How do I develop synergy to treat my Peyronies disease?

Been searching your site, have ordered Neprinol, but have not found the alternative product suggested for the synergy 'maybe' needed — besides Vitamin E, which I take.


Please read this page from the PDI website, "Synergy and Treatment of Peyronie's Disease."

In this discussion you will learn that synergy results from the combined use of several different therapies, but not any particular therapies.   For successful Peyronie's disease treatment the more therapy and wider variety of therapy products that are used, the deeper and more effective your synergy will be – the more the merrier.

Synergy is a natural reaction when groups of similar things are combined.   Let's take for example people.    If we combine a group of people who are slightly bad, when they get together they will tend to do things and behave in a way that is generally more bad than they would if they were not together.   In a similar way,  if we combine a group of people who are good, when they get together they will tend to do things and behave in a way that is generally better than they would if they were not together.  I suppose you can say that by combining similar things the natural tendency of those things is intensified. This is synergy. There is no limit to the number of things you can add for synergy to happen, and everything seems to be affected by it so you can use any Peyronie treatment you want to cause it to help you.

In the Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease we  use different therapies that have been shown to be slightly effective as a Peyronie's therapy.  But when you combine them – the more the better – you get an increase of this ability to reverse  the Peyronies problem.

Further, since no one can tell which of the Peyronies therapies you need most and which you are lowest in, we approach treatment from a broad base that you supply all of those that could be helpful so that you are not missing any and this will also strengthen the effect of synergy on your problem.  Let me know if you have any more questions about the Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronies disease. TRH

What is the daily dose recommended for Neprinol?

What is the daily dose recommended for Neprinol? Thank you.

Bill C.

Greetings Bill C.,

There are several things to say about dosage in general for Peyronie treatment, that applies to Neprinol dosage in particular

1.  The starting dosage for any therapy is often the one that is listed on the label for that product.  This standard starting point is used to see if the dosage recommended by the product manufacturer can bring about a favorable change in the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar.  Often it cannot.

2.  The ongoing treatment dosage that eventually proves to reduce the original size and shape of the scar, or soften the density, or alter the surface features of a Peyronies plaque will very often be higher than what is suggested on the label of each product. 

3.  No matter which therapy product you use, it must be taken in a safe and reasonable dosage.  All of this information is available to you in the treatment section of the PDI website.  Please read that information and adhere to it.  

4.  Dosage for any ONE therapy product that is actually going to help your Peyronie's disease is not easy to determine because you will be taking MANY therapy products at the same time.  You are juggling many balls at once and this requires some patience and the ability to keep good notes about what you are doing. 

Of course, if you are taking five different internal therapies (vitamin E, vitamin C, Neprinol, Acetyl-L-carnitine and PABA) each one must be individually determined.  An important part of your therapy plan are the external therapies you are using (Genesen Acutouch pens, gentle manual stretching, DMSO, etc.) While you do all the internal and external therapies that make up your total therapy plan you must monitor the size, shape, density and surface quality of your scar(s) to note at what dosage level changes begin in the scar material.  It is as simple – and difficult – as that.

5. No clear and specific treatment dosage numbers are offered to you since everyone uses different internal and external therapies, in addition to doing them in different ways.  In this sense, since each man is different, and each man follows a different plan, each man must determine what he must do to improve his scar behavior.

The procedure to determine scar size, shape, density and surface quality is explained in great detail in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.” The correct dosage of any therapy product is not determined from a chart. The chart that you receive with your first order only tells you the average range of what most men are doing. Your dosage should be what you need to take daily to cause changes in your PD scar. The dosage for you is what you learn works for you. I cannot tell you what you need to take. You have to determine that by your observation of the dose that makes the scar size, shape, density, and surface quality change. This vital information will guide your use of all the therapy products; it is the measurement that tells you if your plan is working or not. All of this is explained in great detail in “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Common Peyronie Treatment Problem

Peyronie treatment when husband does not help

A few weeks ago I received an email from a woman who wrote about the trouble she was having with her husband who did not want to cooperate with his Peyronie's treatment:

“My husband of 22 years developed a severely curved penis when his Peyronie problem started after taking blood pressure medicine.  The doctor who prescribed the drug that started this whole mess didn’t seem too upset.  He said we would just have to learn to live with it.

“My husband is a proud man, and he is taking this condition very badly.  He has withdrawn from me and refuses to discuss his condition.   He gets angry and shouts if I bring it up.  We have not had sex in over a year.  He keeps telling me it would be alright with him if I left him.

“What can I do to help him deal with this?”

I wrote back to her:

“Sorry to learn that your husband has withdrawn from his problem and from you.  It is important for you as a wife to remember that your husband’s reaction is very common.  Some men become emotionally devastated by the loss of their sexual ability and sexual identity that they just withdraw from the person they think they are hurting.  There are usually elements of shame and embarrassment that arise from the physical appearance of a severe penile curvature.  It can be very stressful and confusing for a woman in this situation who desperately wants to help.  It can hurt a lot.

“This subject is broad and deep.  In fact, because it is so common and important in Peyronie treatment I devoted a considerable portion of the 2nd book I wrote to this area of the relationship of any couple dealing with Peyronie's disease.  I suggest you go to the PDI website and order the book, “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” to learn what you can do to help your husband, because there is actually a lot you can do.  To view information about this book, click “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex”    What you will find is that his inability to face his PD problem, his lack of communication with you, and his withdrawal from sexual contact are all related to fear and shame.  I believe this book will help you to understand what is going on inside him, and what you can do now to bridge the gap between you.

“Please let me know if you have any specific questions I can assist you with.”

Well, I never did hear back from that woman.  The story is very common in which a grown man behaves like a scared little boy when his physical appearance and masculinity are threatened.  It is unfortunate that some marriages get stronger under this stress, while others fall apart under this dark cloud.   There is help and a solid plan of action that many men find comforting and effective to treat their Peyronie problem.

The key seems to be for a woman to convince her spouse to get started with Peyronie’s treatment.  Once a man finds direction and takes control of his situation his attitude and behavior often change for the better.  Don’t allow your man to feel like a Peyronie victim.