My Peyronies disease is worse after a series of Verapamil injections, what can I do?

Dr. Herazy,

I spoke with you some time ago about a treatment for Peyronie's disease. I have had my problem for 15 years. Until a few years ago I never even heard of PD. Doctors simply told me to give it time and see if it would go away. They didn't even tell me what it was.  When I finally was told of PD I tried verapamil injections and it made the problem worse (another large scar along the injection areas).  I do not have a curvature just two large scars and it causes pain and lack of elasticity. I would like to start a program(vitamins and Neprinol), plus the diet mentioned in the book.  Can you please recommend a starting course of action?

I am also very large(6'8" about 260 lbs) not heavy just tall. Regarding the diet, does the lack of meat intake include fish? I am not sure how my body will take such dietary restrictions.

One last thing, my scars never seem to change shape or texture like you mention in the book.  They are very solid.  Due to the length of time I have had this problem and the non changing scars, does this mean I need to manage my expectations?

Thank you!



Greetings Alex,

While the medical profession is supposed to discuss and explain everything about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the condition for which treatment is being given, many doctors do not offer this basic level of care.   They rush in and rush out, don't they?  The kind of poor care you received for your Peyronie's disease is all too common.  

Your response to your verapamil injection series is not uncommon. Most often verapamil is injected in 5-10 different areas of the penis each time, over 8-12 different office visits; if this is true a man can receive up to 120 different injections into a rather small area of the shaft.  Repeated injections of any kind of drug when delivered into a small area of the shaft is traumatic to the tissue and can easily cause a scar response because it is just like any other injury that happens to the penis.  I have counseled with many MDs who wanted help when they developed Peyronies disease; as a group they all reject the idea of any kind of injections into the penis because they know it is traumatic to tissue, regardless of what drug might be injected.

There is no approved drug treatment of Peyronie's disease, so any time a doctor prescribes a drug it is an experiment.  Thus, many doctors have given up using drugs that do nothing, and resort to the old "give it some time while you do nothing and let's see what happens" treatment.  In the meantime a man gets worse and wastes valuable time and opportunity during which he could do many different things to try to increase his natural ability to heal and repair like the 50% of men whose PD just goes away on its own.  This is where the PDI treatment concept comes in.  All we suggest is that a man with PD attempts to increase his natural ability to eliminate his PD by using a wide variety of different natural therapies.  To start I suggest you review the information at "Start Peyronie's treatment," found toward the the top of the PDI home page.  

I speculate that your penis is straight because your two scars are balanced and causing equal stresses within the shaft, preventing you from having a curved penis when erect.   Still they cause after all these years pain and lack of elasticity, which is associated with the dense fibrous tissue irritating the soft tissue of the shaft. 

Yes, you can use fish as a protein source as suggested in the PDI diet.

I cannot comment with certainty about your scars not changing shape or density because I have not examined you.  However, you admit you have not formally determined the exact size, shape, density or surface features of your scars;  you are relying on your memory to judge if your scar has changed, and this is never as accurate as it needs to be when dealing with Peyronie's treatment.  For these reasons I take the position that you do not know with certainty if your scar is actually static or not.  Since so many men, and myself, have personally noted that their PD scars do change size, shape, density and surface features in response to changes in body chemistry, that you could be mistaken in regard to your scars.  This is exactly the reason it is critical that each man with Peyronie's disease clearly knows these various physical features of this scars so he can use this information to determine his immediate response to the self-administered treatment we suggest.  

Please let me know how I can be of help to you.  TRH 

Do you simply recommend the same treatment products for all Peyronies cases?

My husband, age 56, has been diagnosed by a urologist with Peyronie's disease. He has had it now for a total of about 6 months.

We live in the Chicago area.   Is there any reason for him to come see you to determine what products he should take or do you simply recommend the same products to all.



I think you have either not spent enough time reading the PDI website, or you misunderstand what you have read.

I do not recommend specific Peyronie's disease treatment to anyone, and never have.   I do not treat anyone; I do not have a doctor/patient relationship with any of the men I work with from the PDI site.  Men on the PDI website treat and manage their own PD problems, and are encouraged to directly discuss their self-directed PD treatment with their local treating doctor.   I daily suggest to a few dozen men that they should use the most diverse and broad Peyronie's treatment plan they can faithfully and aggressively follow for a few months.  This happens to be different for each man because their decisions are all different, as well as their eventual dedication and determination are also different.  As each man makes unique decisions for himself, so are their Peyronie's treatment plans completely unique.    

I do recommend that to be most effective, treatment for Peyronie's disease must be unique and specific to the man who has the condition.  In this way, I have never worked with one man who has used a Peyronie's treatment plan that was designed or used like any other man – and I have worked with well over a 1,000 men by now; all treatment is different.

 We currently have four sample PD treatment plans on the PDI website, each one nicely balanced and used by many hundreds of men.  In the description that accompanies each plan you will find that we advise each man can freely add to or subtract from these sample plans or to use them as they are.   Each man must decide for himself how he will best go about his self-directed care. 

Men do not come to me to determine what products they should take.  Men make a basic decision for which plan to start their care based usually on economics and what information they have read about the various therapies.  Regardless of how care starts, care continues and moves in the direction as dictated by how each man's scar changes or does not change in response to his treatment plan.  this change that he monitors concerns the size, shape, density and surface features of his Peyronie's plaque or scar.  In this way each individual man works directly with the response of his body to the Peyronies treatment he has started with, and in this way he not I determines independently what treatment works best for him.  I do not make any treatment decisions.   When someone asks me a question about treatment I offer in response several ideas and information based on my experience and knowledge.  But it is entirely up to each man to observe his scar response to treatment, and based on this direct information to decide how he wishes to proceed with care.  In this way each man eventually follows his own totally unique plan of care.

I recommend that a man uses the treatment products that are found on the PDI website because I have over 10 years experience working with them and I have confidence in them.   Other products you might use could be of questionable value and ability to help your husband recover.   I cannot offer ideas or information about therapy products that are unknown to me. 

Once a man has a diagnosis of Peyronie's disease there is no need for me to meet him in person.   With this form of Alternative Medicine treatment there is no need to meet face to face to discuss details or answer questions about PD treatment.  All of that can be easier and more efficiently done over the phone.   I would be pleased to speak with your husband and answer his questions about the PDI method of increasing the ability of the body to heal and repair Peyronie's disease.   TRH

Does anyone know the best treatment for Peyronie’s disease?

Does anyone know the best treatment for Peyronie's disease? I want to know how do I cure myself in the fastest way I can before this problem ruins my life and pushes me over the edge.  My doctor does not seem to care at all how this problem is affecting me.  He actually told me to do nothing for six months, and then he would decide if I needed surgery. I really need to know how to get back to feeling like a normal man again.


Before I give you the best and most honest answer I can, I want you to know that I had Peyronie's disease and cured myself of it in 2002.   That is how this website got started and how all of this information was put together.  When I first developed Peyronies I felt really terrible inside just like all men do when they lose this part of their lives.  I know how rotten and scared you are feeling because I felt that way and so did hundreds of men I have worked with over the years.  Many of us, just like I did, were thinking the same terrible black thoughts you are thinking right now.  You cannot let yourself lose control of who you really are and what is really important in life.  You must not let PD win over you because you are more than just a penis, and you are stronger and more important than this problem.

Every week I get emails and phone calls from men from around the world who are making improvement with their PD scars and their curvatures.  Some get a little help, some get a tremendous amount of help, but almost everyone who works hard and follows a few simple ideas about Peyronie's treatment earns some level of improvement of this PD. 

You will not know if you can help yourself until you decide to try.  Right now you are letting PD control your thoughts and feelings, and this is not good.  You are making the mistake of allowing yourself feel like a PD victim.  Just because your MD did not spend time talking with you and did not have answers for you does not mean you cannot take care of yourself.  You can be in control of your situation if you make that decision.  It all comes down to deciding to be bigger, stronger, tougher and more determined than your PD.  Once you do that you will be in control of your feelings and you will get busy helping your body eliminate your Peyronie's plaque to the best of your ability.   TRH

Peyronie’s Vitamin Therapy

Peyronie’s disease vitamin treatment to promote healing and repair

All Peyronie’s disease treatment is controversial.  Peyronie’s vitamin therapy is even more so because the medical profession has always been slow to understand the use of nutrition to promote wellness.  This website presents information about the use of natural Peyronie’s disease vitamin and minerals unlike the conventional use of drugs and surgery to treat Peyronie’s disease.

The use of Alternative Medicine in the form of Peyronie’s disease vitamin, mineral and enzyme treatment has been developed in the following manner:
1. Distillation and interpretation of opinions and data found in hundreds of medical research studies and ongoing technical data from the scientific community, as found in the footnotes at the conclusion of each of the Peyronie’s disease treatment subheadings.
2.  Concurrence of opinion of the three primary medical doctors, and Dr. Herazy, who practiced together at Pioneer Medical Clinic, Chicago, IL, using their combined clinical experience of 90 years in practice, along with their medical knowledge and experience with  Complementary Medicine to promote the innate healing response of the immune system.
3.  Observations and personal experience of Dr. Herazy who treated his own Peyronie’s disease problem while using these same Peyronie’s vitamin treatment principles. Dr. Herazy was successful treating his severe case of Peyronie’s disease, and presents on this website what he learned from his valuable experience.
4.  Dr. Herazy’s experience and direct feedback from thousands of men and women who successfully used the Peyronie’s disease vitamin and enzyme treatment principles outlined throughout this large website.  This valuable information is retrieved from many dozens of telephone and email discussions each day since 2002, in which issues of progress and lack of progress, modifications of Peyronie’s disease treatment protocols are worked out on an individual basis.
5.   Analysis of data and information derived from PDI’s ongoing seven-year survey questionnaire research project, voluntarily provided by approximately 2,400 men who have Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease vitamin treatment not mainstream

Traditional medicine, with no accepted Peyronie’s drug treatment, offers only surgery as a mainstream cure.  The Peyronie’s Disease Institute is not against Peyronie’s surgery when a case has been unresponsive to prolonged and aggressive use of multiple conservative care.  However, this is not how it is often done; too many men rush into surgery believing that is an easy and sure solution to a big problem.  Each surgical candidate should remember these three things:
1. Surgery will not restore the penis to its original length.
2. After surgery, hardened scar will develop to shorten the penis, often by 1-2 inches.
3. There is no guarantee that additional scarring might occur at the site of surgery, resulting in a return and possible worsening of Peyronie’s disease.

Yet, there are many Peyronie’s vitamin therapies investigated in large body of medical research that documents positive, but inconclusive and sometimes variable, reports of success while treating PD. Improvement and recovery made in the body while using Peyronie’s disease vitamin and enzyme treatments can be subtle and slow since their purpose is only to support or encourage a normal process of nature that is reduced or absent.

Our Peyronie’s disease treatment theory is that the potential benefits of these subtle natural therapies are enhanced and multiplied by simply using several alternative therapies at the same time – known to science as synergy.  It is easy to understand – at least for most laypeople – that a single natural therapy will not work as well as aggressive multiple therapies; like “ganging up” on the problem. One child cannot lift a grown man; five or six children can do it with ease.

It is our opinion that it is safe and reasonable to attempt to improve the eventual outcome of PD by faithfully and aggressively using several conservative Peyronie’s vitamin treatment ideas that are based on sound science and common sense.

One of the important elements of a good treatment strategy is to do a variety of Peyronies disease exercises along with using vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs to support your natural recovery.

Penis Stretching for Peyronie’s Disease

Penis stretching with fingertips is safer and works better

None of the popular mechanical devices for penis stretching were ever intended to be used for Peyronie’s disease treatment. These strap-on stretchers were only designed for men to develop a larger penis – and nothing more.  Actually, there is no proof these penis stretchers make a lasting change in the length of the penis; all evidence suggests the changes are temporary and rather brief.  Men with Peyronie’s disease are often desperate for something that might help them, and penis stretching with a mechanical device is often used with poor to bad results, that will be explained below.

Since there is no known or standardized medical Peyronie’s cure, it is only natural that men might resort to penis stretching sooner or later.  The ads are very persuasive with beautiful women dressed in white lab coats to convince the buyer that a mechanical device for penis stretching work as an accepted method of Peyronie’s treatment, when that is just not true.  It is just a marketing idea.

Any man with a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease has looked to penis stretching with a high priced mechanical harness and traction devices because they are so widely advertised.  What man doesn’t want to believe that the answer to his Peyronie’s disease involves making his penis larger?  That is like telling an alcoholic that the way to get rid of a hangover is to drink another beer.  He would like to believe that kind of solution.

Over the years I believe I have investigated every mechanical penis stretching device I have seen, and I find no great difference between them; they are all basically the same with little important difference making one better than another.   These products are popular with men who have Peyronie’s disease because they propose a simple solution for a complicated problem.  Everyone would like to believe solving PD is as simple as simple as straightening out a bent paper clip.  But you notice they make many claims but offer no proof of effectiveness.  In fact, in my opinion these penis stretcher products are dangerous.

Since I began my work in Peyronie’s disease in 2002 I have spoken to many men who are convinced their PD started with the use of one of those penis stretching devices.  The trauma of forceful and prolonged stretching of the delicate tunica can be enough in some men to start the injury that results in excessive scarring.

Other men I have spoke to about these penis stretching schemes say they cannot use them.  It is simple to understand if you think about it a bit.  The head (glans) of the penis MUST be held firmly enough in a penis stretcher to develop traction force, but there is no good way to get a grip on it.  So the head must be squeezed tight enough to not lose contact with the stretcher, and this pressure concentrated to one area at the glans (head) can cause tissue damage and it can be very painful.  Many men report they can only wear it for a few minutes or an hour at a time.  Bruises, open sores or blisters can develop in a short time.  The manufacturer says it should be worn several hours or more per day.  I think it is not very likely that most men could do this.

Safe, gentle, manual penis stretching designed specifically for Peyronie's disease

If this problem of open sores and bruising were not actually a problem, the manufacturers would not include detailed information in their brochures about how to treat open wounds and infections caused by the stretchers, and they would not include information about wearing bandages and extra padding on the penis to prevent bruises and open sores.  But the fact is they do.  You will find they tell about these two problems and how to try to avoid kind of injury – they must because they try to prevent law suits that have occurred because these are common problems with the stretchers.

Even if these devices really worked, you would only have a temporarily elongated penis that still had the PD scar.  This is not progress or good treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

Since the concept for penis stretching for Peyronie’s disease treatment is interesting, after an 18 month research project I developed a gentle manual technique that is specific to the problem of Peyronies disease.   Keeping the penis stretched for just a few minutes with the fingertips safely and effectively can reduce the PD scar and distortion of Peyronie’s disease.  If you want to learn about a safe and effective way of treating your Peyronie’s problem with manual penis stretching, view the penis stretching videos at the PDI website at manual penis stretching technique.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease with Drugs

Medical Peyronie’s disease treatment

Medical treatment for Peyronie’s diseaseis basically limited to simple reduction of pain and hope for some level of sexual function.  Since no known medical treatment of Peyronie’s disease exists, several experimental approaches are used with only half-hearted enthusiasm by the average medical doctor.

Current experimental medical approaches used to treat Peyronie’s disease:

  • COLLAGENASE – Currently being researched as an injection directed into the scar tissue to enzymatically digest and eliminate it.   It is found that repeated injections into the penile tissue can cause Peyronie’s disease, and hence the long term outlook for this method is questionable.
  • POTABA – This is PABA, a B vitamin, with a potassium molecule attached.  PABA is a safe form of Peyronies treatment, but the addition of potassium to the B vitamin requires a large dosage often resulting in severe gastric pain and digestive problems.
  • COLCHICINE – This is a standard gout medication that is used to treat Peyronie’s disease because it is supposed to reduce inflammation and scar formation.  Not many reports of success are evident in the literature, and for this reason this drug is not a very popular Peyronie’s treatment.
  • INTERFERON – A protein that is used because it is thought to disrupt the production and promote the breakdown of collagen.  Of all medications used, this is the least popular Peyronies’ disease treatment.
  • VERAPAMIL – A drug normally used to treat high blood pressure. Can be administered topically in gel form over several months, or is directly injected into the plaque in a series of 8-20 shots into the penile tissue. This drug, in either form, is also less popular than it was when first introduced several years ago due to poor clinical results.
  • STEROIDS – This is the same common drug used for many conditions, basically because of its anti-inflammatory ability.
  • RADIATION – In low dosage thought to reduce pain, and no other benefit to Peyronie’s treatment.   Can lead to other problems of excess radiation.
  • SURGERY – Because the body does spontaneously resolve about 50% of Peyronie’s disease cases without any treatment or medical intervention, surgery should not be considered for at least one or two years following onset of signs and symptoms of the disease.  Peyronies surgery is used only in severe cases, because it is not uncommon for surgery to make Peyronie’s disease worse or lead to complications that are worse than the original problem.

Most men who contact the Peyronie’s Disease Institute have already tried one or more of the above treatments, and are still looking for Peyronie’s help.  The philosophy to treat Peyronie’s disease is simply to treat the man who has the Peyronie’s scar so he is better able to eliminate and correct his own problem – just as happens with the 50% of men who spontaneously heal their own Peyronies scar without any help from anyone.

The basic approach used by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute is to use as many well-researched Alternative Medicine therapies as possible so as to support the natural healing ability of the body.  This can be done with vitamin E and C, acetyl-L-carnitine, PABA, dietary guidance, gentle manual soft tissue stretching of the scar tissue, DMSO, copper peptides, and others.   For more details click Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and you will see how easy it is to take control of your future.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease with Alternative Medicine

Peyronie's Disease Treatment is simple with Alternative Medicine

All Peyronie's disease treatment is surrounded by controversy.  Every drug used for treatment for Peyronie's disease is unproven, to say nothing of the Alternative Medicine treatments proposed by PDI.

No one can say which is the best treatment for Peyronie's disease at this time, because only prescription medication is researched by the drug industry.  Peyronie’s surgery and medication are the only forms of treatment for Peyronie’s disease that the pharmaceutical companies seriously investigate; no other Peyronie’s treatments are even considered.  With no economic motivation Alternative Medicine ideas are ignored.

The Peyronie's Disease Institute offers a way for the average man to apply concepts and have personal control over a form of new treatment for Peyronie’s disease, using Alternative Medicine.  Peyronie’s natural treatment will never be considered by the pharmaceutical and hospital industries, and these business interests will never endorse home treatment for Peyronie’s disease for obvious economic reasons.

The PDI website recommends aggressive use of multiple Peyronie's natural treatment in the acute and chronic stages.  The purpose of this intense treatment for Peyronie’s disease is to increase and support the maximum healing potential of the body.  In this way each man is given the best possible opportunity to repair and regenerate the damaged penile tissue to the best of his ability.

"Proof" of Peyronie's Disease Treatment

In modern society drugs and medical technology with the greatest profit potential are researched most and are pushed hardest into the marketplace. Even though a particular treatment for Peyronie's disease might help people, unless there is strong economic motivation to find “proof” that it works.  Low profit therapies (vitamins, enzymes, homeopathy) are generally ignored by the medical establishment for reason of simple economics.   Simple remedies are labeled “unproven” not necessarily because they do not work, but simply because no one wants to spend the time, effort and money to scientifically prove their effectiveness. A good home treatment for Peyronie’s disease can stay untested (ignored actually), and therefore remain “unproven”.

New Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

Our theories for using aggressive and multiple Peyronie’s treatments are not yet proven.  That proof is probably a long way off, since PDI cannot underwrite Peyronie's disease research the way a large university or billion dollar company can.   PDI is not against surgery or drugs in cases that have been non-responsive to prolonged aggressive use of its new treatment for Peyronie’s disease.  Too many men rush into Peyronie’s surgery believing that is an easy and sure solution to a big problem.

Natural Peyronie's disease treatment theory is that the potential benefits of these subtle natural therapies are enhanced and multiplied by simply using several alternative therapies at the same time.  We strongly suggest that abundant benefits are available to any man who needs treatment for Peyronie’s disease by using what is known and what is available – even if it is not perfect – rather than passively behave like a Peyronie’s victim.