Peyronie’s Sex Problems Can Be Helped

Sexual intercourse and Peyronie’s disease

The heat of a sexual relationship is a chemical (hormonal) reaction, and over time it can fade unless a couple takes measures to prevent that from happening.  This is especially true when Peyronie’s sex difficulties must be dealt with.

Compounding the usual situation in which, over time, a couple will often experience their usual sexual heat cooling down to a comfortable glow.  This is perhaps a sign of maturity of the relationship, indicating there is more than sex between them that keeps them committed and attracted to each other.  Perhaps this is why some couples who deal with Peyronie’s disease sex problems actually improve their relationship, while others do not stay together.

Peyronie’s disease sex enhancing strategies

1. Let her lead you

Be the submissive one.  Follow her lead.  A University of Michigan study reports  that female rats experience a dopamine  (a pleasure and euphoria-inducing neurotransmitter chemical) boost only when they control sex. The critical point is that she is actually leading the sexual activity, not just conducting sex the way you like it to be done.  If this means you both get your nails done – go for it.  She will pay you back.

It seems that women really enjoy sex related to role-playing.  It is reported in Men’s Health that 76 percent of women surveyed said would be interested in sexual role-playing in which the woman is in a position of authority and the man is the sexual novice she is instructing.  Most popular fantasies: professor/student and nurse/patient.

2. Learn new moves

A new sex position is more than a new way to do the same old thing.  “Anything novel or exciting is likely to drive up the levels of dopamine in her brain,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., author of Why We Love. Oxford University MRI scans found that learning any new motor skill – learning to ties a new knot, taking piano lessons, or some new sexual activity – stimulates the brain in the same way and the same region as those stimulated during orgasm.   Therefore, a new sexual maneuver or activity will boost sexual activity and pleasure.

3. Games are fun for many reasons

Competitive games and situations in which there is a mild and healthy tension and sense of anxiety (as when competing in a game of chess or poker, or Trivial Pursuit)0 increases the dopamine levels outside the bedroom.  This could increase sexual pleasure and interest in sexual activity because “Your brain can’t differentiate between the external anxiety caused by a novel situation and the internal anxiety caused by being attracted to someone,” says Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist. “A boost outside of the bedroom can carry over for when it matters most.”  This happens because competition promotes the release of the sex drive-boosting hormone, testosterone.

4. Start all over

Approach your sexual activity as thought it was your first date. “If you’ve learned how to pleasure her, it’s too easy to forget about foreplay and all the other things that keep sex fresh,” says Debbie Herbenick, Ph.D., a Men’s Health sex advisor.

To heighten the foreplay experience, do this: First, take a 3-day sex break to heighten sexual tension and anticipation.  This will cause dopamine to collect in the brain.  Next, spend an evening just necking like two teenagers, and keep your clothes on to increase the sense of anticipation. This will cause an increase of dopamine in the body without a way of release.  Third, wait two days and spend another evening only touching each other sensually any where you want – except the genitals.

Then, wait another two days with no physical or sexual contact.  The fifth step is to spend another evening using only your lips to stimulate and touch each other sensually any where you want – except the genitals.  Without sexual release and continued sexual stimulation over this prolonged time period, your dopamine  levels will be sky high.  In addition both of your testosterone levels will be higher than usual, leading to explosive sex and heighten sexual sensations when you finally do engage in full wonderful sexual contact.

5. Massage message

Stimulate her body to increase her levels of oxytocin. This is the hormone that battles stress, increases sexual arousal, creates a bonding affect between sexual partners.

Physical contact – such as kissing, cuddling and deep muscles massage – unleash oxytocin in her body.  The best time to do this is after sexual activity.  The more time and tenderness involved in giving physical contact AFTER sex, the better your bonds will be. It is certainly possible for your relationship to improve in spite of your Peyronie’s disease.

6.  Nostalgia has benefits in bed

Discussing the early part of your relationship, from the first date to your honeymoon, is not just an exercise in nostalgia. With the simple act of revisiting old memories when romance and sexual passion were fresh and strong will stimulate the hormone norepinephrine.  This is a brain hormone that highlights and intensifies those sexual memories.   “You’ll unlock her passion,” says sex therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D., director of the Berman Center in Chicago, “and intensify the new memories you’re making, too.”

When you use these simple and easy methods to stir hormone activity in the body the net affect will be to reduce your Peyronie’s sex problem.  Add to that an aggressive and faithfully followed Peyronie’s disease treatment plan and you will find yourself feeling better about a lot of things.