Am I using my Peyronie's treatment plan properly?

I recently started treating my Peyronies. I currently take 3 Neprinol 3x a day. In the morning I take 4 Unique E, 3000mg of vitamin C and 1 Bromelain 5000. I also use DMSO and Super CP Serum. Am I taking the supplements properly and am I on the right track? There has been little or no change in the 2 weeks since I started treatment.


First of all, you did not give me a lot of detail about how you are using your plan. For example, you did not mention if you are taking the Neprinol with your meals or between meals. And you did not mention if you are taking the vitamin E and vitamin C with your meals or between meals. Saying that you “use” DMSO and Super CP Serum does not give me any idea how you are applying it. Lastly, you did not mention if are taking the Bromelain 5000 with your meals or between meals. All of these details are very important to know if you are actually using your therapies correctly and what kind of results you will earn as a consequence.

Also, when you write that in two weeks “(t)here has been little to no change” I would like to know what it is that you are basing that statement on. No change in curvature of your penis, or no change in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD plaque? What you are using to gauge your success and the effectiveness of your treatment plan is of critical importance. Please let me know the answers to the above questions and I will be able to reply with a much more helpful response to you. TRH


Does Scar-X contain alcohol?

Does Scar X contain alcohol? I would like to use it as a Peyronies treatment, but I no longer consume alcohol and I know from experience many homeopathic remedies in drop form do contain alcohol.



Greetings Andrew,

Yes, all homeopathic liquid formulations contain alcohol. A one ounce bottle of Scar-X, which is an important element in all Peyronie's disease treatment plans, contains 20% alcohol by volume. TRH
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Could Scar-X work for my Peyronie’s disease?

Wow, I developed Peyronie disease due to a bend during intercourse. When it happened it felt like blood was filling up the bottom side of my penis. It was 2009 when this happened, its now 2012. I was embarrassed to tell anyone. I believe scar tissue has taken over the bottom side of my penis. It actually feels like a tube running all the way down to my testicles. With me doing research, it seems like a severe case.   Could Scar-X work for my condition?



Sudden and forceful bending of the penis during intercourse is a very common mechanism to injury that leads to Peyronie's disease and a curved penis. 

The distribution of scar development you describe is not uncommon; I have many men on the PDI program that describe their scars in a similar pattern and extent.

No where on the PDI website will you find that we suggest anyone treats a problem as stubborn and complicated as Peyronies disease with just one therapy.  Alternative Medicine treatment to be most successful should be broad- based and aggressive.  Using any one therapy, like Scar-X alone, probably would not do much good for you.   Scar-X is a very effective homeopathic formula that is used in Peyronie's disease treatment to develop a synergistic response in the body to increase the ability to heal and eliminate the PD scar.  I suggest you spend a bit of time reading more information on the PDI website to learn how to put these ideas into action.  TRH     

What is the success rate of PDI Peyronies treatment approach?

I am curious, what is the success rate of your Peyronies treatment approach? John from Australia

Greetings John,

You ask about PDI Peyronie's disease treatment results. All day long I send emails to men from around the world – like yourself – who do not have to report back to me, and over whom I have no control as to how, if, and when they use their various therapies.

I can only tell you this directly about the treatment results I have heard about from men over the years: I receive about 12-15 emails or telephone conversations reporting improvement in scar size, shape or density, or favorable change in penis curvature, or improvement of sexual function, for every one email or telephone call I receive complaining of no progress concerning the above. Considering that people tend to complain more than they compliment, I interpret this 12:1 ratio in a very favorable way.  But to give you percentages of natural Peyronies treatment improvement, I cannot report that to you at this time. Perhaps some time in the future when we are able to do formal research.

PDI is not yet conducting controlled studies, so I have no way of knowing how any of this is being used. And of course how these products are used determines the results that are earned. I get back bits and pieces of information from men about their treatment results. My feedback is limited in response to the large amount of information I put out to the PD community.

There is no guarantee that you or anyone else will use any of these products as I suggest that you use them. Actually, after doing this work since 2002 I find that few people start out using their Peyronie's treatment plan in the correct way.  You know how people can be. I can only hope that the suggestions I make are given fair consideration and application is made in the correct way. As a result, I do not receive with any regularity reports from men about their treatment results.

All I can tell you is that the more that a person does to knock that scar out of the tissue, the greater the synergistic effect and the greater the likelihood for success. You either understand the concept of synergy or you don’t. It is the reason that MDs have so much trouble with patients when they start putting them on more than one drug – when combined, the synergistic effect of multiple drugs begins to magnify, often causing drug reactions that most people have come to be concerned about. In the area of Alternative Medicine the results tend to be beneficial.

I notice from your records that you have only ordered Scar-X from PDI, and nothing else to treat your PD.   It is a good product we have used with success over many years. However, since you order only Scar-X you are using this product in a way it is not intended to be used.   You are a good example of what I mentioned earlier.  You are not following the suggestions of PDI and yet you will judge PDI results after not following our suggestions.   It is your decision; I can only advise you along the way and you will decide how you wish to proceed.  TRH

Peyronie’s disease treatment with Scar-X homeopathy

Homeopathic Scar-X used for Peyronie's disease treatment

Scar-X is a great Peyronie’s disease treatment that just happens to be a Peyronie's Scar-X homeopathy therapy.  This is a unique homeopathic product that was put together exclusively for Peyronie’s Disease Institute by a gifted young homeopath from California.  Homeopathy is not a nutritional therapy; it is a type of energy medicine. It is about 175 years old and is gaining rapidly in popularity in the U.S., although it is used far more extensively in most other parts of the world.

Let me tell you how you can know for sure that homeopathy is gaining respect and use within the traditional medical community.  Recently, I attended a medical meeting at a famous teaching hospital in my area, during which the benefits of homeopathy were explained.  There were about 500-600 MDs in attendance.  We all were urged to consider using homeopathy in a case if standard prescription drugs were ineffective.

In addition there is yet another, even stronger, proof that homeopathy is gaining tremendous medical acceptance and use.  Go to your favorite drug store, and ask the pharmacist for some over-the-counter cold relief remedies.  In this same area of the drug store I guarantee you will find several – many – homeopathic preparations.  However, you will not know they are homeopathic preparations  because the DRUG store and the DRUG companies do not want you to know you are taking a non-drug preparation. Now they sell it to you, but it is presented as though it was just another drug.  Homeopathy will be packaged and presented as though it was just another over-the-counter medication, although it is not.  You will also find more homeopathic remedies in the over-the-counter section that are used for menstrual cramps, headaches, sore throat, hemorrhoids, fever, and many other common complaints.

Yes, homeopathy has really gained a large following within the mainstream medical community, they just don’t want to make a lot of fuss about it because they have ridiculed homeopathy for so many years it the past, saying it was worthless and quackery. The medical establishment is not good at admitting it was wrong.

Different way to use Scar-X

Scar-X is a very popular and low cost homeopathic remedy that can be a part of your Peyronie’s disease treatment.  If you follow the directions that are provided with each order you will be taking it in a very effective way.

However, there is a variation for taking Scar-X, and any other homeopathic preparation that you may have, that adds to its effectiveness.  I used this method when I was treating, and cured, my own Peyronie’s disease.   Here is another way to take a liquid homeopathic formula, rather than simply squirting it under your tongue and holding it there for 30 seconds:

1.      Place about 12 ounces of water in a glass, or find a water bottle of 12-16 ounces.  The exact amount of water is not that critical.

2.      Place 2-10 drops of Scar-X in the water, and agitate and stir well.

3.      Sip this water all day long, following the restrictions about not having any strong taste or recent food or liquid in your mouth for 15 minutes before or after you do take the water/Scar-X combination.

4.      It should take you perhaps all day long to finish the water/Scar-X combination.  So, in effect, it will take you all day long to consume the 2-10 drops of the homeopathic formula that you started put into the  glass of water.   The idea is that since homeopathy is all about extreme dilutions of substances down to the point that they are only present as energy when you take them, this further reduction and dilution of the Scar-X will make it more effective for you.

So there you have a different way of taking Scar-X that might be more effective than the other method.  Try it and let me know what you think.  Follow all of the other rules about taking the homeopathic formula that you were given when you received your order.

If you are not using Scar-X, you should look into it to increase your chance for Peyronie's treatment success.

Let me know if you have comments or questions about this post.  Just leave your comments in the reply box, below, and thank you. TRH