Question about vitamin E

Hi, I live in Estonia and I have pretty much surfed all the internet and cant seem to find any other Vitamin E supplements other than alpha tocopherol in my country. Right now I'm taking 300 IUs of alpha tocopherol daily, what would you suggest?



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The vitamin E product we make available on the website of the Peyronie's Disease Institute contains all four factions of vitamin E: the alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopherol members of that family. Please find it at Unique-E vitamin E.  TRH


Depressed 22 year old student thinks he has Peyronie's disease and mentions suicide

Hi Dr.Herazy,
I am young student of just 22. I am feeling some cord-like lesions (around 4) around my penis and the penis is curving just right at the base lesion,the curve is though minor but my penis is loosing girth at the base and I am sure this is peyronies.  I can find the lesions i.e plaque very soft and moving like veins. please help me. Depressed a lot. Went till suicide.

Greetings young man,

I will be happy to help you.

First of all, you do not know you have Peyronie's disease.  You think you have Peyronie's disease.  You could easily be wrong because a few things you mentioned in your email does not fit a good description of this problem. 

1.  You are far younger than average to develop Peyronies.

2.  Seldom does Peyronie's present itself as multiple cords.

3.  Seldom does Peyronies in the early stage appear as a soft lesion, but usually firm to hard. 

4.  Seldom are the Peyronies lesions moveable to any great degree.

5.  Seldom does someone have four separate lesions that are easily located; most men cannot find one. 

6.  You did not mention pain, which is a rather common complaint in the early phase of Peyronie's disease.  

7.  You did not mention trauma, which is usually a large part of Peyronie's disease when someone your age develops it, so this is a missing part of your story that is almost always mentioned from someone like you. 

Based on the above, I have serious doubts your problem is Peyronie's disease.  I suggest the first thing you should do is to go to your local doctor for a complete examination to determine the actual problem that is going on.  My suspicion is that you have a small congenital anomaly or curved penis you were born with that you are just now noticing; that the four cords are indeed veins; and that your overactive imagination is suggesting that you have lost girth.

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If you read some easily available information like, What is Peyronie's disease? , you can learn more about it.

Lastly, you are more than a penis.  You are an important and valuable person with or without Peyronie's disease.  Anyone who thinks less of you because you might be missing an arm, an eye, a leg, or the use of your penis, would only do so because of immaturity and distorted values on their part, and the fact that they do not know you.  You need to organize your thinking and control your emotions which are now only being guided by fear and poor judgment.   Look around you for just a few moments to see how fortunate you are and how good your life is at this moment, and in the future that you are creating.  Put your personal, moral and spiritual values where they belong .  Realize how good life is regardless of small problems that arise while we live the wonderful life that we choose for ourselves.  

There is a lot that a person like you could do to help yourself heal if it did turn out that you have a case of Peyronie's disease.  That is why we have so many people who come to this website to help their body reverse and correct the Peyronie's problem.  Go to  Testimonials from the Peyronie's Disease Institute to learn about the many people who have used the PDI therapy ideas and eliminated their problem by supporting their natural ability to heal the Peyronie's scar.     

Keep your heart and your mind on the positive.    Please keep in touch with me and let me know soon what you learn.  TRH


Is the Peyronie’s Disease Institute for me?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

I am 65 years old and have had Peyronie's disease for about 6mos. It started out gradually when I noticed some difficulty during sex and a small pea-sized nodule on the top of penis.  It has gradually worsened where sex is impossible and erections during the night are terribly bent and painful.  I have been to a uro doc 3x and have tried various rx with little or no success.

I am an active athlete that participates in 3-4 marathons a year and train almost everyday.   The Peyronies disease problem does not interfere with these activities.

Is PDI for me?



I find that many men who appear to be in the peak of health and physical condition, like you,  still develop Peyronie's disease.   I suppose being in top physical condition does not prevent injury from happening.  Just like athletes still strain and sprain ankles and knees, they also injure the delicate tissue of the penis called the tunica albuginea that leads to PD.   Accidents happen to everyone. 

It is your decision to attempt to assist and boost your Peyronies recovery using the Alternative Medicine methods found on the Peyronie's Disease Institute website. You sound like a good candidate for our concepts, but you should only do it if you are prepared to be faithful and follow the concepts well.  Half-hearted efforts usually result in little change.  If you take that same mindset that enables you run a few marathons annually in your 7th decade, then you should do well.    TRH

Would Neprinol work on my Peyronie’s disease?


I've had Peyronies now for roughly 10 years. I passed a kidney stone in my 30's and it jammed at the end of my urethra, I squeezed it ,and it passed. But for a month my penis killed me. It eventually shrunk to about 3 inches, from 7  1/4 inches . Ive tried everything. I went all natural. vitamin c, 1000mg , omega 3 1200mg, vitamin e 1000 mg, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto 1000mg, and flax seed oil, 1000mg gotu kola.  All have helped get at least 6 inches in length back after 10 years.

My love life suffered at first, but we overcame things. I would like to get the other 1 1/4 inches back. Right at the tip, just behind, it curves up around 30 to 35 deg. I can feel the hard plaque still. It just won't soften up any more.

Would Neprinol work, or do you have any suggestions on how to finally rid my self of this man destroying dilemma?  I'm 45 now, I would like to keep going if you know what I mean.

Thanks.  Any suggestions would be a great help.


While I realize you have probably just discovered the Peyronie's Disease Institute website on the internet, my first suggestion is that you stop playing around using different herbs and supplements that have not been shown to be helpful for treating PD.

"Going natural" is not the key to successful Peyronie's treatment; you have to use the right products and use them in the right way.  It looks to me like you just started using anything that might have had some positive things written about it, and hoped it would help your problem.   You have not "used everything."   You have only scratched the surface.   You have approached your problem from the wrong direction and gotten lucky that some of the things you did  might have helped you.   Had you spent that same time, effort and money using the products from the PDI lineup for your Peyronie's treatment I believe you would have been far better off today.

I suggest you get on at least the PDI medium plan along with the PDI gentle Manual Penis Stretching CD video and use them faithfully for a few months.  It is important to use the exact therapies from PDI because not all brands of Alternative Medicine therapies are of the same quality or potency.   You cannot walk into the average vitamin store and expect to get good quality products that will do the job for you.  It is amazing and appalling that many vitamin shops sell such low quality items.

Your question about Neprinol shows that you do not understand how to use Neprinol and that you are again approaching your therapy from the wrong direction.   You need to spend more time reading what is on the PDI website to learn how to go about successful Peyronies treatment. 

When you order from PDI you will receive specific instructions how to use everything that you order for the best possible treatment of Peyronies disease.   Let me know if you have specific questions about helping your problem.   Good luck to you.   TRH   

What about using Kegel exercise as a Peyronie’s treatment?

2 very simple short questions do kegels exercises help peyronies i read it will or may because it's said to be a exercise that women used but it can be used in men and online says it can force more blood into the penis and help with the healing process. The other i have on my mind is i read W What does it mean to "Break Up Scar Tissue" I was reading about castor oil and they said it "breaks up" internal/external scar tissue and breaks them up? Is it different than "reducing" Could you clear up this definition? Thanks, and hope this wasn't too much to ask, but i just didn't want to forget the other question so i just put them both here in one, thanks again Dr. Herazy.


Yes, spend a of of time in our video. "Massage and Exercise" for Peyronie's disease to give you specific measures to assure you do Kegel exercises correctly for PD.   I have advocated Kegels for PD for many years, and used them as part of the Peyronie's disease treatment protocol when I got over it. 

You will have ask those people who use these terms – breaking up and reducing scar tissue – what they mean when they use them.  To me it sounds like careless use of words.   TRH

Peyronie’s treatment safety issue when applying moist heat

Hi Dr. Herazy,

The use of an electrical heating pad was suggested in last month's Peyronie's Disease Institute newsletter for the moist heat therapy. I am curious as to whether or not the immense heat and warmth provided by this electrical pad would be detrimental to the testicles. The pad it hot but does not seem hot enough to scald the penis. Thank you! 



Peyronie's treatment safety should be your first concern.  To reduce possibility of excess heat being applied to penis and testicles you should:

     1. Reduce heat setting on the control of the heating pad so that the heat is not "immense" but only comfortably warm
     2. Place a small moist wash cloth between your skin and the heating pad to act as a buffer or spacer, thus reducing heat to the penis
     3. Position yourself so that your testicles are not in contact with the heating pad
     4. Place a dry wash cloth between the scrotum and heating pad to act as a buffer or space, thus reducing heat to the testicles

This suggestion for using an electric heating pad was submitted by one of the PDI Warriors and was presented in our last newsletter as an alternate way to apply moist heat to the shaft of the penis.  The original method that has been suggested by PDI is to use a hot water bottle wrapped with a moist towel and positioned to heat the shaft of the penis.  This method has the safety advantage of staying warm for 15-20 minutes before slowly losing heat.

Thank you for your observation.  TRH

Change Peyronies Treatment Dosage

How to change Peyronie’s treatment

Starting Peyronies treatment dosage can be easy if you start by taking therapy products at the manufacturer’s suggested rate – perhaps for the first 14-21 days.  If this dosage causes a change in the size, shape, density and surface qualities of your scar(s), then that simple and small dosage is adequate to provide you with the help you need to eliminate your Peyronie’s disease scar formation.  

This is a list of all therapy products available through Peyronie’s Disease Institute and Natural Health Education LLC with the manufacturers’ suggested dosage:

1.   Vitamin E Factor 400/400 (60) – 1 or 2/day – with food
Maxi-Gamma E (60) – 1/day – with food
Unique E (180) – 1 or 2/day – with food
Natural C 1 gram (100) or (250) – 1 or 2/day – with food
Ascorbplex (90) or (180) – 1 or 2/day – with food
Fundamental Sulfur (100) – 3/day, taken between meals, or if upset occurs, – with meals
Acetyl-L-carnitine (60) – 1/day – with food
PABA (100) – 1 or 2 daily – 1/day – with food
Quercetin Bromelain ((100) – 1-8/day – between meals
Fibrozym (100) or (200) – 2 tablets, three times a day – between meals
Nattokinase 1500 (120) – 2 tablets, two times a day – between meals
Neprinol (90) or (300) – 1-4 capsules with 8 0z of water – between meals
Scar-X  (1 oz) – 10 drops three time a day – between meals
PMD DMSO Gel (4 oz) – 1-3 times a day, depending on skin tolerance
Super CD Serum (1 oz) – applied to skin before PMD DMSO
Unique-E Vitamin E oil (1 oz) – applied to skin before PMD DMSO
HJG and KBG Honso herbs – 1-3/day
Genesen Pointers – used 15 minutes or longer, daily if desired
Massage and Exercise instructions – performed 2-4 times a week
20.Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Method © instructions – used 15 minutes or longer, daily if desired
21. Prosta-Support (120) – 4/day – with meals
22. color: black;”>Omega T – 1 or 2 daily – with meals

Peyronie’s treatment dosage example
Let us say that you decide you will take PABA at a dose of 2/day. After doing this for a reasonable time – maybe 10-14 days – you do not notice any change in your plaque or scar at the 2/day dose. In this case you probably should consider increasing dosage until your scar responds to your therapy.  The usual method is to simply increase the dosage by one capsule or pill to the total every few weeks until you notice change in the size, shape, density or surface features of the scar.  

The process is made more complicated by the fact that you should be taking multiple therapies, but that is necessary to achieve results.

Peyronies dosage determined by scar response

To know exactly how to modify your dosage it is necessary to compare the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar from the onset of treatment. This critical information enables you to recognize positive changes when they occur. If you do not know how to determine and record the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar you will have to refer to chapter 4 of the “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” to learn about scar measurement.   

All dosage increase is done slowly and carefully over a period of time to allow the body the opportunity to respond to a favorable change in therapy. If the dosage is changed too rapidly or too often it will not be possible to determine what factor caused a favorable response.  If you develop any unusual symptoms or change in body behavior or appearance while increasing dosage, simply stop taking the product for 48 hours after that problem/symptom disappears. Restart after 48 hours or when the new symptoms clear up, using the next lower dose.  From this point forward, once again begin the process of increasing dosage to promote favorable scar change. After reaching a higher dose at which changes are noted in the scar, remain at that dosage level for a few weeks.  Your correct dose is discovered by accompanying improvement in scar size, shape, density or surface quality.

Discuss your PD therapy plan with your family doctor or urologist so he/she is fully aware of what natural Peyronie’s treatment you are following.  You should consider this discussion about dosage strategy after getting final approval from your doctor. 

When Peyronie’s Plaque or Scar Not Easily Located

Peyronie's plaque

If you are going to be in charge of your therapy plan, you must know where your Peyronie’s plaque or scar is located. Even though it is not always easy or obvious, it is essential to Peyronie’s disease treatment because our method is to use “scar behavior” as a guide – a bench mark – a barometer – to judge effectiveness of care. Scar behavior is not a matter of curiosity; you MUST know about the scar in as great detail as possible to know if you are making actual progress or not. If you do not know if there is a change in the size, shape, density or surface features of your scar during treatment, then you are guessing – and shame on you because your results will not be as good as if you actually knew what was going on down there.

Before I go into this subject in some detail, I must remind you that the Peyronies scar is best located while the penis is soft or flaccid – meaning not erect. This will be true 99% of the time, so don’t bother to look unless you are flaccid.

Peyronies scars or plaques can be extremely variable in most all aspects. For example, while some men have an obvious scar, others could not find one if their life depended on it. Often, when a scar is not found, but there is still pain and bending or any kind of recent penile distortion, a diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease is still made. This diagnosis can be accurately made because the scar that is causing the pain or bending is either:

1. So small – it cannot be found

2. So very soft – it blends into the other tissue and cannot be detected

3. So deep – it cannot be reached or felt easily

4. So large and flat – that the edges are not easily determined, almost like trying to find the edge of a roll of plastic wrap. When it is a large scar – as many of them are – it is something that is so close to you that you do not see it because you are looking far away and cannot see what is under your nose

5. The doctor’s lack of ability, experience or concern when he does the examination – that he simply misses what is actually there if he was better at this kind of thing – yes, I know, it is difficult to imagine but it is true.

When a scar is never found it is because of a combination of two or more of these factors – deep and small, or soft, large and flat, or deep, soft and doctor error, and so on. From my experience with those who have an extremely difficult time locating their scar, it seems that #4 (so large and flat) is often an issue. Keep this in mind when you search your personal landscape while trying to locate your scar.

Finding your Peyronie's plaque

Ultimately, if you have Peyronie’s disease you must begin the search with the attitude the scar is there, and only waiting to be found. Do not start with a negative attitude; you want to have a sense of high anticipation that it will be found within the next few seconds – this will help keep your senses alert. You should use as many different tactics as you can to find your scar(s) because having a good knowledge of your scar situation will help your treatment effort.

Hint: Try to think in terms of your scar being much larger than you have previously imagined. Allow yourself to mentally expand the size of the scar you are looking for. Meaning, if you were looking for a “pea” before, start looking for a “peanut” size structure or even larger. This changes your methods and your outlook about what you can detect.

It seems that lately I have many men reporting that their scars are as large as the length of the shaft. Of these, some are narrow while others are wider. With this in mind, image that your scar is very large. If you are looking for a pea-sized scar it will prevent you from easily finding something much larger.

Do not be discouraged if the scar you have is large since it does not seem that the size has much to do with difficulty or time required to eliminate it. Larger scars can take just as long as smaller scars to treat.

Different way to approach Peyronie's scar

Try this: forget about finding a “scar.” Just try to find something – anything – within the mass of erectile tissue that feels unlike the other tissue. Find something that is unlike the rest of the tissue. When you find it, mark its location with a marker pen of something that will stay on the tissue for a day or two. Go back each day to that area and re-think what you are feeling. You are trying to see if it becomes easier to make sense of it. It could be that you have an unreasonable expectation of what a “scar” should feel like, and you are missing what is really rather obvious only because your expectation is wrong. Really, how could you know what a Peyronie’s plaque feels like if you have never had to do this before? It is a common problem.

Peyronie’s Disease Institute has much success with the methods we present to you. Just because your doctor could not locate your scar does not mean it is not there. And it definitely does not mean that you cannot find it, just because he can’t. As so many men with PD finally come to understand, you must take control of your situation and begin to get well on your own.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of men who wanted Peyronie’s treatment. Some of these cases were mild and some were severe, some had it just a few months and a few more than 10 years old. I had a bad Peyronie’s disease problem until I cured my condition using the procedures found on the PDI website. You will not feel like a victim once you start working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue.

Protection for Peyronie’s Disease during Intercourse

Girth enhancement rings stabilize Peyronies

Since 2002 Peyronie’s Disease Institute has made several different products available to our customers that offer important penile protection while still allowing sexual intercourse to take place. One of these is the girth enhancement ring or sleeve, please see Girth Enhancement Ring.

Using this uncomplicated device provides a level of support that greatly reduces the possibility of re-injury of the penis during intercourse. For many men this simple and inexpensive device is essential in a couple’s ability to engage in sex at all – for many men the added support is needed to make penetration.

The basic girth enhancement sleeve is a thick but flexible tube that is open at both ends, made of very soft and stretchy silicone material. The penis is slipped into the tube and the glans or head of the penis sticks out at the other end for full sexual contact. With this added support the shaft is less likely to be re-injured by sudden bending or collapse.

Even if the cause of Peyronie’s disease in your case was not trauma, it is critical that you do all you can to not injure your penis during sex if you have PD. The following deformities present a real or potential weakness of the shaft of the penis that can easily get re-injured during sexual activity, and therefore will benefit from the use of girth enhancement sleeve:

1. Twist

2. Curve

3. Bend

4. Dent, dink, nick, depression, impression or filling error

5. Bottleneck deformity

6. Hourglass deformity

Any of these Peyronies deformities is weakest at the area of the greatest distortion, or thinnest part of the shaft, that can suddenly bend, fold or collapse during insertion or while thrusting. This is the area over which the girth enhancement sleeve should be worn.

Dealing with a penis that is weak in one small area is like having an ankle that is weak because of an earlier injury, making it susceptible to re-injury. Also, just like a sprained ankle, each penile re-injury occurs more easily and gets progressively worse. The best approach to take is to not allow additional injury to take place so the tissue remains as healthy and strong as possible. For the ankle the treatment is to wear a support and to slow down so that you do not hurt yourself again. The same with Peyronie’s disease.

A valuable second benefit to the girth ring support is the additional thickness or girth it adds to the penis that can make up for the lost dimension that many men experience.

I urge any man whose penis is distorted by Peyronie’s disease – known as a Peyronie’s penis – to investigate the girth enhancement sleeve to provide protection during sexual activity to avoid re-injury and worsening of his problem.

Communication Vital for Peyronie’s Teatment Success

Saying you do not know might be the wisest thing you can do

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute has been working with men since 2002, offering the most effective therapy ideas and products we can find, and helpful information about successful Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Usually within the first month of Peyronie’s treatment a man will enter into a critical point of his Peyronie’s treatment when he can become confused and doubtful. Many men become unsure if they are using the correct treatment products or using them in the right way. Many times men want to change their plan but do not know how to do it. If this describes how you are feeling about your treatment plan, you must let me know your questions and I will do my best to help you with all of this.

Please do not hesitate to send an email asking for help and information. I would be happy to answer your questions, and offer insights and ideas gained after successfully treating my own PD, writing two books on this subject, and working with nearly a thousand men from around the world with their Peyronie’s treatment.

Contact Dr. Herazy at