What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Not all definitions of Peyronie’s disease are honest or correct

Great question, “What is Peyronie’s Disease?”  However, an accurate and honest answer is not always easy to find.  If you are one of the hundreds of new people each day who surf the Internet for a Peyronie's cure, you need to pay attention to the kind of answer you might run across.

In my experience it is common to receive an incorrect answer when it is provided by someone who only wants to sell you something, like a magic herb or a manual penis stretcher.  When a salesperson is the source of your information the answer will often minimize Peyronies by oversimplifying the real problem to the point the answer is not truthful.

The reason that someone will intentionally give you this false information is easy to understand.  If Peyronie’s disease can be made to sound like a simple problem, then a simple solution can be more easily presented to you in a believable way – and the more likely you will buy a product if the problem and solution sound uncomplicated and straightforward.

The usual short (and false) answer you will see to this question is, “Peyronie’s disease is a curved penis.”  This is almost like saying that Peyronie’s disease is no more complicated than a bent paperclip.  All you have to do is straighten out the paperclip – and we all know how easy that is to do – and you are as good as new.

What you must understand is that the bent penis of Peyronie’s disease is just a symptom of what is wrong.  The penile curvature is not the problem, it is just a sign of the real problem. What is causing the penis to curve is the actual problem that must be addressed.   Click here to view

If you have pneumonia, you will probably have a nasty cough. But, it is not correct – or helpful – to say, “Pneumonia is a cough.”   If the problem was presented to you like that, and you believed it, then someone could sell you a cough suppressant as a cure for pneumonia.  You would believe that stopping the cough is all you have to do.  The truth is that the cough is just an outward sign of a deeper problem. To address your pneumonia correctly you must do what is necessary to help your body reduce and remove the lung infection, the inflammatory response that occurs because of an invasion of foreign bacteria, and the cough – and the pneumonia – will no longer be an issue.  The cough is just a sign of the pneumonia, it is not pneumonia – just as a curved penis is a sign of Peyronie’s disease, but it is not the problem. The bent penis is just an outward sign of a Peyronie’s plaque or scar tissue within the tunica albuginea interfering with the normal filling of the corpora cavernosa, resulting in a bent or distorted erection. No amount of penis stretching or mystery herb from Afghanistan will eliminate the PD plaque.

So, what is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a problem with no known cause and no known medical cure in which the presence of a dense fibrous nodule or band in the tunica albuginea layer of the penis causes a variable degrees of pain, penile distortion during erection, reduced sexual function, and loss of physical size in length and girth.

If the explanation, “Peyronie’s disease is a bend in the penis” makes you think it is just like a wrinkle in your shirt that can be ironed out – then you are ready to accept the notion that pulling on the bent penis can magically remove that kink.  If it were only that simple and worked that well.

You will notice that none of the advertisements for the magical herbs or mechanical penis stretchers explain how they work.  The reason there is no explanation is because they do not affect the Peyronie’s plaque, which is at the heart of Peyronie’s disease.

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Penis Stretching for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Penis stretcher in Peyronie’s disease treatment


Here is a post that I recently entered on a Peyronie's disease forum in response to a man’s comment that he wore a particular penis traction device for three months and noticed no change in his condition.   This information about this manual therapy that works well with other Peyronie's disease natural treatments found on the PDI website.


Greetings estep32002,


I have read your post about the penis stretching or penis traction device for Peyronies treatment.


Previously, I have written to this forum in the negative about these penis traction devices. I have done so because of repeated communications I receive from men who have Peyronie's disease, who tell me of their lack of success. They tell me of their inability to wear these penis stretcher devices because of built-in design flaws, and their experience of being injured by these stretchers. All that I learn tells me they do not help Peyronie's disease as the sellers say they do.


Actually, I think you are somewhat unusual in your ability to have worn or used one for three months. Men tell me they cannot stand to put one on for longer than a half hour. They say they get bruised and develop sores after a few minutes or a few hours of use.


One fellow recently told me he wore his expensive model for ten minutes and never put it back on again. Another poor guy admitted to me he has three of them sitting in a drawer, and they all hurt him badly. He thought if bought a better and more expensive one, he would eventually find one that he could use. Three stretchers later, no such luck.


If you could wear such a device long enough to actually stretch the soft tissue of the penis, that does not mean the more rigid and more dense tissue of the Peyronies plaque would also stretch. When I was first introduced to the idea of using a penis traction device to treat Peyronie's disease, it did not make sense to me. I figured that the only thing that could eventually happen – if all went well – would be that the penis would be larger, but it would still exhibit the PD plaque with the related curvature that it causes. Let me explain.


Just as a chain breaks at its weakest link, a penis that has a Peyronies plaque in it will primarily stretch from the normal, healthy tissue. The normal tissue will stretch sooner and farther than the plaque material can respond to the stretching force. Think of it this way: A roll of toilet paper tears at the perforations because that is a point of weakness in the paper. Here's another example: Remember when automobile tires had inner tubes? Remember what would happen if you blew it up with air, if it had a weak spot in the rubber wall of the inner tube? Sure. The weak part would bubble up or swell up because it was weaker than the normal strong part. The weaker part would stretch under pressure before the strong part of the rubber had a chance to stretch.


In Peyronie's disease stretching the weaker tissue is the softer normal tissue, while the stronger tissue is the plaque that contains all the dense fibrous materials. When someone with PD stretches his penis, most or all of the lengthening will come from the more flexible and weaker tissue, not the scar tissue. The scar will not be altered because it cannot participate in the stretch, because the traction force is used up by the normal tissue.


When I ask these traction device makers a few simple questions exactly how their penis enlargement products can help Peyronies, I never receive answers back from them. I ask about the pain and tissue erosion created by the pressure that is applied to hold onto the penis head, and again I get no reply. I think this says a lot


There are safer and more effective ways to stretch the penis, to reduce the PD plaque material, than applying a mechanical appliance that smashes down on the glans to hold the penis. Peyronie's disease is a complicated and stubborn problem to treat. I have been personally involved with PD for about seven years now, since having the happy experience of developing a pretty nasty case of it. In that time I have learned a lot and helped many men along the way. My advice is to be very careful with these mechanical penis stretcher products. TRH


What I did not mention in that Peyronie’s disease forum response is that the safer and more effective way to stretch the penis was developed by me while working with 10 men who I knew who were customers of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. If you are interested in learning about this gentle and effective way to treat your Peyronies, go to Peyronie's penis stretching.

Peyronies Treatment and the Penis Stretcher

Peyronie's Curved Penis and the Penis Stretcher

This blog report is about the hot Peyronie’s disease treatment topic of penis stretchers, or as they sometimes call an extender, and the long awaited announcement of our new, one-hour PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© CD video.

All of this work and the discovery of yet another way to use Alternative Medicine to treat Peyronie’s disease started because I receive so many questions about the penis stretching devices, and the sad fact that I hear so many bad stories about them. I got tired of telling people why these penis stretcher devices cannot work, describing the common potential dangers they create, their mechanical limitations of use, and the many horror stories I hear from men whose PD started after using a penis stretcher. So, I started with a goal to learn if I could safely and effectively stretch the Peyronies penis, and I did.

A few months ago I wrote in the PD Institute Newsletters that I would soon offer a process that would revolutionize the concept of penis stretching as an improved form of Peyronies treatment. Now, the brand new PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© CD is complete and ready for your review on the PDI website.

There are several very good reasons I looked into, and then developed, this entirely new concept in Peyronie’s disease treatment. Most of these reasons are well known to a large percent of men who have Peyronies treatment and have tried and failed with the commonly advertised mechanical penis stretcher devices, and should be well known to the rest of you for your personal benefit and safety.

From my experience, those over-priced penis stretcher devices you see advertised so heavily as a Peyronies treatment are not effective, and are potentially dangerous to all men with PD.

One aspect of the problem is the inability to wear the stretcher. Makers of these manual devices do not mention on their websites that you should not wear the device for more than two hours at a time – yet they want you to wear it for eight to nine hours a day to achieve results. If you could actually wear the stretcher for the full two hours, this would mean that you would put it on and take it off four or five times a day, with perhaps an hour or two rest periods between each wearing cycle. Most of your day would be spent tending to the stretcher, and you would have to do this for perhaps a year or more!

However, after talking to many hundreds of men over the years I know that most men cannot wear one for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time because of the pain and injury they cause. The pain is not so much caused by actual stretching of the penis, but by the pinching and compression to the head of the penis (glans) that is needed to forcefully hold the penis while it is stretched. Now, I don’t know about you, but my penis does not have a handle on it, so there is no good or easy way for a mechanical stretcher to grab the penis in order to stretch it. Thus, it is necessary to apply a strong and constant pressure directly around and below the glans while the traction force is applied.

I have met a few men who could wear a manual stretcher for up to an hour at a time, but not much more than that. If you are one of the men tough enough to wear one for up to an hour, this would mean most of your waking hours would be spent waiting in pain to either put the stretcher on or take it off. I have met men who had so much pain, tissue erosion and broken blood vessels that they never tried to wear it more than once. I have met men whose Peyronies started after a single use of a manual penis stretcher.

The danger of bruising, blisters and tissue erosion are so common that the instructions that come with the stretcher devices discuss what you should do when – not if – these problems occur. If this level of injury happens to the outside of the penis, it can do similar injury to the delicate tunica albuginea where the real injury of Peyronie’s disease occurs. This is how men get into trouble.

There are other practical problems with the stretchers. These involve common issues of daily living like wearing clothes, sitting down, working or urinating that make using a stretcher rather difficult or impossible. I guess these would not be a problem to men who do not wear clothes, do not sit down, do not work, and urinate wherever and whenever they wish. For the rest of us, the mechanical stretchers pose a real problem in the real world.

There are other considerations about the stretcher devices. Have you ever wondered why most of the penis stretcher companies that advertise so heavily are located outside the U.S.? It could be that it is better for them to be located outside the bounds of U.S. law when it comes to customer complaints, product returns and refunds.

Over the years I have been approached by many major manufacturers of these stretching devices, asking me to sell their products on the PDI website. When I ask a few specific questions of these people, something interesting always happens. I find that the person I am speaking to suddenly is not the correct person to answer my kind of question, and I am told that someone else will get back to me with an answer. When I do not get called back by the second person, for fun and curiosity, I call back to speak to the second person. The second person is never available, or is never in the office, and never calls me back. Never, in all the times and all the situations this has happened over the years, has anyone ever answered one of my questions. Remember, these are the people who want me to sell their product, yet this is the kind of help and service I receive. Can you imagine the help and service you would receive if you called with a problem after you spent your money?

Did you ever wonder, if the stretchers worked as quickly and easily as the advertising says they do, why do they have to advertise constantly everywhere you go when you read about PD? There is a reason they are advertised so heavily, and it is not because of effectiveness.

Yet, the concept of stretching soft tissue is interesting since Peyronie’s disease is a soft tissue problem.

So, I recently completed this experimental trial that lasted a little less than two years, in which I worked with 10 men who were customers of PDI and NCMP. From this effort I was able to devise a totally new concept in manually stretching the Peyronies plaque or scar. Our results showed that 80% had moderate to marked reduction of curvature and/or scar formation, with each and every man experiencing an improvement of sexual function.

I encourage you to visit the PDI website to learn more about this method to safely, painlessly, comfortably, and effectively reduce your PD scar, reduce your PD curvature, and improve your sexual ability in 80% of the cases. I ask that you understand that the same concepts of Alternative Medicine, logic and common sense you see throughout the PDI website also applies to the strategy and methods taught in the new PDI one-hour stretching CD.

If, after watching the brief demonstration video, you still have questions about the procedure then just send me an email at info@peyronies-disease-help.com You know I will answer your questions.

Bear in mind that the primary principle behind all PDI treatment concepts has always been synergy, and it always will be. Therefore, you need to understand that the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© is not a stand alone method.

Manual penis stretching was used in our tests in conjunction with standard Peyronie’s Disease Institute treatment plans as an additional method to increase synergy of care. No one used just this gentle manual penis stretching technique. In each case, greater progress occurred after using the Peyronie’s Disease Manual Penis Stretching Method© than without it; each man who followed the system saw better progress from his PDI therapy plan after adding the stretching technique. It seems that the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© increased effectiveness of our current treatment concept in eight out of 10 in our little study group.

Yes, Peyronies is a lousy problem and I wish I could tell you that this is a magical cure – just like the people who make the mechanical penis stretchers or the herbal products, but I can’t. Effectively treating Peyronie’s disease is still work.

While I can report that 80% of the group saw improvement, that means that 20% did not. I came to learn that those who did not do well with the manual stretching method were those who used very small therapy plans or did not follow their plans faithfully. So, there is room for improvement with this manual Peyronies treatment method. I would hope so. We are just learning how to apply this concept, so it will be necessary to share our insights, experiences and ideas with each other.

Please check it out. I believe you will be impressed and intrigued with the PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©.