Can I take all my Neprinol capsules at one time?

I am taking 6 Neprinol capsules per day, along with 3,000 mg of vitamin C and 800 mg. of Vitamin E. Question: Can I take all Neprinol capsules at one time? I have been taking 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon on an empty stomach.



There is nothing basically wrong with taking six Neprinol at a time; many people do this without a problem.  The question is whether you, in particular, can or should be taking that many at a time.   For some people taking six Neprinol daily is excessive, while others can do it easily.  Most men who make progress eliminating and controlling their PD scars take around 10-16 Neprinol per day always with a wide variety of other internal and external therapies.   But as far as Neprinol is concerned, the real question is if this is a good dose that you can tolerate while you attempt to eliminate your Peyronie’s plaque.   I suggest that you attempt to slowly work your way up to six Neprinol at a time, since you are only taking three at a time now.  How this is done has been explained to you in the instructions you were given when you placed your order for your PD supplies.

When you ask if you can take all six Neprinol capsules at the same time, I must ask you why you want to do take your entire daily dose at one time.  If you want to do this merely for reasons for convenience (getting it over with and not having to bother with them for the rest of the day), then I must tell you I do not think it is a good idea.  The problem is that by cramming all your Neprinol into one small part of your day then you are leaving a larger part of the day when you have no Neprinol in your blood stream; you want to always keep some Neprinol working for you all day long by taking it often throughout the day.   The question is how much that should be.   For this reason if you are going to be taking only 6/day, then I suggest you continue to take them as you are now doing it.    TRH


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