Can I take these other vitamins with my Peyronies treatment plan?

My husband has just started the medium plan and is working on the diet modifications. I am joining him on taking the Vitamins A and C for the health benefits. We want to know if you know of any adverse interactions that are likely to happen with our current additional use of Magnesium Citrate, Krill Oil, CoQ10, and Niacin along with the products in the medium Peyronies treatment plan.

We have been pouring over the Peyronies Disease Handbook and really appreciate all the detail there.



As long as you take the PDI directed plan as suggested there should be no adverse reaction wit the various nutrients that you list here. 

Thank you for the kind comments about "Peyronies Disease Handbook."    People always find the book extremely helpful and are surprised at the depth of information, especially after being told by most people that there is little that can be done to help this condition.   TRH


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