outside your area, so you and I can both be certain you have Peyronies.   If you have not told your parents, or an adult in your family, about your problem you should do so now if you can do so comfortably and without concern for reprisal.

If you feel embarrassed talking to a family member about what is going on with you, then simply tell them, “I have pain in my private parts and I do not know why.”  That story will protect your privacy, make you feel comfortable that you are not saying more than you want to say, yet it will also let an adult know you re in trouble and need medical care.   If that adult wants to go into the exam room just tell them that you feel embarrassed and that you would prefer to go in alone. Once you get to the doctors office you can get a lot more specific and accurate so the doctor will know what to do with you.

There are very strict HIPPA laws in place today that will protect your privacy as an adult. This way no one from the family needs to know what is going on, but you can get the diagnosis you need.

You may or may not have Peyronie’s disease.  I cannot tell you what is going on from the limited information you provided.

If it turns out that you do have Peyronie’s disease you must keep in mind that many boys and men have made the same mistake you have made by masturbating too aggressively; you are not alone in this problem.  You need to learn how to achieve orgasm while using gentle and pleasant self stimulation. If you need help along this line, please let me know and I will guide you to appropriate resources.

Let me know how it goes for you.  If your parents want to use Alternative Medicine to treat your problem, contact me again and we can work together.  TRH

Is it beneficial to achieve erection and masturbate in the early stages of Peyronies disease?

Dr. Herazy,

I spoke with you on the phone this evening, Friday May 11th.  I sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  Much appreciated.  I will be ordering your book as my first step.

If I operate under the assumption that my situation is in fact Peyronie's disease, it would be safe to assume since my symptoms of curvature and pain started about a month ago that I am in the initial stages of the syndrome.   I have two questions for you:

1. Is it beneficial to achieve erection and masturbate in this stage? My thought is that this may have some benefit in protecting from scarring, similar to prescribed rehab after a knee surgery. In that example the patient manipulates the joint frequently to break up formed and forming scar tissue. Would this be useful?

2. Do you recommend or discourage the use of Viagra and the other similar drugs in this period?  Could they help or hurt healing?

Thanks again for your time.  I will keep you posted!

R. Brown


Greetings R.

As you recall, I mentioned that there are often many irregularities and inconsistencies in the way Peyronies disease will present itself; it is rare to find someone with a classic text book presentation.  Since your particular symptoms and history does not strongly suggest that you have PD, and only a few a small part that does, I suggest you consult with a second urologist to confirm one way or the other your actual diagnosis. 

That masturbation might be beneficial for Peyronies' disease because exercise of joint after surgery is a standard therapy, is a flawed comparison.  What you are proposing would not be much different than watching movies after eye surgery, smelling flowers after nose surgery or listening to music after ear surgery.   In Peyronie's disease the lesion or problematic tissue is relatively passive or non-functional relative to sexual activity.  Even though  it is obviously the  primary structure that is involved in sexual activity and it certainly gets involved, in my opinion there is limited and minimal direct therapeutic benefit to masturbation for Peyronie's disease.   Having said that I think there is considerable secondary or indirect benefit.   Masturbation is helpful not only from an emotional basis, but also due to the increased blood circulation that occurs during any type of sexual activity.   I doubt that frequent or occasional masturbation would make a great difference to your eventual recovery, one way or the other, but if it feels good and it benefits you even a small amount then that is probably reason enough to do it. 

While exercise to rehabilitate a damaged joint and weak muscles are obviously appropriate and necessary therapy for a bony articulation that is meant to move and muscles that are meant to contract, none of this applies to the corpora cavernosa, corpora spongiosum or tunica albuginea of the penile shaft. 

If I have not stated the point clearly enough, allow me another round at it.  While there might be small and indirect benefit to masturbation if you have any stage of Peyronie's disease, I am sure the direct therapeutic benefit is only minimal.  I get the sense from your question that you had the idea you could "masturbate your way out of PD."   To the extent this is what you had hoped, the answer is no.    

All sexual activity, especially masturbation,  for a man with Peyronie's disease should be gentle, easy and non-traumatic in every way possible.  A critical part of being as gentle and easy on yourself  is to use an above average amount of personal lubrication to avoid abuse to the involved tissue.  Easy does it.  If it hurts, even a little, stop doing and never repeat whatever does not feel pleasant to you.  One of the worse things you can do for yourself would be to reduce or alter your usual and customary sexual activity simply because you have Peyronie's disease.  Many men do this, and it sets up an attitude of defeat and hopelessness that is not beneficial for eventual recover.   Go at it, sir, but be careful.

I can tell you a long list of sad stories related to me by teenage boys who developed Peyronies after injuring themselves while using rough and exotic masturbation practices; more 14 and 15 year old virgin boys than you would imagine, who will never have intercourse in their lives if they follow the standard medical advice of "do nothing until I say it is time for Peyronie's surgery."

I have written extensively about the frequent situations in which the use of the PDE5 inhibitor drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) can precipitate injury to the delicate tunica albuginea of the shaft and lead to Peyronie's disease.  You can search the archives for these articles, but a few are "Peyronie's disease plaque, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and blood supply" and "Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra use with Peyronie's disease," and" Viagra Peyronie's disease connection."

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way.  TRH

Is there a connection between masturbation and Peyronie’s disease?

My penis curves to the left and over the past 2 years I have become extremely self conscious about it after hearing the word "crooked" from a girl who's had nothing but perfectly straight penises. I've always told girls "the majority of men have a curve" because I remember reading that somewhere (i guess it was written by a guy with a curve.)

'm trying to figure out if I actually have Peyronie's and if so, where my scar is…I can think of a couple things that may have caused it but I'm not sure exactly.

For one, I've always been able to "pop" or "crack" my penis. Ever since I was young I remember waking up in the AM with morning wood and pressing on my penis (into my body or scrotum) and it feeling amazing with this popping sensation. I've read recently this can cause damage but it never hurt.

Also, as embarrassing as this is, I was young an ignorant and accidentally caught my penis in a vacuum cleaner at around 10 years old about a year short of learning about masturbation. It actually felt good and became a habit. I was actually ejaculating before I even knew what it meant.

I don't recall any pain or injury. I do recall one day the skin just below my head being really puffy as if the suction may have pulled the skin from my whole shaft towards my head underneath. I did not feel pain from this either but this situation made me drop this habit (especially as I started to learn about mastubation)

I've also always masturbated with my right hand. I've heard back and forths about this actually having an effect, but I've also read plenty from people who have claimed to straighten their penises out my using the opposite hand.

It seems like there are plenty of factors here that could cause this terrible issue but could it be congenial?

I never experience any erection pain. My head is extremely sensitive,specifically after ejaculation so I may have done some nerve damage there. (also obviously during sex with the curve to the left the head is always rubbing against something making it not as enjoyable sometimes.

I don't see any visible scars however. I can tell you my perinal raphe is not lining up 100% with my corpus spongiosm. when looking down while holding my penis against my stomach, the spongiosm veers to the left and the raphe to the right.

One more issue I cant seem to find on the internet is the possibility of damage or a peyronie's scar inside the body.
I do feel some sort of tissue on the left underside of my shaft inside of my scrotum. I obviously cant see it so I'm not sure if it could be a vein or not.

Right now I'm taking Serrapeptase, PABA, Nattokinase, Krill Oil, and Acetyl L Carnitine. I'm also mixing Vit E, SSKI, PABA powder from capsule with DMSO.

Any help is much appreciated.



It is said that almost all men masturbate. I have spoken to some men who have used exotic and extreme masturbation practices.  You would be surprised at just how man boys (and men) masturbate and play with a vacuum cleaner hose.  It is not so much that you have used some of these common and not-so-common masturbation techniques, but the degree of force involved, frequency, total number of events and the details of how these things were done that may have caused actual injury.  masturbation in and of itself is not going to cause Peyronies, but if you masturbate in such a way that would cause actual physical injury.  By my guess – and that is all that it can be, because I was not there and no one has examined you to know for certain – it sounds like you were a fairly aggressive young fellow who probably sustained actual injury to the penis when you masturbated.  For this reason, while you certainly could have genetic predisposition, and you could also certainly have a congenital malformation, you also have that possibility of Pd caused by physical trauma as an explanation for you current situation.

The only way to know for sure is to go to the best urologist you can locate and have yourself examined so you will now what you are dealing with.  You can guess and guess if you want, but nothing replaces knowing. 

Your absence of pain does not mean you do not have Peyronie's disease.  Pain is not always associated with Peyronie's disease, so you can have PD and not have pain. 

The "scars" of Peyronie's disease are not like the scars you see from old injury to your knees, elbows or elsewhere.  They are internal and are best called "plaque."  You may or may not be able to locate your Peyronie's plaque by yourself, and this is yet another good reason to go to a urologist to have this done for you.  It is part of knowing what is going on. 

You bring up interesting anatomy with your commentary about your midline penile raphe  in relation to your corpus spongiosum.  I do not have the time to explain this anatomy here to other readers, but it suggests to me you have had significant prior trauma to this area and it has resulted in abnormal tension and pulling of the penile soft tissue.   This could be consistent with Peyronie's disease.

Please do not mix DMSO with other things as you are doing.  This could injure you further.   

Please see a urologist for a complete examination and diagnosis.    TRH