Age 17: Is my bent penis Peyronie’s disease?

Hey Dr. Herazy, I am 17 Years old and have noticed this curvature in my penis for as long as i can remember. Ive been doing some research on different treatments for Peyronie's disease. . I was wondering what, if any, vitamins can I take that will help remove the plague or increase the blood flow through the affected area. I want to try all of my options before I turn to surgery. And also I am sexually active but self-conscious as to what females will think when they see my PD. What should I do ?


First things first: At the age of 17, if you have had a penile curvature “for as long as you can remember” it is not likely to be PD. Your curvature is most likely a normal anatomical variation that makes you the unique person you are.

No need or reason for embarrassment. In my 2nd book, “Peyronie's Disease & Sex” I spend considerable time explaining in great detail how many women prefer

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a bent penis because it — shall we say — scratches their itch in a way that a straight penis does not. In that book I counsel men that if you have a bent penis — either from PD or from a congenital variation — rather than sitting embarrassed in a corner afraid of being rejected, they should look for that wonderful woman who needs a man whose penis is bent. Your task is almost like looking for the right lock that fits your key.

You ask what you should do. I strongly suggest that you get to a urologist who is experienced with Peyronie's disease and get a diagnosis of what is actually going on with you. At this point you are making an assumption, and that is not the way to approach this situation. Do not guess about PD. When you know for a fact you have PD — at this point I believe you do not have PD — then get back to me and I will guide you through natural treatment. TRH