Could you recommend the best way to buy a range of Peyronie’s therapy products?

Hi Dr Herazy,

I have had Peyronies for 2 or 3 years now and visited a GP who said if does not interfere then leave it but things have changed lately

I have an upwards curvature and can have sex but the penis is not hard enough and I am not able to ejaculate easily – I have no pain

I am in Australia and want to order products.  Because of freight I should get a sufficient supply- I notice you have packages but they do not contain Neprinol.  I read about and would like to order Neprinol – could you recommend the best way to buy a range of products

Also can you give me your thoughts on the use of penis extenders to correct the curvature


Paul Craig


Greetings Paul, 

Sorry to hear of your problem.

You were given the stock medical information:  “If you have Peyronie’s disease and have a curved penis that does not interfere with sex, leave it alone until it is bad enough to bother you and we can talk about penis surgery.”  In my opinion, this is bad advice because you have lost time and opportunity to do something to help yourself recover from PD.  Your Peyronies problem has slowly worsened during that time so you will now have more work to do in order to recover. 

The softness of your erection is due to the Peyronie’s scar preventing the valves in the penile veins from closing completely.   When this happens the veins cannot trap blood in the penis to engorge it with blood, and insufficient hydraulic pressure is created to develop the usual hard erection to which you have been accustomed.   The problem is not ED (please do not take ED drugs like Cialis and Viagra because they can make your Peyronie’s disease worse), but the problem is the presence of the PD scar.  The scar is acting like a foot being put in the door way and preventing the door from closing.  You need to reduce the size and density of the scar so your penile veins will be able to close once again.  

Neprinol is a wonderful product.   It contains serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain, co-enzyme Q and papain in a good ratio at a high concentration. By far, it is most popular systemic enzyme product we offer as part of any Peyronie’s disease treatment plan.

Most, if not all, of the information you will need to use Neprinol to reduce or eliminate the fibrous Peyronie’s plaque can be found at the Peyronie’s Disease Institute website. Please visit our website for additional information not only about Neprinol but diverse and synergistic group of valuable Peyronie’s therapies.

There are two reasons Neprinol has not been included in any of the three standard PDI therapy plans we offer.  It was omitted from these entry level plans due to the rather the practical consideration of not starting treatment with a potent enzyme product like Neprinol. Some men cannot handle the dumping of tissue toxins that such a concentrated enzyme product sometimes produces.   Also, there is the economic consideration.   Neprinol comes in such a large bottle (300 capsules, compared to 100 capsules of Nattokinase or Fibrozym), and the ingredients in Neprinol has 6-8 times more concentrated “functional units” of enzymes.  Therefore, it costs more initially but this is actually a better deal because of better results and the fact you would be taking fewer of them.   If Neprinol was included in any of the standard Peyronie’s disease treatment plans the higher price might discourage some men from starting treatment.  For these reasons the smaller and less concentrated Nattokinase and Fibrozym are included in the small, medium and large Peyronie’s treatment plans, to allow a man to acclimate his body to the changes these enzymes can create. 

The best way to get a diverse range of  products at the best price is to purchase any of plans you find on the PDI site.  The most popular plan is the  medium Peyronie’s treatment plan, but the one that gets best results is the large plan.   You can modify any of the plans you see, either making them smaller or larger as you choose to do so, based on your current thinking.  In your case you can also follow the basic format of the small, medium or large plan, but remove the Nattokinase and Fibrozym and replace both of them with a single bottle of Neprinol.   Your choice.

Penis extenders can hurt you, as they have injured many men to whom I have spoken.  Please read Penis Extender Claims and Peyronie’s Disease or Penis Stretchers:  Big Problem as Peyronie’s Treatment.    TRH

Is it really possible to cure Peyronie's disease?

Hi. My name is Laurynas .  i'm 49 years old from country named croatia in eastern europe, now living in the U.S.A

i have crooked penis, i've slept with four women so far, with first i felt discomfort( soft pain )

and with the last two i even couldn't put my penis into their vagina s( because of curvature).

this desease touched my self esteem , and my potency, too. i have neuroses called anhedonia( unability to feel pleasure).

my questions are – is it really possible to cure Peyronies disease or somehow reduce it and are these non traditional treatments work?

and what is your opinion about penis extenders?

thanks for answers in advance.

Greetings Laurynas,

First, while you have mentioned your bent penis, you did not say that you know you have Peyronie's disease.  Just because your penis is curved does not mean you have Peyronies.  Has your penis, more specifically your erection, always been crooked?  Some men are born with a penis that is not straight when erect.   If this is your situation then you need to approach your distortion from a different direction.

Assuming you know you have Peyronie's disease, I will give you my thoughts and experiences.  When I developed Peyronie's disease at age 54, in 2002, I was confronted by the same problems and fears as you, as well as every other man who has this problem. I had no good direction to take, and so I used the most common and logical medical treatment used at that time.  I knew it did not have a good record of success to cure Peyronie's disease but there was not much else that was available that made sense to me.  This was a topical Verapamil cream that I used faithfully for six months during which time my condition worsened and it caused a multitude of side effects that affected my health.  I quit using Verapamil and decided to seek the assistance of three MDs I was working with at that time.  We put our heads together (don't you just love American idioms?) while I did all of the research on any current Peyronie's information I could find. 

Over time we developed the treatment protocol that is now found on the Peyronie's Disease Institute website.  Our thinking was directed by the fact that in about 50% of cases, within the first 12-18 months of developing Peyronie's disease the condition will self-heal or you can say that the body will cure the problem on its own.  In this sense there is a very real and very obvious method to cure Peyronie's disease, and the body does it pretty well in about half of the cases. Please read an article I wrote about this, Spontaneous remission and natural cure for Peyronie's disease.

Peyronie's disease is not incurable; it is just incurable using the current medical knowledge and drugs available.  The body does a fairly good job of eliminating PD about half of the time, but the medical profession seems to ignore this. When your medical doctor tells you there is no cure for PD, what he means is that he has no drug to give to you. 

What I did under the watchful eyes of my medical colleagues was to provide to myself a wide group of natural therapies that are helpful to support and supply the nutritional needs of the body so it can do a better job of healing and eliminating the Peyronie's plaque tissue that is at the heart of the curved penis that is so disturbing you right now.   I was able to eliminate my internal PD fibrous scar and reverse the curvature it caused.  I now have no Peyronie's disease because i worked to help my body eliminate it like it should have in the first place.  It is really not a very complicated idea. 

Getting back to a few things you mentioned in your email, I would like to remind you that all men have a problem with Peyronie's disease reducing their self-esteem.  I did.  Then I realized that I am more than a penis.  If lost my right arm, would I still be a man?  If I was blind, would I still be a man?  What makes a man a man?  It is much more than his penis – it is part of it for sure, but it is still only a part of the whole man.  

If you have a woman who thinks less of you because your penis is curved, find another woman.  Find a woman who appreciates the fact that unique.  Find a woman whose vagina perfectly fits your curved penis because when you do you will find that you will be able to give her sexual pleasure that no other man can do.  Find a woman who does not judge you like you are a dog in a dog show who must be perfect according to a set of rules that someone else has written.  Find a woman who loves you and appreciates you because you are one great Lithuanian guy.

Your potency was bothered because you allowed yourself to become embarrassed.  That problem occurred because of how you felt about yourself at that moment, and was for the most part your fault for not judging yourself correctly.   You were being immature and too rough on yourself.  Stop it.

Penis extenders are dangerous, they do not make sense, and I can find no evidence that they actually work.  Many men come to me after they use a penis extender to get larger, and only injure themselves so badly that they develop PD after using the device.  There are many articles I have written about these mechanical penis stretchers on the PDI website; look them up, please.

click here

I suggest that you spend a little time reading some of ideas and information about natural Peyronie's treatment found on this website.  Let me know if I can help you in any way.   TRH


Penis Extender Claims and Peyronie’s Disease

Correcting the curved penis of Peyronie’s disease

Many men with Peyronie’s disease are interested in recent advertising promotions claiming that penis extender devices can correct penile curvature. Any man who faces penis surgery because of Peyronies wants to believe this is true. For this reason the penis extender companies are offering hope to these men at a time when they are most vulnerable.
Penis extender is an advertising term used for a mechanical device that was originally designed and intended to increase the length and girth of the penis by applying prolonged traction to the organ. This is supposed to be accomplished by wearing a plastic and metal device on the penis designed to firmly hold onto the head of the penis while using variable length metal rods to apply a traction force away from the body by pushing against the pubic bone of the pelvis. There is no proof that the extender can cause the penis to become larger and remain that way for more than a few weeks; any change these devices make are rather temporary.

In early 2011 there are about 12 companies that manufacture penis extenders, with five of these companies that seem to dominate the market in terms of very aggressive internet marketing. Of the many penis extender devices I have personally evaluated, all are of the same basic design and engineering concept, with only small differences in regard to materials used and design features to hold the head or shaft of the penis while traction forces are applied. The only great difference amongst this group appears to be in the advertising and promotional claims that they dare to make about the effectiveness of their products. Prices range from $250 to $430 for the most common models.

Problems with penis extenders

None of these penis extender companies inform their potential customers in their advertisements that best results are achieved when the device is worn for eight hours a day for six months or longer. That particular information is revealed only in the literature that comes with the penis extenders after the purchase is made.
Also, none of these penis extender companies reveal that these penis extenders weigh on average just a little over a pound. This is why men who have tried to use the penis extender products as instructed report to me that over a short period of time they experienced a rather rapid break down of the tender penile skin (tissue erosion from compression and rubbing that causes blisters, bruises, (and in some cases Peyronie’s disease). For this reason a few of the more careful companies (perhaps those who are already been sued for damages) include in the pe

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nis extender kit special bandages, extra lamb’s wool padding, antibiotic ointments and instructions to follow when – not if – tissue erosion and bleeding develop after using the penis extender.

All penis extender manufacturers claim that in addition to making the penis larger, their products can be used to treat Peyronie’s disease. However, none of these companies explain how this is accomplished. The closest explanation offered by one company is that “The device produces results by forcing tissues of the penis to expand rather than retract.” This is, of course, nonsense since the problem of Peyronie’s disease is not the tissue has retracted. When something retracts it pulls back, withdraws or pulls in. That is not what happens in Peyronie’s disease. The problem of Peyronie’s disease is that excessive collagen material is deposited at the a site of suspected penile injury and develops into a mass of scar-like tissue, which in turn prevents expansion of the penile tissue during erection as well as prevents full closure of the penile veins during erection causing reduced ability to achieve a fully hard erection.
In order to accept the explanation of the penis extender manufacturers you will have to accept the idea that Peyronie’s disease is simply a problem of the penile tissue contracting for some reason they do not explain. They propose that the answer to this problem is to pull on the retracted or contracted tissue, like pulling for a while on a rubber band. This simplistic description and answer to the problem of Peyronie’s disease does not address the well known science surrounding Peyronie’s disease. Anyone who has taken the time to understand his problem will know this does not make sense. This is like saying that if a person is short they can be made taller by using traction that will cause the tissue to “expand rather than retract.”

Penis extender not Peyronie's treatment

The best things about the penis extender devices for Peyronie’s treatment are that they must be easy to sell because:
1. Any man would like to believe that the answer to his Peyronie’s problem will also cause his penis to be bigger.
2. The simple idea that fixing a curved penis is as easy as straightening a bent paper clip must appeal to anyone who is frustrated by the complexity of Peyronies disease.
It should be pointed out that none of the makers of the penis extenders offers a good explanation how this process is supposed to reverse the penile curvature of PD. It is my belief that they have not done so because there is none.