Why Is My Penis Curved?

How to straighten a penis

What a terrible shock to realize, “My penis is curved.” 

But then you must ask, “How did that happen, and what is going on down there?  And the most important question to Google, “How to straighten my penis?”

Of several causes of a curved penis, the most common and difficult to deal with is Peyronie’s disease.  

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that occurs in about 6-10% of men over the age of 40 (although it can affect teenagers and men in their early 20s) in which a dense and thick mass of fibrous tissue, called a Peyronie’s plaque or scar, is found within the tunica albuginea layer of the penis.  The presence of this fibrous nodule or band  under the skin of the penis prevents the normal expansion of the chambers of the penis during an erection.  This causes the erection to be curved, bent, hinged, or to take on an hourglass or bottleneck distortion.

Please visit Peyronie’s symptoms to view the Peyronie’s pictures of curved penis to determine if you might have this condition.  It is always advisable to have a complete examination by a physician to make an accurate diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease.  Do not think you can self-diagnose this problem.

The problem of Peyronie’s disease is not that you have a curved penis; the penile curvature is just the outward appearance of the actual problem that is found below the skin surface.  The real problem is the Peyronie’s plaque found deeper in the tunica albuginea causing incomplete filling of the penile chambers.  For this reason any treatment that is only directed to making the penis straight, without removing the PD plaque, will not be successful.

If a man knows he has Peyronie’s disease he should also know the problem is that his body produced excessive scar tissue or plaque in response to a small injury or inflammation of the deep penile tissue layer.  While the Peyronie’s Disease Institute does not take a position against Peyronie’s surgery, we feel too many men resort to penis surgery far too soon before trying conservative treatment.   Our objection to Peyronie’s surgery is that when a surgeon cuts that same tissue that has the plaque material in it puts stitches into it, what prevents additional scar formation from occurring?  The very real chance that more scar tissue will result is the reason many urologists and surgeons take a position against all Peyronie’s surgery.

Peyronie’s Disease Institute has educated men since 2002 about the use of Alternative Medicine to assist the body to heal the Peyronie’s plaque.  Fifty percent of men naturally recover from Peyronie’s disease without any help or outside intervention.  Our approach is to assist each man to increase his chance to heal naturally like those in that lucky 50% group. So if you are one who has said in shock, “Why is my penis curved,” and “How to straighten your penis,”  now you know. 

Learn more about Peyronie’s disease treatment with Alternative Medicine. A good source of information is the Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.