Is there a treatment to improve my Peyronie’s curved penis?

My pain and scar are gone.   However the curvature remains.  Is there a treatment to improve the curvature?  Thanks.


I am happy for your apparent progress over Peyronie's disease, although I think you are assuming too much. 

When you ask this kind of question it tells me that you think of your scar and curved penis as two separate things.  That is not the case.  The scar and curvature are directly related; the scar is causing the curvature, and without the scar you would not be bent.    The very best treatment, and the one that makes most sense to improve your curvature is to get rid of the cause.  In this case, the treatment to improve the curvature is to get rid of your Peyronie's scar.  

While I am sure you are correct that you have noticed reduction of your scar, and perhaps you are not even able to find your PD scar any longer, in order for your shaft to still display a curvature there still must be some remaining scar material present within the tunica albuginea.   Sometimes the scar that remains is so greatly reduced or perhaps deeper than you can easily locate, but something must be causing the penile deformity that you still exhibit.   If you did not have some Peyronie's plaque or scar still in the penis, there would be no explanation for the curvature. 

I suggest you stay on your treatment plan to get rid of your bent penis.  Perhaps vary your treatment a bit while still following the basic outline that brought you the significant reduction of the scar, so that you can totally eliminate the remainder of it and completely reverse your curvature. 

If you need help modifying your current plan to clean up the last part of your scar please send me the complete details of your current Peyronie's treatment plan and i will be happy to make a few suggestions to improve what you are doing.  TRH