What is the average age for onset of Peyronies?

Greetings Dr. Ted, 

Thanks again for all the information you have provided in the past. My curve has gone from 60 degrees to less than 10 degrees.  I can't believe all this change in just 13 weeks after only getting worse for the last three years.

One more question that I have is about my age when my PD started.  I am 36 now and I got PD when I was 33.  According to most sites you read it states that occurrence typically is after age 55+, and some even say 40+.   Although I am sure there is great variation, does 33 seem young or typical given your experience?

Thanks again,


Greetings Gary,

No, 33 is not especially young to develop Peyronie's disease.  I, unfortunately, communicate with many men your age and even younger who have PD.  Last week I was involved in a lengthy discussion with a young man of 18 years who has had a diagnosed case of PD for almost two years. It does happen.

Age is less of a factor in Peyronie's disease than people would like to think, and the numbers are not absolute.  Just as you have stated that many sources report that PD usually occurs in men 40+ or 55+ or whatever age you might read, that does not mean there is a wall protecting you for the next few years if you are 37 years old.  While it is true Peyronies disease is a problem of older men, you youngsters can develop it also.  I would not put too much emphasis on that entire subject of age and PD.

The real question is now that you know you have PD, what are you going to do about it?  Let me know if I can help you tweak your plan a bit more to increase the rate of your improvement.  TRH