How do I find the Peyronie’s scar?

I was diagnosed with peyronies about 10 years ago. I had the classic lump and my penis had a bend to it. It isnt super bad but enough that I want it gone as much as possible. I took potaba and vitamin E for several months with no real progress. I cannot feel any scars or lumps at this time but it seems that my curve may be worsening all of the sudden. I do not have pain and can have intercourse but would really like to have as close to a normal penis as possible. Is there a way to treat my condition after so many years? How do I find the Peyronie's scar and what would be the best action to take on an extremely tight budget? I am now 41 years old and in good health other then some problems with my discs in my upper back.

Thank you so much,


Greetings Phil,

POTABA and vitamin E do not make much of impact on Peyronie's disease; what you were given was a desperation prescription just to give you something to do and get you out of the office.

It is not at all uncommon for an older case of Peyronie's disease to continue to deteriorate and develop an increased penis curvature.  I have worked over the years with many men whose PD is in the 5-15 year range and they are still able to make improvement based on the concept that the Peyronie's plaque is still capable of change – for bad and for good.

Order "Peyronie's Disease Handbook" to learn how to find and define the PD scar since it is essential that you know all the physical features of it since you will use that information to determine how to manage your treatment program.

On a limited budget I would suggest starting with the small plan and working it aggressively against frequently monitoring your condition for making changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your scars.  TRH

How long should I follow my large Peyronie's treatment plan before making a change in it?

Dr Herazy,

I purchased your Peyronies Large Treatment Plan late last year and recently purchased your two books.

My first question is – When looking for Natural ED treatments that have a similar effect as Viagra – which supplements or combination would you recommend trying first?

The second question is – I have been using the DMSO/Topical Vitamin E since the beginning of April but have not noticed any change. Is that long enough or should I continue for a while longer?

Thank you in advance for your answers


Greetings Lee,

First, all the male sex booster and enhancer products are located near the bottom of the PDI shopping cart where are treatment products are found.

Start your ED treatment plan by taking Stimulin by itself. Take four per day, meaning two in the AM and two in the PM (closer to bedtime) Once in the blood, Stimulin helps increase the production of nitric oxide that stimulates blood flow in all parts of the body, especially the penis. More blood flow means improved libido and more powerful, long-lasting erections. Stimulin is superior to other herbal remedies for sexual vitality because it stimulates blood flow naturally. Nothing is forced, so the erections more like your previous ability.

You see, Stimulin provides nitric oxide (NO) a chemical messenger that is used in and a part of many normal body functions. For this reason, Stimulin is not taken right before sexual activity. Stimulin is taken like a supplement to assure your body works better in many areas – only one of which is the sexual function you are presently having trouble with. Stimulin is especially helpful for heart, blood pressure and gastrointestinal function – plus sexual function.

If you are satisfied with the way Stimulin helps you sexually, there is no need to go further. However, we are all different. Your results might not be all that you had hoped for; if that is so, then we recommend the use of one of several herbal products PDI has available that are useful to increase sexual ability. While continuing to take Stimulin© daily, we suggest you consider Step 2. This group of products is related to direct sexual stimulation and stamina, and these are used only right before sexual activity.

If after using Stimulin for several weeks you find you need a further boost with an an herbal sexual stimulant you should look at the products available in the PDI store. Unlike your daily dose of Stimulin, these herbal stimulants are taken only when sexual activity will take place.

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I suggest you experiment a but with the product lineup in this sequence, since this is the order of popularity of these products and I assume reflects the effectiveness of them, although you might easily respond differently:

Male X Booster
Herbal V

Any of these products, when taken with Stimulin©, should provide sufficient diversification for sexual support and stimulus. Once again, it comes down to synergy and approaching your problem (along with 3 out of 5 other men in America) with a broad based ED therapeutic approach.

Begin taking the product you select according to label directions. The big advantage with the herbal sexual products is that they are far less overpowering than a drug. This is critical for you because of your PD. To knock you off your feet I can either hit you with a baseball bat (Viagra) or gently tap you at a strategic point (herbal product). Either way the job is done, but one is more preferable; herbal products do not run the risk of damaging the tunica by out-of-control and powerful erections that erection drugs can cause.

Second, I recommend that you should demand of yourself change in the size, shape, density and surface features of your scars after you find you correct variety and dosage of Peyronies treatment. This means that if you have followed whatever plan of care you committed to you do not see a structural change in your Peyronie's plaque NOT a change in your penis curvature – you should change your plan until such time that your scar changes. Keep checking and revising your plan every 10-14 days until your scar begins to make structural changes. At that point when internal Peyronies scar begins to get reabsorbed and starts reducing, do not make any additional changes in your plan; just ride it out until the scar either is gone or changes stop occurring. If your scar reduction plateaus out, you will then need to increase your plan again in some way to re-stimulate absorption of the fibrous plaque.

You have followed a static plan for approximately three months, so if your scar is no different it is time to increase some element of the plan to boost the intensity of care. If you need help with the specifics of this process I will need to know the details of your plan and then I can make suggestions to you. Please advise. TRH


Is a larger single dosage better than smaller divided dosages for Peyronies treatment?

Dr Herazy,

Does taking the Peyronie's treatment at irregular intervals disrupt the efficacy of the supplements? I'm not referring to dosage.  I mean, still taking the recommended dosages per day, every single day (or whatever dosage the body needs to self correct) but, for example, instead of 2 Nattokinase twice a day, if someone took 4 of them all at once. Is this wrong? There are quite a few pills and given peoples' schedules and such, it seems unlikely they would be able to 100% of the time be able to take them right on schedule at regular intervals.

Also, when deciding to up the dosage of one of the therapies, how does one go about choosing which therapy to increase? Is it literally random, a best hunch? Or is there more of a science to choosing which one to increase?

Thanks for your time and information



Greetings A,

Thank you for the interesting question.

There are two ways of looking at what you propose in your example of taking four Nattokinase once a day instead of taking two Nattokinase twice a day.  The question is, since both methods deliver four Nattokinase to the body at the end of the day, is a larger single dosage more effective than a smaller divided dosage?

One of the methods that I suggest to men who wish to alter their Peyronies treatment dosage is to try to bundle up their dosages (especially the systemic enzymes like Neprinol, Nattokinase and Fibrozym) if the divided approach does not seem to be working as expected. 

The concept with the larger single dosage of systemic enzymes is that it would perhaps be more beneficial to flood the body with a large mass of enzymes all at once for maximum effect on fibrous scar material.  The concept of using smaller divided dosage of systemic enzymes is that it would perhaps be more beneficial to keep a relatively steady and constant application of the systemic enzymes working for maximum benefit.  Either approach could make a difference in treatment outcome and would only have to be used for a short time to determine the effectiveness. All treatment is judged by how it affects the size, shape, density and surface features of Peyronie's plaque – not what you or I think.

There is a third alternative approach that I often suggest that could be thought of as a combination of both approaches to dosage that you mentioned.   Let us say in the case of someone who is using nine Neprinol daily, it is often effective to alter the dosage during the course of the day by taking two Neprinol mid-AM, three Neprinol mid-afternoon, and four Neprinol before bedtime, since this will also flood the blood at a time when it will be most effective.  This altered approach totals to the same  nine Neprinol, but they are used so that there is a greater dosage available during the night hours when the blood is less likely to be carrying protein that might otherwise be attacked by the enzymes found in Neprinol, so they are more likely to do the good you hope for.  This strategy makes a lot of sense and often turns things around for a lot of people who are not getting the result s they want.   

Getting back to your example, I must admit that any serious Peyronie's plan usually involves use of much more than just four Nattokinase daily.  That is a relatively low dosage on the scheme of things.

Most increase of oral therapies involves working with Neprinol, Nattokinase, Fibrozym, PABA, Vitamin C, and Acetyl-L-carnitine, in that order.  

I cannot be more specific with information about what element(s) of our plan you might want to consider increasing since that is based on the specifics of the entire plan, not just looking at one small portion of it.  If you want help getting your plan in a more effective mode, contact me and we can work together.  TRH

Question about a mistaken idea about the Peyronie’s plaque

Dr Herazy,

As I'm sure you're aware, the Copenhagen City Heart Study suggested that patients who drank wine had half the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke, primarily due to the reduction of plaque.

Has any of your research indicated that drinking alcohol in moderation, 1-2 drinks a day, can have a positive effect on removing the plaque that causes PD?


Ken Francois


Greetings Ken,

Your question is based on a misunderstanding about the nature of the Peyronie's plaque which is not remotely related or associated with a blood vessel plaque formation; they are two different animals.    

I invite you to read the post I wrote some time ago, Peyronie's plaque or scar that will explain this subject better.  Part of the post will tell you that this plaque is not a vascular problem of blood vessels, but is a problem of the tunica albuginea of the penis.  Besides that its cellular structure is vastly different.  TRH

Easy treatment for Peyronie's disease?

hi doc plz tell me the correct and easy way to make it straight i m soo worried doc plz help me!!! guide me with natural and easy exercise in treatment thank you…


Sorry to disappoint you but there is no easy or fast treatment for Peyronie's disease. PD is not that kind of problem.

You seem to be a young fellow who might be inclined to believe the nonsense of some of the bogus websites that promise fast and easy Peyronies cures when nothing like that exists. Mystery herbs from Pakistan or mechanical penis stretchers will not correct the curved penis that is worrying you. Everyone believes that penis stretching will work until they learn it is a painful process that many men cannot do for more than a few minutes and is not effective because having Peyronies is not like having a bent paperclip.

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You will have to do some work, maybe even a lot of work, to help and support your body's ability to recover and reabsorb the Peyronie's plaque. It can be done and it is being done daily, but always with effort and time. All you have to do is go to Start Peyronie's Treatment and start learning and reading.

If none of this sounds appealing to you, you can always come back to the Peyronie's Disease Institute website when the easy methods have failed and you might be a bit worse.

Let me know if i can help you in any way. TRH


What can I do about a "waist" or narrow part of the penis that comes and goes?

Dr. Herazy,

I have a waist in my penis that comes and goes. It shows up at different times more than others. I can't figure out why it won't stay consistent. It make me uncertain how to treat it. But, at the point of the waist it tends to “slinky” or hinge left. I guess that's the weak circumference making it do that. Is there a remedy or stretch that can build that back up? please help.



It sounds like you are describing what is called an hourglass deformity often associated with Peyronie's disease. I suggest you go to a urologist who has experience with this problem for a complete examination so you can know for sure what you are dealing with. Please do this for yourself.

The rest of this reply will assume you have been diagnosed with Peyronies disease.

Peyronie;s disease is not a static condition; it changes from time to time, sometimes it seems like the condition of the Peyronie's plaque or scar changes daily. I am not positive this is true, but I am convinced that the internal Peyronie's plaque that causes all distortion in this condition, including an hourglass deformity such as you are describing, is caused by the presence of the fibrous scar within the penis shaft.

It is my theory based on a great amount of communication daily with men who have Peyronie's disease that to change frequently the scar responds to minute changes in the blood chemistry, specifically the pH of the blood (the acid-base balance of the blood). Many things influence the pH, but probably nothing as much as our diet. For this reason I have devised a special Peyronie's disease diet that is described in detail in chapter 5 of “Peyronie's Disease Handbook.” If you follow this diet you will likely be able to control this frequent change in the condition of your bottleneck deformity.

To eliminate the hourglass deformity entirely, and to make your penis straighter and more stable during intercourse, you need to support your body's ability to reabsorb and eliminate the Peyronie's plaque that is causing all your problem. To do that please go to Start Peyronie's Treatment on the PDI website.

An important part of that protocol to treat Peyronie's disease is to use a safe and effective gentle manual penis stretching technique that was developed in a research project conducted by PDI in 2006; it is very effective. Mechanical penis stretchers are proven unsafe and practically impossible to use for most men.

Let me know if I can help you in any way. TRH

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Are your treatments effective for Peyronie's disease with an hourglass deformtiy?

I have the hourglass form of Peyronie's disease. The hour glasses is right at the base of my penis. In 15 months I have lost more than an inch in length. The specialist I saw indicated my scarring was severe. He also used the word very thick. He recommended injections to the penis. Although he sounded more skeptical then confident. My scarring is on both sides and the top of my penis. Like I said all scarring started at the very base.

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Are your treatments effective for this type. I am at a total loss as to what to do. My wife of 32 years And I have gone from sex 4 X a week to almost not at all.

I cannot believe how this has affected me emotionally.


There is much you can do to help yourself; do not lose hope and confidence in your body's ability to remove this problem. The treatment outlined by the Peyronie's Disease Institute is intended to restore and support your natural ability to remove the Peyronie's plaque like the 50% of men whose PD goes away naturally.

Many MDs will not consider delivering injections into the Peyronie's plaque because repeated injections into such a small area, usually over a series of 12 office visits, represents another form of injury. Usually 8-20 injections are given at a single office visit to a small area where the scar is located, and this is done at 12 different office visits. This represents a lot of pin holes created in a very small area of delicate tissue. For this reason injections can cause Peyronie's disease, regardless of the drug being used, simply because of what the needle does to the delicate penile tissue.

There does not seem to be any difference in response to Peyronie's disease that causes an hourglass deformity, or an bottleneck deformity or a curve or dent or twist or combination of any of these. Regardless of how the Peyronie's plaque affects the appearance of the penis, it all comes down to helping the body remove the foreign fibrous material. Please look at use of any of the suggested therapy plans to see which one makes most sense to you.

Many men are wracked by the emotional aspects of Peyronie's disease. I suggest you read “Peyronie's Disease and Sex.” TRH


What assurance is there this Peyronies disease treatment works?

What ass

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urance is there after spending hundreds of dollars on your treatment options that the Peyronies disease will be helped?


Oh, I see. You are looking for me to give you a guarantee that the Alternative Medicine plans will work before you start.

No worthwhile and accepted medical treatment or procedure provides a guarantee of results. Aspirin does not guarantee anything, no blood pressure or cholesterol medication manufacturer can guarantees results, no guarantee comes with Viagra, and certainly no surgeon guarantees even the most minor surgery. Your dentist does not guarantee the Novocain will numb your gum, and that is why he keeps asking you while he is drilling your tooth if you can feel anything (he/she does not know if it is working the way it should). Yet you ask me to guarantee treatment of Peyronie's disease.

Within the world of Peyronie’s disease treatment I seem to notice most often a guarantee attached to ads and promotions for single remedy products that are sold by overseas companies. To keep myself informed about these products and to determine if there might be anything to their claims, I have on several occasions attempted to contact these companies that “guarantee” results. Never have I had any success in having a single one of these companies return a phone call or answer an email inquiring about their products. This, in my opinion, speaks volumes about the worth and credibility of any guarantee from companies that offer such a promise. I think the informed buyer had certainly beware meaningless and silly guarantees for results with a condition so difficult to treat as Peyronie’s disease.

All information found on the PDI website points to the direction that each man must understand that Peyronie’s disease is an extremely tough problem to deal with, hence the lack of interest or effective treatment from the medical community. The condition is marked by many variables and almost no constants that are commonly found in other health problems that make treatment possible. PD is so variable it lacks those benchmarks, due to the variables you correctly anticipate must be part of this response. It is the variables of PD that make PD what it is, and complicate all forms of treatment of it. How long a person chooses to treat his PD is a personal choice, as are other aspects of undergoing Alternative Medicine treatment. I would speculate that on average, a man – if he is going to see results at all – will tend to notice change within the first 3-4 months of care using the PDI concepts of Alternative medicine treatment. Sometimes noticeable change occurs in a few weeks, and other times not at all.

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Further, there is no way to predict or guarantee outcome of treatment because there is no way for me to assure that a man will actually go about treating his PD as he should.

That is just the truth of it. I am sure if you would ask your family medical doctor that same question you would get the same answer.

Perhaps you are simply not aware that 50% of the cases of Peyronies disease will clear up on their own, demonstrating that the condition is indeed responsive to self-repair or self-healing. The PDI concept of treatment for Peyronie’s disease is simply to do as many things as possible – all at the same time – to help and support and encourage the body in its effort to cure its Peyronie’s problem. We are not trying to get your body to do something special like growing an extra finger or raising your IQ 100 points. We are only attempting to assist the body to heal the Peyronie’s plaque like 50% of men will do naturally. It is as simple – and complicated – as that.

I suggest you go to the PDI website to read more about this process of natural healing, at “Peyronie’s Treatment Philosophy.” You simply lack confidence in yourself and this concept because you do not understand it. TRH

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Can you help with my confusion and frustration with the information about Peyronie’s disease I see on the internet?


I am a 43 years old noticed signs of Peyroine's Disease about six months ago at the base of the penis with out any pain or other complications. Since then I have notice three new nodules in the middle with a slight discomfort, curvature, and shortening.  I am thoroughly confused on what to do since there seems to be no modern medicine cures. The more I search the internet the more confused and frustrated I get.  Any suggestions and advise would be appreciated.


Medical information tends to be a repetition of promotion of a few types of surgery and injections that can actually cause or aggravate Peyronie's disease.  You will find the PD sites filled with contradictions about medical treatment.

Perhaps if you tell me specifically what you are confused and frustrated about I can address a particular issue to help you along.   At this point I have no idea what information you are looking for.

All you have to do is read the home page of the Peyronie's Disease Institute to learn about this condition and how to use Alternative Medicine to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque that is causing your pain, penile curvature and loss of length.  With probably close to 1000 pages of information about natural treatment of Peyronie's disease available to you I do not know what I can add.  A good entry point is "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH

Does Peyronie's disease go away like it came or is this for the rest of my life?

Dr. Herazy,

I have been married for 10 years.. 46 years old.. had sex the other night it seemed like my penis had a leather strap around the lower bottom.. and was not stable.. it has a indention all the way around the lower part and it also has a lump or bump in it and with this comes pain.. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED OVER NIGHT! I am shocked and scared.. My wife and I have always had a healthy sexual relationship and this is frightening to think that this has happened out of thin air. It has cut down on the size of my penis and the sensation is not there that was before!

I have had issues with my testicles, especially the left.. swelling at times and after having back surgery in 2009 NO DOCTORS could figure out what was making my left testicle swell. Felt like someone had kicked me down in the groin for 6 weeks and finally went to a pain management Doctor and they did a Caudal Block Injection… right above the crack of my rear end. He said that during the back surgery they may have got into those nerves but all I know is with in 5 minutes of the injection I felt relief after 6 weeks of feeling like someone had kicked me.. the nausea, stomach pain, and testicle pain.. the whole works finally subsided.

Does this go away like it came or is this for the rest of my life?



Greetings Robert,

Your description makes it sound like you have Peyronie's disease, although it is not possible to know for certain without a direct physical examination and more information from you. You should go to an experienced and compassionate urologist in your area for an examination and diagnosis to confirm my suspicion.

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If it turns out that you do have Peyronie's disease you need to know that in about 50% of cases it will resolve itself with no residual problem or side effects afterward. If spontaneous reversal or recovery happens it will typically occur within 12-18 months after onset of the problem.

The medical community says that there is no way to change the damage done by Peyronie's disease for the unlucky 50% whose problem does not go away on its own. I happen to disagree with this statement, since I and many hundreds of men who have used the PDI treatment protocol have been able to increase our ability to either greatly reduce or eliminate the foreign Peyronie's plaque fibrous material. This is good to keep in mind since the only current medical treatment for Peyronies disease is penis surgery. However, Peyronie's surgery can develop some very nasty side effects and bad results. Please do all that you can to avoid Peyronie's surgery.

The PDI concept of Peyronies treatment is that the 50% of cases in which this penis problem goes away on its own represents natural healing, as the body should be able to do for anyone. The natural Peyronie's treatment protocol you see in this website is an attempt to increase or support the innate ability of the body to heal. I maintain that anyone with this problem should first attempt to see if his body is capable of natural recovery (as happens in half of the men who develop PD) before using more extreme and irreversible methods.

To review helpful information, see “Start Peyronie's treatment.” TRH