Should I add Neprinol to my Peyronies treatment plan?

Hello doctor,  My bottles of Fibrozym and Nattokinase from my first order are almost finished.  I am already beginning to see my scars getting smaller and softer so I am really encouraged.   You had recommended replacing these two with Neprinol when I reorder my other therapy products.  Is this the best time for that order of Neprinol, or should I reorder Fibrozym and Nattokinase and also add Neprinol to my plan.  Thanks,  Larry


Greetings Larry, 

You are very early in your care and you are already seeing some positive changes, so I will assume that more change and progress is possible once you determine the best therapy plan for your particular problem.

Everyone must work to figure out what is the best therapy plan for himself.  I suggest you should think about doing this, based on your response to your current strategy: try using only Neprinol for awhile, and see what happens.  Experiment a bit and see what happens. 

Take the Neprinol in a slowly increasing dosage based on the general information you receive when you order from PDI. If taking Neprinol as the only enzyme therapy causes your positive changes to regress or slow down, then it is a mistake and you should go back to Fibrozym and Nattokinase – but it really should make a greater improvement. If taking Neprinol as the only enzyme therapy causes further positive changes, then stay with that for a while.  After a month or two of good changes on Neprinol only, then continue using Neprinol but add Fibrozym and Nattokinase back into your plan so you are taking three enzyme products. See what that does to your scar reaction.

EVERYTHING gets back to how your scar responds. You and I can make up all kinds of treatment strategies, but you must test any of them against what they do to your scar.  It does not make any difference what you and I think might be helpful to reduce the PD scar.  You must prove to yourself that what you are taking is working by actually measuring positive changes in your PD scar.  This is the PDI treatment philosophy that makes sense to everyone.   

Your scar is the enemy – destroy it – and it will tell you exactly what it will take to do the destroying if you know what to look for in scar behavior.  However, you must be paying very close attention to what it is telling you in order for you to learn from it.  TRH

Should I continue with the same Peyronies therapy and for how long?

On 4/15/11 I suffered a trauma to my penis during sex, (no black and blue or bleeding), my girl leaned too far back while on top. I went to the urologist 2 days later experiencing pain and a lump at the base. He suggested 4 weeks of abstinence. Unfortunately that didn't work and I searched the internet for some answers. I am 47, of good health, exercise regularly, no health problems. I did the enzyme therapy,Vita-E and C, PABA and applied the Thackers formula every night. It has been 3 months now and no change in the lump at the base. I have an hour glass shape, no bend. The only change was the pain subsided within the first 2 weeks but the lump only changes size when erect it's larger and smaller while flaccid. This has been constant since the beginning. Should I continue with the same Peyronie's therapy and for how long? Please reply with any suggestions.



You ask for suggestions:

1. While abstinence might have been wise during the very acute stage of injury, it is poor Peyronie's disease treatment.  I suggest ice and anti-inflammatory measures (essential fatty acids, aspirin, etc) would have served you better.     

2. I do not know what you mean when you say you "did enzyme therapy, Vita-E and C, and PABA."   That does not tell me enough; you need to provide dosage, frequency or timing for how how you used them.  That makes a tremendous difference for the possibility of success.  Just popping pills in hopes that something works is usually not helpful and it is definitely not the way PDI suggests anyone conducts good therapy.  I cannot comment on the kind of treatment plan that you followed without knowing more about it.  I suggest you provide more information.

3.  Further, it appears that while you got your idea for using vitamin, E, vitamin C and PABA from the PDI website but you did not get your therapy products from PDI.  This is often a mistake since you have no assurance about the quality of those products or how to use them.  People who visit the PDI website for a few ideas and then experiment on their own with only partial compliance to our ideas, usually earn partial results.  I suggest you made a big mistake by deciding to experiment when you should have been actively treating yourself with known products of high quality.

4.  When you say their is no change in the lump at the base of your penis, what do you mean?  What is the current size, shape, density and surface features of that lump?  If you do not know the specific answer to those questions, I suggest you are only guessing if your lump has or has not changed.     

5.  You say since the time of your injury the lump changes size when erect compared to being flaccid, but you also say you were not black and blue as a result of the initial injury. This seems to be contradictory. Since I am not able to verify this information, I would suggest that you might be mistaken on this point. 

6.  You ask if you should continue your therapy and for how long.  You did not tell me enough about your therapy or your lump so that I can answer that question. Please provide those details.

7.  Based on the information you provided, you "did enzyme therapy, Vita-E and C, and PABA." for about two months.  That is a short time for whatever you did.  I suggest you are being too hasty judging the effectiveness of care.  This tissue is often slow to respond.

8.  I suggest you might not have Peyronie's disease at this time; you might be on your way toward it but you might not have it at this time. You notice I used the word "might" three times in that last sentence.  This is because I am unsure since your injury happened less than four months ago, and you did not present your story in a way that is typical of Peyronie's disease. My guess is that you are still in the acute stages of a soft tissue injury and that you should consider doing more to reduce the active inflammation at this time.

9.  My last suggestion is the most important:  Learn more about the correct Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease by spending more time reading about it in the PDI website.

Good luck to you.  TRH

Should I take Neprinol with other enzymes or by itself?

Hi Dr. Herazy, 

Should I take Neprinol with Fibrozym and Nattokinase, or just take it by itself?   Jerry 

Greetings Jerry,

Just so we are clear on what you are asking me, I know you are following a larger PDI therapy plan so I am confident you are also using other therapies besides the Neprinol, Fibrozym and Nattokinase you mentioned.   The way you asked your question I could get the idea you wanted to just use Neprinol by itself.  If that what you are thinking of doing, then I strongly advise against that.  I have never spoken to anyone who has earned good results by using Neprinol as a solo treatment for Peyronies.  You always want to diversify and broaden your treatment base with a variety of internal and external therapies, right?  

Men use Neprinol both ways – as a total substitute for the other enzyme products, or in addition to them (usually with the Neprinol being the primary enzyme source and the others being used as a minor role). The choice is yours.

I would consider using just the Neprinol as the only systemic enzyme, and see how it goes. If that is not enough to get the scars to change favorably, then bring back the Fibrozym, or Nattokinase, or Quercetin/Bromelain, or all of them into your existing therapy plan.

You must keep experimenting to learn what Peyronies treatment makes your scar size, shape, density and surface features respond favorably and then go with that.