Average Time for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment to See Results

Peyronie's disease treatment averages

There are no averages with Peyronie’s disease.  Everything about Peyronie’s disease is up for grabs. And for sure there is no average time within which men respond to Peyronie’s disease treatment. Some men respond in a few weeks, others take months, and some not at all. There are those who email me saying they are not responding to Peyr0nie's treatment.  After questioning them,  I usually find  they made the mistake of either using a plan that is too small or not faithfully following the plan they have.  PD is a tough problem and you must be dedicated to eliminating the problem – half efforts do not work. What we propose at PDI is a concept for Peyronie's disease therapy that is not so earth shattering or extreme.  All we are doing is attempting to figure out why your PD did not correct like about 50% of the men who develop this problem.  If half of the men “cure” their own PD, why not you?  That is all we are attempting to address with our therapy concept.  It is really not so far out as some of the other things you find on the Internet. All standard medical information about PD clearly states that in half of the cases, the Peyronies “goes away on its own.”   The Peyronie’s disease treatment approach promoted by PDI is to do all that is necessary to prepare the body to heal on its own, just as it should happen, just as happens in half of the cases.   In this sense you can say that a natural Peyronie's cure is about 50% effective.   It is really not such a crazy or extreme idea.  PDI advocates that an aggressive use of multiple conservative Alternative Medicine therapies, as outlined in our website, an assist the body to heal the Peyronie's plaque or scar better than if that effort were not extended. Since 2002 it is my experience that those men who follow the largest and most aggressive therapy plan will usually get the best results.  For those interested in doing all that can be done to promote healing and repair, the “Large (Best) Plan” is designed for maximum personal treatment.  The Medium Plan is the most popular of the three plans offered by PDI. There is also a Small Plan that is well designed.  It is very common for men to substitute Neprinol in place of the two smaller products, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase in any of the plans. All can be modified to suit your thinking about therapy.

Aggressive Peyronie's treatment is usually best

Peyronie’s disease treatment must be followed aggressively and faithfully because PD is a very difficult and stubborn problem to treat successfully.  For any level of correction of the problem be prepared to spend time and effort to build up the strength of the immune response.  It can be done; I talk to men everyday who are doing it. I would be pleased to answer any specific questions you have about treatment.  I will be happy to give you the best of my thinking about what you might want to do to change the direction your problem is heading.  Simply ask a question at the end of this blog post. I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of men, some mild and some severe, some just a few months and a few more than 10 years old.  I had a pretty bad PD problem until I cured my condition using the procedures found in the book I wrote – the "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" – and the same Alternative Medicine ideas as on the website.  Success against PD is not determined by how bad the problem is at the start of care or how soon you start treatment; it seems to be determined by intensity of effort. You do not have to feel like a victim if you are working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue. Peyronie’s Disease Institute is available to offer information and suggestions for effective care.  The PDI website offers ideas and information you will not find anywhere.   If you want some help and ideas that you are not now getting, I would be pleased to help you along.

Peyronie’s treatment

Peyronie's disease treatment in detail

Since mid-2002, I have been deeply and continually involved in Peyronie's disease treatment – initially for myself, and then later for other men who have PD. All the details of my successful effort to heal my own case of Peyronie's disease using Alternative Medicine are revealed in my first book, “Peyronies' Disease Handbook."

The most popular single topic of any email question I receive from around the world concerns Peyronies treatment, naturally.  More than wanting to know about the chemistry or the physiology of Peyronie’s disease, or how to locate the Peyronie’s plaque, or names of doctors in different parts of the world, or anything else about PD, people want to know what must be done to successfully treat this terrible problem.

Many details about Peyronie’s disease treatment are found on the PDI website, in “Peyronies' Disease Handbook," and in nearly 100 issues of the Peyronies Disease Institute Newsletter.  Some days I answer more than a dozen emails from men and women who have countless questions about PD treatment.  I offer the best information I possibly can to each person. Yet, no matter how many times I present this information in a variety of formats, there remains one aspect of Peyronies treatment that many people just do not seem to understand.

Perhaps it is my fault for not stating this treatment information plainly enough, or not presenting it often enough.  Yet, somehow I feel responsible I have not found the best way to present this basic aspect of Peyronie’s disease treatment so everyone will understand this topic as well as I do.   If this is so, if all this is my fault, here is yet another attempt to make this important point about Peyronies treatment perfectly clear.

Peyronie’s disease treatment critical point

Regardless of how a person attempts to increase their immune response to eliminate the nasty Peyronie’s plaque, it is not as important how you start treatment, as it is how you progress and eventually finish your Peyronies treatment.   There are many ways to rationalize and calculate how you will go about treating your PD problem.  There are many good ways to help your body eliminate the Peyronie's scar and restore penis health.  That is the reason I have assembled three different size sample treatment plans. I have repeatedly said that these three plans can be increased or decreased in an effort to help your body heal your Peyronies.

Each day several men begin their Peyronie’s treatment with PDI in a wide variety of formats. Some of these are ultimately successful and some are ultimately unsuccessful, not because of the plan they put together at the beginning of their care, but their ability to modify, organize and apply the necessary changes to their Peyronie’s treatment plan if they do not get the kind of results they are looking for with the plan they start with.

Peyronie's treatment is like a football game

Let’s say that you are a football coach, and you have a big game coming up.  As part of your job, you rationalize and calculate how you will beat the opposing team.  You know the strengths and weaknesses of the men on your own team, and you do the best you can to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the men on the other team.  You keep in mind the weather conditions, the time of day, home team advantages, and countless statistics to eventually develop a winning strategy.  Eventually, you devise a plan to win.  The day of the big game arrives and you put your plan into action.  After a few minutes into the game you see that you have made some mistakes because none of what you planned is happening, because apparently you did not figure things out correctly.

You can do one of two basic things:

  1. You continue with the plan you started with.  You follow the basic plan that you started with because you tell yourself that your plan made sense to you before, and it should eventually work out.  You tell yourself, you must have patience with your plan.  You remind yourself that if you continue to follow your starting strategy things will sooner or later come together, your plan will begin to work, and you will eventually win.  Besides that, you do not know what else to do, so you struggle forward.
  2. You change your plan after giving it a reasonable time to work.  You eventually keep those parts of your starting strategy that seem to be working, while you change other parts of the plan that are not.  You improvise where you can, make minor and major changes if you are able, and look around for options that you might not ever have considered before.  You try different things until something works.   It is not pretty, it is not what you planned, but you take every advantage you can find during each moment of the game. Besides that, you do not know what else to do because continuing with a loosing plan does not make sense to you.

You see, my PD Warrior, Peyronie’s treatment should not be not static, although some people approach it that way.  Just because you start with one idea, one plan, does not mean you must continue with it if it does not seem to be working after a reasonable length of time.

If you start with one idea, and it seems to be working, fine, continue with it.  But if it is not working, change it.  How?  I don’t know.  But if you let me ask you a few questions and tell me about what you are doing, I know I can offer you some ideas you have never considered.  Sometimes these changes make a small difference in the progression of Peyronies treatment, and sometimes they make a huge difference.

Now, I hope this little discussion makes a difference in your effort to increase your ability to heal and repair your Peyronie’s disease.

Please comment and ask questions here if there is more that you would like to know about successful Peyronies treatment.