Is it possibile for Viagra, or any other medication, to cause Peyronie disease?

Is anyone doing research on the possibility of Viagra causing Peyronie disease or any other type of medication causing this disease?  Mine seems to have started after I took Viagra . Thank you,  Floyd Mathis


Greetings Floyd,

Sorry to hear of your problem with Peyronie's disease.

Yes, there is growing evidence that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (all the PDE5 inhibitor drugs) can cause Peyronie's disease in some men.  I have reported this and written about this observation for many years now.  You can read more about this topic in these posts from the PDI website:  Viagra Peyronie's disease connection and Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Use with Peyronie’s Disease and Peyronie’s Disease Plaque, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Blood Supply .  There are more articles that are available but I think you will get the idea from these. 

The basic way the injury happens that leads to the start of Peyronie's disease is from "over inflation" that damages the internal tissue of the penis called the tunica albuginea.

I was talking to a man the other day from Australia whose PD started from just a single use of one of these PDE5 drugs. He told me that he developed an erection that was so hard and large that he was scared what might happen to him.  He said he thought he might explode.  Obviously that was the last and only time he took any drug like that.  About two months later he had three internal Peyronie's plaques and a curved penis of 45 degrees.  Because he did not have any sexual activity for months before that event or after it he is positive it was the drug that injured him. 

He went to his medical doctor who told him that this sometimes happens to men.  You will notice that there is a caution on inside drug product information that warns that men with PD should not use these PDE5 drugs.  

What strikes me as especially careless and inappropriate is that there are medical doctors who actually prescribe Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to men who already have Peyronie's disease to help them have an erection when they show signs of erectile dysfunction.

Yes, there are other drugs that are said to be associated with or to cause Peyronie's disease.  The common list includes beta blockers used for heart problems and all of the statin drugs used to lower cholesterol.    

I suggest that you review some of the Alternative Medicine treatment ideas on the PDI website to learn how you can use Peyronie's natural treatment to help yourself correct this problem.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.  TRH 

How to Increase Peyronie’s Natural Recovery

Peyronie’s natural treatment is not like using drugs

“What is the very best way to treat my Peyronie’s disease?”  That is the million-dollar question, my friend.

When I developed Peyronie’s disease in 2002, my basic strategy for recovery was this:   50% of men get over their Peyronie’s disease without any outside help – in effect they experience a Peyronie’s disease natural cure.  If this is true – and it is – then it seems most logical to do everything possible to increase my ability to heal my problem like the men in that lucky 50% group.

Even from the start I felt like my Peyronie's disease it was a problem I could beat since the odds for recovery are good at 50/50.  All I had to do was consistently support and promote my natural ability to heal in this particular area of the body over a period of time, knowing that this would increase the capability of my body to heal itself.   I believed then – and know now – that Peyronie’s natural treatment is often just a matter of time and persistence.

I studied the problem of Peyronie’s disease diligently, I worked even harder, I was always faithful to my plan, and I used myself as a guinea pig for every idea that seemed to have merit.  In less than six months I was free of all traces of the PD scar, all penile distortion was gone, and all lost dimensions returned.  I succeeded.

How to increase Peyronie’s disease natural healing

Everyone comes to the PDI website expecting to see a clear and direct answer, a logical 1-2-3 set of instructions that explains how I beat my Peyronie’s disease, and how you can do it also.   But, that is not the way it works.  There are no magic 1-2-3 steps to success.  Each case of PD is as different as the man who has the problem.  Therefore, every man must work out his own Peyronie’s treatment plan – using all the information and ideas I can supply to you. The lack of specific treatment rules is what frustrates men with PD – as if they do not have enough to be frustrated about already!  But that is just the way it is.

The entire PDI website (if you printed it out, you would have over 400 pages of information), is devoted to Peyronie’s natural treatment.  Even so, all I can give to you is an outline and the basic ideas of how to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie’s plaque.  The “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” is essential in your recovery from PD; it explains in great detail how to monitor and define the size, shape, density and surface quality of your scar(s) – the most important skill you can develop to speed your recovery. While I freely offer you whatever guidance and ideas you might need, and answer all your questions based on considerable experience with Peyronie’s disease natural treatment, you are still in charge of the way you treat yourself.   This is the way it must be because you must monitor the size, shape, density and surface qualities of your scar(s) to directly judge how your body is responding to your treatment plan.

I present the basic ideas of Peyronie’s treatment, but you must jump in and do your best to determine which of these ideas works best for you.  This is not an exact science, and these are not drugs used for treatment with exact dosages.

For most men it often comes down to deciding how much time and energy you have available to treat your PD each day, and how much money you can afford to spend each month; this is realistic.  You might want to do much more for yourself, but can only afford a little. Do your best – whatever that is. Men who get the best results are those who do the most to increase their ability to heal.  Do as much as you can to get this problem behind you.  Many do very well with the Medium Plan, or some variation of it.  Maybe that will be a good way to start your recovery from PD.

I get reports of success and progress weekly from men who use this approach for Peyronie’s natural treatment.  You will only know if it can help you if you give yourself a chance. I will help you in any way I can to be successful.

Honey Of an Idea for Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment

Honey and Peyronie's Natural Treatment

Peyronie's disease treatment must be profitable for the drug industry, even if honey could help a bent or curved penis it would still have to make money to justify Peyronie's research This is one of those “I’ve got bad news and good news” stories. Here is the bad news: Peyronie’s disease  usually is given a bleak outlook based on current medical thinking. There is no strong research that currently proves any treatment method consistently or significantly improves the course of PD. Yes, PDI agrees with the medical establishment, there is currently no proven medical cure for PD; but that says notice about Peyronie's disease natural treatment using a variety of non-drug and non-invasive ways to assist you to heal your own Peyronie's problem. Here is the good news: We think the lack of a known or accepted medical “cure” shouldn't discourage the man with Peyronie’s disease at this time, since there are so many safe and non-controversial natural and alternative therapies that have earned good — but non-conclusive — reports in research from around the world. As you know from reading reports about various therapies, there are many encouraging therapies from which to choose. There is potentially very much that can be done for PD outside of standard medical treatment, with encouraging science to back it up. Scientific research is slow and deliberate; it is often contradictory, and it is sometimes – often – driven by the profit motive. Some Peyronie’s disease research shows favorable and positive results with vitamin E, or MSM, or Neprinol, or carnitine, or Nattokinase, etc., while other research of these same substances indicates just as unfavorable and negative results as the others are positive. Some research shows that only such a small percentage of men with PD are helped by conservative management that the results are not scientifically significant, or the results are inconclusive, or they are contradicted by other equally valid research. In other words, Peyronie’s disease research is often contradictory, vague and undependable. Many treatment methods are never studied because there is not enough potential profit to justify the high cost of such research. Just as a wild example, what if honey was actually an effective treatment for PD? Yep, all you had to do was eat some honey or smear it on you, and a short while later your PD would be gone. What would be the motive for a large drug company to do the necessary and vital research proving that honey was a good treatment of Peyronie's disease?   None.   If honey was a proven cure for PD only some beekeepers – and you – would benefit. Without profit, research usually doesn’t happen.

Understand why Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease is not accepted by traditional medical practice, click  Science is Slow.

Profit and Peyronie’s disease treatment

If honey was the cure for Peyronie's disease, the research would never get done, and scientists would be correct to say there is “no research available to prove its      effectiveness.” Of course that lack of proof would be by their design. That is the dilemma of alternative medicine, and it is the basis for the indifference and lack of enthusiasm for Peyronie's disease treatment. PDI thinks there have been enough favorable findings for many therapies – fully acknowledging research and studies that contradict and refute them – that a person should investigate these inexpensive and naturally occurring therapies to learn their therapeutic benefit firsthand. Please note that for all of the therapies (vitamin E, DMSO, carnitine, Neprinol, copper, etc.) that are sometimes given negative results, there are other favorable and positive studies of these same therapies that contradict the negative studies. The therapies that PDI suggests are scientifically grounded, safe, economical and adequately proven to a degree necessary to justify their cautious and limited use in treating PD.

So don’t be too bothered by a current lack of proof for theses Peyronie's treatments. Peyronie’s Disease Institute thinks it has  “A Honey of an Idea “ for you.

Peyronie’s Natural Treatment

Peyronie’s disease natural cures not presented honestly

When a man with Peyronie’s disease investigates the internet for Peyronie’s disease natural treatments, the results are surprising and disappointing. Usually the information is not about Peyronie’s natural treatment in an honest or wide presentation, but simply a limited two or three sentence statement that vitamin E does not help in cases of Peyronie’s disease.   The idea presented is that Peyronie’s natural treatment is the use of vitamin E and nothing more and nothing else, and it does not help anyway.

The truth is that the average medical doctor does not know how to use vitamin E as a Peyronie’s natural treatment, and so he or she mismanages the value of the therapy. Any failure is not placed where it belongs – on the doctor – but is assumed to be the failure of vitamin E to help Peyronie’s disease.

What this kind of statement means – "that  vitamin E does not help in cases of Peyronie's disease" – only means that the writer or the doctor does not know how to use vitamin E effectively or correctly to assist the body to correct this problem.  It has nothing to do with vitamin E, or any other Peyronie's natural treatment – but with the way they are used.

Peyronie’s disease natural cures unfair representation

It is not fair to say that vitamin E is not a valid and effective Peyronie’s natural treatment. However, it is accurate that the way the average medical website or medical doctor has extremely limited and biased information against Peyronie’s disease natural cures. It is fair to say that the average medical doctor is strongly biased in favor of drugs and surgery as the primary treatment for any medical condition. In the case of Peyronie’s disease, this is especially perplexing and damaging to someone with Peyronie’s disease looking for genuinely helpful information, since the medical profession admits there is no effective drug to treat this problem and the results of surgery are often poor – at best.

It is also not fair to say that vitamin E is the only Peyronie’s natural treatment that can be employed against Peyronie’s disease. The potential list of Peyronie’s disease natural cures is rather long and varied:

1. Vitamin E – oral and topical, especially the gamma tocopherol faction

2. Vitamin C – best combined with vitamin C

3. PABA – this is a B vitamin, not POTABA which is a drug that is made by the addition of a potassium molecule added to PABA

4. Quercetin – an antioxidant

5. Bromelain – powerful protein enzyme

6. Serrapeptase – powerful protein enzyme

7. Nattokinase – powerful protein enzyme

8. Herbal compounds – Chinese and Ayurvedic types

9. DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide drives therapy compounds deep into the scar tissue

10. Copper peptides – topical preparation assists scar reorganization

11. Acupuncture – non-invasive techniques used for over 4000 years to help healing

12. Massage – increase blood circulation and tone of local tissue

13. Exercise – increase blood circulation and tone of local tissue

14. Manual penis stretching – gentle non-mechanical method to stretch contracted scar

15. Diet – special protocol to promote tissue alkalinity and healing

The average person for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment information would do well to expand their search beyond biased medical websites and explore the many well researched and diverse Alternative Medicine websites that seriously investigate the subject in a more comprehensive manner.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute presents over 200 pages of documented information exploring Peyronie’s disease natural treatments along with a Q/A section, survey’s, books, and videos to explore the many diverse options that are available for consideration.

One last thought concerning information about Peyronie’s disease natural cures. There is none. Some unscrupulous individuals promote herbal concoctions and painful mechanical penis stretching devices as Peyronie’s disease natural cures, but they are not anything of the kind. While all of the Peyronie’s disease natural treatments mentioned above when used in an effectively combined treatment plan can help the body to heal and repair the terrible Peyronie’s scar, none of them can be considered a cure in the sense many would hope.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute offers detailed information and therapy products that when used together in various combinations have helped men all over the world for the last eight years to reduce and sometimes overcome their problem while intelligently using Peyronie’s natural treatment.